Shovels, Jaguar And A Whippet Oh My! Classic Car Estate Sale

Would you like an armored Mercedes or perhaps an electric car? (batteries not included) How about a collection of cufflinks or perhaps a Grumman concession truck and some hot dog carts? There’s an interesting collection of vehicles and other items being auctioned off listed on craigslist in Van Couver, Washington. Online bids will be accepted until Friday with a live auction on Saturday afternoon. The vehicles include a few classic and interesting cars. All are all said to run. There is also a boat and other items. There are more pictures and details on the HiBid website. This Pierce-Arrow appears to have been restored years ago and then stored poorly. The roof has leaked and there is mold in the interior. It’s a beautiful classic car that hasn’t been treated right. Hopefully, the wood body frame has not been damaged by its exposure to moisture.

This Whippet also looks like another older restoration. The roof on this one also leaks, but someone has covered the top. The headliner is stained, but the interior is in much better condition.

The interior on this 1955 Ford is beautiful but there’s bubbling as well as surface rust on the paint. It’s got a V8, but it also has an automatic transmission. And hey, it’s only got two doors! This old Ford might clean up and be a really nice driver.

How about a cute little Metro. It has a nice interior, but the gold and red color combination might not be to your taste. There are a few bubbles showing through the paint.

For you patina fans, here’s a 1950 Plymouth Deluxe. The interior is pretty nice but needs a little work. For example, the simulated wood paint on the dash needs help. The online bids are little indication of what anything might sell for. Does anything look interesting to you? Do you think there are any bargains to be had here?

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    Why oh why are these out side! Well I guess there’s no cure for stupid. That’s all there is to iti guess.

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  2. Mark

    Based on the pics these cars have not been sitting outside for any real length of time. GLWTS

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  3. Paul

    Love the 55 Ford. Just too far from NC.

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  4. Howard A Member

    There’s something extremely unsettling about seeing these grand full classics, faded, sitting in a field with weeds growing around them. Sign of the future?

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  5. grant

    Hmm. These are not too far from me. My mother had a Metro for her first car, I’ve always thought it would be cool to build one with a turbo Buick V6. Like a mini shoebox hot rod.

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  6. 71FXSuperglide

    That’s quite the ‘eclectic collection’. Where in heck did the armored Mercedes listed in the link come from?

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    • joebazots

      It’s in the ad on CL, just not in the write-up.

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      • 71FXSuperglide

        Yup, saw it there, just wondering how one might come across a used armored vehicle such as that.

        Would come in handy for my next trip through parts of Detroit. :D

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      • joebazots

        LOL – gotcha! Guess it would be handy in those situations. Maybe an old school 3rd world dictator’s heirs got rid of it after he was deposed? No bullet holes anyway…

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      • David Frank David Frank Member

        Just in the first sentence is all. (“Would you like an armored Mercedes or perhaps an electric car?)
        You can’t describe every auction in a write up, so just those that are most likely to be interesting. In this case there was no description in the auction.

        Perhaps the owner died and the property was tied up in escrow. It can take years.

        The Metro dash is cool, especially the radio, but the quirky ignition switch takes some getting used to.

  7. Sunbeamdon

    Why are they sitting out side in Van Couver??

    That ’55 looks riteous!

    But damn, I’ve got too many cars to trek the 176 mi down I5

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  8. Madmatt

    At the first sign that the owner couldn’t properly store/maintain these
    beautiful machines,They should have been sold..!,,..why do some people,
    ..wait till something has deteriorated so bad to sell..??
    These are all cool vehicles,and I hope they get new owners,that will try to preserve/restore them.That Pierce Arrow and That Whippit…should never
    be left out in the elements…,except at car shows..LOL..I love them…!!!

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  9. Maestro1

    I think its Vancouver Washington folks. I would take the Mercedes and the 55 Ford if I had the room. And because I don’t like Auctions I’d simply call the owner and ask him what he wants for the cars. If he’s not stupid, we could proabably do a deal.

  10. Edward Skakie

    Sorry, but it is Vancouver, Washington.

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  11. rod444

    I’ve seen a lot of Metropolitans but never realized the dash is actually pretty nicely designed for car of that era…

    Nice collection.

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  12. PatrickM

    If I were to attend one of these events, I’d have to leave my checkbook at home. Lol

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