Weird Whatsit: 1955 Woodill Wildfire

In our never-ending quest to show you the most interesting things in vintage transportation, we love when readers like Levi A. give us a tip to something we haven’t seen! This, folks, is a Woodill Wildfire, for sale here… more»

Rare Barn Find: 1954 Woodill Wildfire

The early ’50s were an interesting time for the domestic automobile industry. There was consolidation occurring with the formation of companies like American Motors, Kaiser/Willys and then, later on, Studebaker and Packard. But while that was taking place, there… more»

Sweet Duo: 1954 Woodill Wildfire, 1949 Ford

The 1950’s brought about many cools cars through customization and technology in fiberglass much like this 1954 Woodill Wildfire. With its then high-tech fiberglass body, the Wildfire was a sleek looking American roadster that offered a unique twist of… more»

Blank Canvas: 1956 Woodill Wildfire

  UPDATE 12/12/17 – This one has been relisted here on eBay with a $9k starting bid. Thanks for the tip AC! FROM 7/7/17 – In the early 1950s, we were a can-do country. From the space race to… more»

Fiberglass Find: 1953 Woodill Wildfire

We have featured a couple of these American made sports cars in the past, but I haven’t seen one on the market for a while. They are quite rare with reports that less than a dozen are still on… more»

DIY Sports Car: 1954 Woodill Wildfire

We have featured a couple of Woodill Wildfires over the years, but haven’t seen any on the market recently. So, when Barn Finds reader Richard B sent over a link to this one I knew we had to present… more»

Johnny Dark’s Woodill Wildfire

We have seen a few Woodill Wildfire kit cars, but this is the first confirmed factory built Wildfire we have ever come across. There were only about 15 complete cars to leave the Woodill facility, with another 200 or… more»

Swayback: 1954 Woodill Wildfire

There were a number of American specials built during the 1950’s, but few were as handsome and unique as the Woodill Wildfire. The creator, Robert Woodill, like many other sports car enthusiasts of his day, desired a better sports… more»