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Fiberglass Find: 1953 Woodill Wildfire

1953 Woodill Wildfire

We have featured a couple of these American made sports cars in the past, but I haven’t seen one on the market for a while. They are quite rare with reports that less than a dozen are still on the road. I’m not sure about that, but it is true that few came in complete form from the factory. Most were sold as kits in typical DIY sports car fashion. This one is located in Grand Junction, Colorado and is listed here on craigslist for $49,000. The price may seem steep, but this one was “upgraded” in the seventies with many Corvette components including a 396 which undoubtedly makes this rare find a handful. Thanks goes to Joe W for the tip!


  1. JW

    Never heard of these cars, it would be nice if he pulled it out of the storage trailer / building for some exterior shots, but we are talking craigslist seller. I’ve sold 3 items on craigslist in the past month because I take quality photos, with a honest and a descriptive post and a fair asking price why can’t others do the same. OH and I answer all emails / phone calls respectively and promptly while removing ad quickly when sold.

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  2. MountainMan

    JW, I agree! You would think that if you’re asking for 50 grand the potential buyers deserve to have several decent pics that are taken out of the shed/trailer/garage. I’ve used CL for several years and always have good results and can say that taking a few minutes to take good pics and write up an informative ad makes a big difference in the selling experience. I’ve never understood some folks lack of effort when it comes to providing even the most basic information.

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  3. Patrick McC.

    An identical one with the original drive train was refreshed on Fast ‘n Loud a couple years ago. They performed some minor modifications such as chrome wire wheels with white walls, tucked the bumpers closer to the body by about 2 inches, and painted the hood black. It remains one of my favorite cars.

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    • Keith

      I was just about to mention that’s the only other Woodall I’ve ever seen. Damn fine car!

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  4. Vince Habel

    A 396 for is too much engine these. The Milestone Car Society might be able to help with how many are left.

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  5. rick

    The WW featured on Fast n Loud sold for $100K when they were through with some minor upgrades that were performed on the show. That particular WW was a barn find of sorts, and when host Richard bought it, think he paid around $40K, it was a factory assembled model and very original, complete and a condition 3 car imho.

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  6. RON

    I remember the first of these I ever saw was in 54 in a movie when I was 9 years old. I am near sure it was a WH some people said it was a modified Kaiser Darren. The movie was about a young race car driver and the part was played by Tony Curtiss and the Movie Title was Johnny Dark. It is seen ever Blue moon or so on the old movie channels

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  7. Vince Habel

    Johnny Dark is on youtube. It is a Woodhill.

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  8. Dan h

    Cool car but it would really benifit the seller to do a properly done eBay listing with tons of photos.

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  9. Gordie Chamberlin

    The Woodhill Wildfire was made by Glasspar and looks much like the Glasspar except for the tail lights which are from a Willys. Glasspar also offered a removable top.

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    • Matt Tritt

      The first version of the Wildfire was, essentially, a Glasspar G-2 with a few minor alterations. This one is a gen 2 and has suggestions of tail fins and an altered fenderline. My dad, Bill Tritt, designed and built the G-2 and the first generation Wildfire. The G-2 was either the first – or tied for first – fiberglass bodied sportscar and was offede as a kit or factory completed unit. The Glasspar race car, which had a Mameco-built Ardun overhead Mercury, Zephyr transmission and Continental rear end was the # 1 American made sportscar in 1953 on the SCSC circuit and was piloted by Glasspar employee Warren Gerdes first, followed by Bill Pollack. There is a G2 at the Smithsonian. The G-2 was the inspiration for the Corvette, but Chevrolet couldn’t go for a hand laminated body; instead opting for a much MUCH weaker one made with chopped fiberglass. Weaker and heavier.

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  10. wdr

    these cars fully restored are upwards of 100k, rare, and if I remember correctly either inspired the corvette or was corvette inspired.

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