Take One Citation, Remove Wheel, Blend Well!


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Now this is something you won’t see every day! Thanks to Barn Finds reader Alan from Michigan for calling this unusual creation to our attention! It’s located in Omaha, Nebraska and is offered for sale here on craigslist, with the price being a reasonable $3,500 for a guaranteed one of a kind vehicle!


The picture used as the headline shot for the ad was this one, and I thought immediately that this was a two in front, one in rear vehicle. But once I started looking closer, I realized that while the front of the 1980’s Chevrolet Citation was used as the basis for the rear of this vehicle, the front also resembles the same Citation, just narrower. Apparently, it has the 2.5 liter GM four cylinder that I think came in the base model of the Citation as a power plant sitting there in the rear. Anyone remember the DeltaWing? (yes, I know it has two small wheels in the front rather than one like this CitaCycle, but still!)


You can see here where the original headlight holes for the Citation have been filled with tail lights. Here’s a link to what I think the creator started with. I’m guessing the engine and transmission are essentially flipped side to side to get the drive in the right direction. Are those opera lights on the C-pillars?


I was totally astounded to find that the vehicle retains air conditioning, and it’s obvious that they have taken advantage of the modular appearance of the Citation dash to essentially use the driver’s half of the dashboard as the entire dash. I’ll be honest, even allowing for the poor quality of craigslist pictures, the craftsmanship here looks incredible. The seller says it is titled as a motorcycle, so that might not even be terribly difficult to deal with–although your state or area may differ. I can’t imagine showing up to get my North Carolina motorcycle license endorsement in this vehicle! But I’d love to try! What do you think–would you give this CitaCycle (my name) a try?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Red'sResto

    I’m half tempted to buy this just to see the look on my wife’s face when I pull into the driveway…

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    • 68 custom

      Your wife would be smart to never let you drive it a gain, looks like a death trap!!

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    • packrat

      Half-Tempted…I see what you did there…

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  2. Kincer DaveMember

    I’d rather have the Citation that it started out as. I know not many here care for the Chevy Citation and the Xbased cars but my mom had a good one and we both got a lot of good use out of it.

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  3. Drew V

    Reminds me of a Bond Bug or a Reliant Robin…

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  4. grant

    It’s certainly interesting. It isn’t to my taste, but like some artwork though I don’t like it I am drawn to it. Cool find.

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  5. Dan h

    One wheel in the front is never,and will never be, a good idea.

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    • racer99

      Somehow can’t get past the Top Gear Reliant Robin episodes. Probably a bit more stable than one of those but ………

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      • whippeteer

        The one on the show was specifically weighted to make it unstable and tip over.

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  6. CoventryCat

    OMG. No protective gear apparently when using the body shop solvents, and then have access to a cutting torch and welder. Holy crap.

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    Have to hand it to the builder who thought outside the (Citation) box. A very talented and eccentric person for sure. Also to the people who have owned it and cared for it all these years. Clearly an oddity like this would have outlived it’s uniqueness just as quick as the many stock Citation’s died off. It is a true WTF build but I am somehow compelled to like it and do.

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  8. Glenn

    Wonder if it still steers by the rear/front end? 🤔

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  9. Tirefriar

    Sitting on my barstool looking at this creation…I got too much time on my hands, its ticking away with my sanity….

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    • PaulG

      I too was ready to queue up “Too much time on my hands…”

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      Styx fan eh

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  10. Steven C

    I have no words. I live in lawrence, ks now, which isn’t too far from this thing. Not sure if i want to go see it or hide under my blanket.

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    • Bryan Cohn

      Steven C, I too am in Lawrence and have friends in Omaha and have been thinking the same thing…..That we both live in the same town and have a strange need to see this thing surely means we need to share a beer sometime! Reach out if you’d like, bryancohnracing “at” yahoo.com

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  11. Barry T

    O’ My Goodness. What a death trap.

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  12. Art Fink

    The age old question………….WHY?????

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    • Mike

      I agree with WHY??????????

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      • Tony

        The age old answer ……….. ‘BECAUSE’ !!!!

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    • Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck F

      Of course the answer is ……..Because! I would rather take a Citation, and make it a front wheel drive Morgan trike replica, or as close as I could get. Just picture it in your mind. Heck, take a 2000 fwd Toyota Celica (or Jap fwd sports car) and make a 3 wheel convertible, how much fun would that be with a lot less weight? I do think this one is priced right and should sell quick just for a unique car show cruiser. Can you imagine being behind it on the road, “Hey look, someones towing a Citation”

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    • Murray

      Tony….. thats never a good reason.

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  13. Bill

    So much modification, yet he retained the “avocado” interior…

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  14. Joe Nose

    X-5 1/2. (double no-thanks)/2

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  15. Joe Howell

    Maybe it has 4 nicely spaced reverse speeds and one rather slow forward speed :)

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  16. Fred W.

    I think it would have worked much better as a two in front vehicle. Had the builder ever driven a Can Am, he might have gone that direction- but this was built before they existed. I’d trailer it to car shows and be the center of controversy.

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  17. Rando

    In NC, this would be considered a “custom build” on the title? If it’s titled as a motorcycle? In NC and some other states, if you tested at DMV for an endorsement, you would get a motorcycle endorsement with a 3 wheel restriction. And you would have to wear your helmet while operating, if it’s titled as a motorcycle. I wouldn’t want it titled as a motorcyce or a car. This is an aswer to a question that should have never been asked. Looks stupidly dangerous to me. Words don’t begin to describe the loathing I feel for this spectacle.

    OMG, SMH…etc.

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  18. DW

    I question his sanity but I gotta give full points to the builder for his creativity. Staying inspired while looking at two beige and brown Citations every day is a noteworthy feat!

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  19. Dwartz Farquhartz

    The guy should have started with a Cadillac Cimarron. ;)

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    Just a step above a chicken coop! Chickens wouldn’t mind avocado interior! Just say’n!

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  21. Ed Willaims

    This design lends itself well to nose in narrow parking places usually reserved for motorcycles.

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  22. Murray

    One question only…… Why?

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    • Tony

      Murray, I should have said, ….why not?
      Obviously the guy who thought of and did it thought it was a good idea at the time but perhaps afterwards he might have had second thoughts, I know I would have.
      In a word, FUGLY, but that also applies to a lot of cars through the years, Edsel is one I can think of but look at them now, ideas and times change a lot down through the years.

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  23. Old geezer

    Your honor
    I will like to present Divorce Exhibit #1

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  24. stan

    I wonder if it has a rear seat?

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  25. Bing

    Had an 1981 build on Halloween eve as a GM fleet car…NOW wish I had it..

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  26. scottymac

    Obviously, you guys haven’t heard about the Elio. I don’t know if the “car” will ever make it to the market (I’ve had my deposit down for three years), but they’ve taken care of all about two states so you won’t have to wear a motorcycle helmet.


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  27. Pj

    Say?, Isn’t the the new street version of the Nissan Delta Wing? It would be sort of a retreat from their present, allow me a liberal use of the next word, Styling but is that such a bad thing? Perhaps this is just some cladding to hide, uh oh!, the real thing?

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  28. Andrew

    Is this road-worthy? I can’t see it passing a safety inspection.

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  29. Rosso

    OMG, those Winters in Nebraska are much TOO Long!

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  30. Mark B

    Nice creative bit of work but so so fugly. BTW Deltawing still exists and competes in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

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