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Tarped for Twenty Five: 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Mustang Garage Find Before

UPDATE 2/3/12 – Bidding got up to $6,100 and the seller ended the auction presumably because it sold offline.

What could be under that dusty blue tarp? We have always enjoyed trying to guess what could be lurking under the coverings of cars parked in people’s backyards. This one has a 1968 Mustang underneath and luckily it was parked inside before leaving it there for 25 years. The second owner purchased the car while in College back in 1975. They just pulled it out of storage, cleaned it up, and listed it here on eBay. The bidding is at $3,550 with the reserve not met and eight days left.

1968 Mustang Garage Find After

Here is what she looks like all cleaned up. Not too bad for a car that has been parked for all those years. The car has lived most, if not all, of its life in Arizona so the rust should be minimal. The body looks straight and clean, but the seller does mention that some body work was done 33 years ago on the front fender. It was an amateur job so it will need to be redone.

1968 Mustang Garage Find Engine

The engine is only only negative here. We would prefer a V8, but at least this six is attached to a three speed manual transmission. It has covered 112k miles and is original to the car. You could leave it in or swap it out for a V8. Just be sure to save the engine incase the next owner would like to go back to stock.

1968 Mustang Garage Find Interior

Who would have thought that plaid could look good in a car, but it does here. The seller mentions that the seats and headliner were redone about 30 years ago, but that everything else is original. There appears to be a air conditioner poking its vents out from under the dash.

1968 Mustang Garage Find Grill

Not much will need to be done to drive this one. Replace all the fluids and rubber, clean out the fuel tank., go through the brakes, and you will have yourself a good Mustang. Repair the blotched bodywork when time and funds allow and enjoy. We would probably even leave the six in place and try to get that A/C working for all those hot summer drives in this cars future. Special thanks to Kyle K for sending in yet another good find.


  1. Anastos

    Looks exactly like me ex’s minus the Cleveland and the absurd rebuild she had done. Nice car….

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  2. Ben Burks

    $ 10,000 Cash…..

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  3. Robert J. Denton

    I think someone needs new glasses. The plaid looks good??? OMG

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  4. Bob Brown

    Just looked at the eBay listing….bid is now up to $5000. Reserve has been met. Looks like the stereo was taken out, otherwise looks nice for being under a tarp for so long.

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  5. karo

    I like it the way it is. Many early Mustangs were plain, with sixes or the base 289 or 302. An upholstery set is very easy to find if you don’t like the plaid. The 200 (seven main bearings, unlike the earlier 144 and 170 sixes) is a great little engine and has plenty of power in this fairly light car. The only thing I would consider changing is the 3-speed tranny. If I’m not mistaken, first gear is NOT synchronized on six-cylinder cars, so you can’t downshift to first easily after you are rolling. V-8 cars are all-synchro. My dad had a ’66 with a 289/3-speed, and driving that was a workout, with a stiff clutch and no power steering/brakes.

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  6. Robert J. Denton

    Karo, I’m impressed with your knowledge. Not too syrupy either.

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  7. Bob

    Blue tarps hold moisture, maybe not in the sw so much, but tarps should be breathable to keep rust away. Nice lill stang. $7000. since its 6 and needs tank, brake cyl, etc. $x,000 in reconditioning.

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  8. Paul

    Looks like a nice, clean original Mustang… one that’s affordable and wouldn’t take the kid’s college savings to get into!

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  9. mikey

    I like the poverty caps. Five is about all it is worth. These are very good cars. Keep them in fine fettle and you can drive the silly thing for years.Parts?………any car parts store for tune. NPD has the rest.

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  10. eldo72000

    I would leave this baby just the way she is!!!!

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  11. dan farrell

    From what I can see of the A/C, it doesn’t look like a Ford unit.

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  12. keith

    it is a ford A/C.Dealer installed

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  13. dan farrell

    I had a Ford dealer installed unit in my 66 ford pickup and the air vents were round.

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  14. Boots

    This car is beautiful! Easily should get $8k for it. Great find!

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  15. Boots

    Also the AC is a Ford AC. Factory emblem is on the unit in the EBay pictures.

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  16. mikey

    Boots is right. I hit the incorrect key. I believe $8K is more in line.When will I learn to re-read and double check?

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  17. karo

    I prefer the looks of the pre-’67 A/C units, better, too, but if this one is functional, that is a nice bonus. Better yet is factory air, which was built-in starting in ’67 (before that it was an underdash unit only). I like this car! Rust-free counts for a LOT when you are dealing with Mustangs.

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  18. Ben Burks

    Apparently Mr. Denton needs to get his head out of his a**….

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  19. Miguel

    I was hoping for a real car like an XL or at least a Galaxie Fastback.

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