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Tax Write-Off: 1957 Ford Panel Wagon

1957 Ford Panel Wagon

There’s a certain movie that my wife really likes to watch sometimes. The story is about this guy who delivers flowers to a lonely lady and they end up falling in love. It’s not my favorite flick, but I do enjoy the scenes of the 1948 Chevrolet panel driven by Christian Slater. So, when I spotted this spiffed up Ford, I instantly thought flower delivery business. Just think, you could take your classic as a tax write-off! It’s already been modified to make delivery duty a breeze too. It’s located in Jonesboro, Arkansas and is listed here on AutoTrader Classics for $7,500.

Comfy Interior

Power is provided by a 350 V8 and the interior has been extensively modified to make it a comfortable place to be. Air conditioning, power leather seats, and a bunch of other nice touches. It needs a little work and a new wrap before going back into service, but this is a whole heck of a lot cooler than one of those HHR panel vans. What do you think you would use it for?


  1. Avatar photo grant

    $7500 for a tastefully done classic custom? This won’t last long. Too bad bout the bow tie motor though.

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  2. Avatar photo MountainMan

    I dont mind the Chevy 350 a bit, nice truck and nice price.

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  3. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Please, another boring 350. Lost my interest right away……..yawn

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  4. Avatar photo boxdin

    I had one of these and we put in a 5.0 w AT. It is top heavy and didn’t want to go around corners but I sure like the look w the raised roof. I wonder what it would look like done Ranchero style?

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  5. Avatar photo DREW V.

    This is only 45mi away from me. I was in Jonesboro today for my nephews birthday…

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  6. Avatar photo The Walrus

    Was thinking of all the possibilities of this rig while going through the pictures… the remnants of 70’s style round moon windows in the back imply this panel wagon may have spent some time a-rockin’! That really added to the possibilities in my mind. I was going along with how straight it is and what a great starting point it would be until the second to last pic… and boom! Looks like its been ‘wrapped’. I’m not particularly familiar with how to take wrap off and whether it leaves residue or other issues, but I’ve seen the results of what it can cover up, and now the question of ‘who knows what lies beneath’ has crept in. My immediate reaction to the pic was ‘Yikes’.

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  7. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Looks like a cobbled mess. Lots of questionable lower body work. That green fade really brings out the vehicles friendliness. LOOK it’s waving!

    Would bet money from the front end rake that the original frame was cut off just past the cab and the builder grafted on a GM sub frame to go along with the Chevy motor.

    Nostalgia gauges in the dash. A wood steering wheel from what looks like a Chevy Astro conversion van. 1990 leather bucket seats out of an import misses the point of a 50’s vehicle with chrome reverse and moons. Not sure what look the builder was going for here 50’s 80’s 90s’?

    The vinyl and 3M spray glue door panels is about as low buck as it gets. Keep moving nothing to see here.

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  8. Avatar photo Paul R

    Front wheels need more backspacing to get the tire out to the fenders. The result of using a Camaro/Nova sub frame graft. This was done often and when done right, it was a very effective way to get a late model coil spring suspension, power steering, disc brakes and V8 motor mounts for about $200 bucks from a donor car.

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  9. Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

    Just a bit too pricey for a fishing vehicle…

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