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Tempting Tempest: 1967 Pontiac Tempest Custom


The seller tells us that this was the prototypical “little old lady’s car”, taken off the road in 1985 with only 34,593 miles! It’s located in Waycross, Georgia and is up for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $800 and no reserve.


The seller included this picture of the car as it was stored. Wow, that’s a lot of leaves! Unfortunately, as you’ll see, they did some damage to the front underhood area.


Look closely at the front fender–that’s an “OHC 6” emblem! Pontiac’s overhead cam 6 has fascinated me ever since I learned about it as a kid. Produced from only 1966 to 1969, the engine featured only the second mass-produced American overhead cam 6-cylinder with a timing belt rather than the traditional chain and several other unique features. I doubt that this is the “Sprint” version, so I suspect it is the regular 230 cubic inch, 165 horsepower version.


Here’s the “after” shot of the engine, and it also highlights the rust damage from those wet leaves. The seller has not tried to start the engine but says it does turn over. It does have power brakes, power steering, and was equipped with factory air conditioning (the compressor is loose in the trunk). I think this engine would be a really nice power plant for this size sedan. And yes, it’s a sedan. I’m hoping some of you folks are paying attention when we post something other than two-doors! This is another one where the family could come along for the ride.


And here’s some surprising good news! The floors are very solid! The seller pulled the carpets up and you can see the results. The dash and seats have me thinking the mileage claim is real. Which then begs the question: what would you do with this car? It’s not particularly rare or special, but it is a nice clean design, and I don’t think it would take too much to get it looking nice (although that front rust repair might get interesting, at least it’s under the hood rather than out in the open). Interested in making it yours?


  1. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    I think the day has yet to come when people get serious about a 4 door with a 6 cylinder for motivation. if it had a nice V* under the hood that would be a possibility but an abused body with a 6 under the hood, not so much. Plus, even if the car is low mileage it still needs everything from all the years sitting out in the elements.

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  2. Avatar photo Will

    I think you are wrong about its rarity. I am 54 years old and I have never seen that engine. Even if they produced millions at the time. They are very rare now. This car is absolutely worth preserving as original as possible. How many examples are left of the everyday cars people actually used back in the day.

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    I have a friend in Dallas that has 4-5 GTO’s in his backyard in a very affluential
    neighborhood, and one of them has the OHC 6. I also worked with another friend that had a Firebird with the OHC 6. Neither owner was particularly impressed with the engine. They are rare, due to the fact it was not a good move by GM. Kind of like the Cosworth Vega, or some of the later Shelby turds. This 4 door sedan was left to the elements too long. It will end up as a donor car, would be my prediction.

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  4. Avatar photo JW454

    My sister had a 67~68 Firebird that had the OHC 6 cyl engine in it. The kicker was that it was a factory 4 barrel and 3 speed. Yes, a quadrajet 4 barrel from the factory. Pontiac was so cool about “why not try it”. John D had some nads at GM.

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  5. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Other than the rust under the hood the body looks good and the paint is even presentable from what I see on the little screen I’m browsing with today. I would prefer a 2 door of course but if the price stays low this would make a fun classic to daily drive or take the friends and family out on weekends. The interior looks usable so for me it would be one to put some different wheels on, maybe paint the roof and rack up the miles. It’s not something that you see everyday so I like it.

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  6. Avatar photo Ed

    Had a 67 LeMans Sprint 2D Coupe. If they let the oil get low the first things to go (and quickly) were the camshaft lobes and the followers. That’s how I found my low mileage example. Back in the 80s it was difficult to find replacements. I can’t imagine it’s any easier now on such a low production engine.

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  7. Avatar photo dave

    I bought a 1966 Lemans like the one pictured in 1971 when I got out of boot camp in Great Lakes Ill. I bought it in my home town of Detroit to go back and forth from Chicogo to Detroit every weekend that I had a pass. I would take 4 other people to help with fuel. 20.00 per person round trip. It had a Sprint OHV 6 with the Quadajunk and a 3 speed on the floor with a bad 3rd gear sincroe. That is why I got the car for 75.00 12 trips and no problems. Mid 15s in a 1/4 and close to 30 MPG One of my faverite cars from the 200 cars that I have owned.

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  8. Avatar photo Marty Member

    That front sheetmetal piece wouldn’t be too tough to locate. Interesting this car also has air conditioning installed on it. Cool find.

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  9. Avatar photo JW

    Dad bought mom a 67 Lemans 4 door but with a 326 v8 for a second car. It was used by all of us if needed and was a very dependable car, I ran it in the demolition derby in 1985. R.I.P. Pontiac. If price doesn’t get outrageous it might be a cheap car to play with and use as a daily driver work car.

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  10. Avatar photo piper62j

    I like it…

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  11. Avatar photo GearHead Engineering

    I like it, but I would assume the engine is shot. All those leaves got in because it was stored with the hood open. Probably because something was wrong. Then the seller removed the A/C compressor so he could access the distributor. Yet he has not tried to crank it? I call BS. Assume it needs a full rebuild.

    That said, I like the OHC 6 idea and I like four door cars. This looks pretty nice but at $800 it’s already bid up to max value in my opinion.

    – John

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  12. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    The OHC 6 does have some grunt, coming off the line. Best way is to bump cam up to what used to be called an “RV” grind and install a 4 barrel and dual exhaust. You won’t get 30MPG on the highway, but you will surprise the snot out of some people. The current bid is about top dollar for a 4 door sedan in non running condition, but the factory air and pwr strng and brakes make for a great family hobby car and/or daily driver. appears interior will clean up pretty good, would por-15 the trunk as it looks like a battery may have leaked back there, and treat the rest of the rust with por-15, get a $500 Maaco paint job and enjoy.

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  13. Avatar photo John. Heeg

    I like that it has the OHC motor. Wish it was closer to New York. I would give it a shot.
    There are speed parts available for that motor and since it is a mid size GM there are some interesting suspension and brake up grades available. Having 4 doors doesn’t bother me.
    Great patina on the body. I would do the car over mechanically and leave the body alone.

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  14. Avatar photo Wob

    I used to own a 66 Lemans Sprint 2 door coupe. What a great motor that OHC was. Revved like heck and smooth. That engine/year/car was more rare than a GTO of the same vintage and made one great cruiser. Hope this goes to a nice home.

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  15. Avatar photo Wabbit

    I had the 66 lemans sprint 2 door hardtop when I was in high school back in 66 and that engine with the right cam and the quadrajet tuned right, split manifold and duels, hurst close ratio 4 speed, and a 411 positract would supprize a lot of people. very few stock v-8 could come close to beating it in a 1/4 mile, “105” and got there quick got a picture of it some where. Of the thousands of cars I have owned it was my favorite, lol probably cause it was chick magnet and I lost my virginity in it.

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  16. Avatar photo David meichelbock77

    I would like to have it it’s a cool car for me to start with so I will bid 1000.00 on it

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  17. Avatar photo Jack Dale

    I wonder if a 1966–69 LeMans 4dr hardtop with the “Sprint-option”, 4-spd & AC was ever built[–Especially with the ’68, prettier [–to me] body? With the Sprint-option, it’d have cost slightly MORE than a 326/350 V-8, so Very few would have been built like that–probably less than a dozen cars for all 3 years. There were no bearings in the head for the cam-in-head to run within, so running it with low oil might see you searching for a new cam-blank or re-doing the head for bearing fit-ment. Pontiac tested several DOHC heads for that engine that were Never released, HUGE SHAME on Pontiac engine testers for NOT preserving a experimental-head for a museum, or even blueprints! I’d trade a non-runner 2003 230C Mercedes-Benz(Texas-Az car), Black[“ok”]-black[“nice leather”], 59K miles, 6-spd, ran when parked, for a running 1968 4-dr hardtop Pontiac LeMans Sprint-engined,4-spd, AC {–Az, can Only drive @ night without AC}

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