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Tempting Turbo: 1983 Volvo 244 GLT

If you’re in the market for a 1983 Volvo 244 GLT Turbo, then finding one in Burbank, California here on eBay is probably a good idea. This one has “zero rust,” “zero leaks,” and the turbo “works flawlessly.”

Let’s say upfront that the leather seats on this Volvo are in absolute tatters. The first trip you’re going to make with it is to the upholstery shop. Nothing else looks all that immediate, but some buyers who are going to be enthusiastic about this car for the $6,500 asking price are going to be brought up short by the salvage title. And then there’s the more than 250,000 miles on the odometer—explaining the trashed leather.

The paint is good from 20 feet, but there are spots where it’s worn through. That said, much has been done. There are new brakes and calipers, a new fuel pump and fuel injectors. The car has been professionally looked after by Victoria Motors in Marina Del Rey, and there are receipts for work done on the clutch and AC.

The original wheels and tires are included, and a “completely refurbished, professionally painted and clear-coated set of Yokohama tires that can be purchased” for an added fee.

The owner says the Volvo has been very reliable, and that it was purchased from the original Los Angeles owner. “Tons of history to share. Volvo enthusiasts preferred!” The car is claimed to be a fantastic driver, and the owner “wouldn’t hesitate to drive this across country.”

I owned one of these before it was hit by a 15-year-old driving a stolen car. That hurt. As part of his adjudication, they asked if I wanted him to mow my lawn. Fat chance!

Volvos have been on an upward trajectory value-wise, and these turbos aren’t common. One very close to this sold for $17,000 in 2021. That example had a mere 170,000 miles.

The current turbo car has some positive points, but also more than a few demerits to consider. Volvo produced 2,862,573 240 series cars—they were quite popular. They were just used cars until recently, with a high attrition rate because of rust, but now people are going back and agreeing that boxy is good. Finding a turbo survivor is worth noting.


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    I’ve known a few of the Volvo turbos to, well, need replacement. No different than with my Legacy GT. I’d want to be sure how old the unit is and when it was replaced, or just be ready with a spare.

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  2. alphasud Member

    I owned a brick like this but in wagon form. Engine was tired so that got pulled and refreshed. Car had 4 square wheels which was common in PA since the roads were so terrible. The sales department took another 83 sedan on trade with 450K on the odometer that was the same color as this. California car with 4 round wheels. Bought the car for $300-400 dollars swapped my wheels for the good ones and sold it again as a parts car. Person who purchased it bought it to make it to the 1/2 million mile mark.These are great cars just like the classic Saab 900. Both had a strong following but companies don’t want a niche market they have to go mainstream. The rest as we say is history.

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  3. Roland

    My father bought a 242DL new in 1980, two doors, no options, no radio. We put in a cassette deck and he was happy with the car for 15 years. As a 5′-5″, 130lb 15-year-old I could barely get in and out of the back seats, so be glad this one is a 4-door. Also be glad this one has the overdrive unit, which my father’s did not have. In a world of highly enforced 55mph driving, the car needed another gear. I can’t imagine what a 4-speed (no electric overdrive) Volvo would be like to drive in today’s faster-driving world.

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  4. Warren Elliot

    Branded title is a full stop for me. On any vehicle.

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    • Steveo

      Newish plate. Flip? Probably not a theft recovery. Still, if you can get it cheap enough…

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    • Troy

      Not for me, insurance companies will total loss a car over 6 years old with 100k miles for Even Minor damage definitely inspect in person

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  5. Slomoogee

    Someone tell me about painting and clear coating tires.

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  6. Chris Cornetto

    The Swedish brick with a stick.I had one a few years newer. It took me over to “The darkside ” as I never had a foreign car. I gave it to a so-called friend who was in a bad time and only had feet and he promptly sold it. I would still have it now, I’m sure. Atleast I didn’t give him the P1800 or 2002. My Christmas card list shortened one more then….lol

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  7. Car Nut Tacoma

    I’ve always loved these early 80s Volvo 240s, my favourites with the twin headlamps on each side of the grille. I still see a few of these to this day. Like most cars, they’ll last forever with maintenance.

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  8. matthew grant

    that is a $2000 car, all day long.

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  9. DA

    Too much money for a branded title, lots of miles (not that it is high for the year), delaminating paint, and needing seat repairs. Needs pictures of underside and repair records. How old is the clutch? Has the engine ever been overhauled? Turbocharger replacement?

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  10. Connecticut mark

    Yes yokahoma tires refurbished and painted? What does that mean?

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