Texas Reader Find: 1968 AMX Almost Survivor

Thanks to reader Harlan B. for directing us to this cool survivor! This AMX was recently liberated from a shipping container that it’s been in since 1991 in El Paso, Texas. Thankfully, it must have been a dry container, as there’s very little rust. It’s now located in Terrell, Texas. The price is $13,500, and the advertisement is here on craigslist.

From a distance, although it’s worn and flaking in places, the paint looks pretty good. It looks like it could be a respray due to what I think might be overspray on the exhaust pipe, but the seller tells us they think it’s original paint. I’ll let you decide.

This close up reveals the exact nature of the paint. Kudos to the seller for providing such detail. They tell us there is some light rust bubbling in the lower quarter panels, presumably in the rear. However, that is so much better than we typically find AMXs, it’s not funny. I know several of our frequent commenters may be able to elaborate further.

I can’t believe how nice this interior looks. Apart from some minor fading, probably due to sun exposure, this looks great. Unfortunately, the seller tells us it isn’t original. Despite that, I’d leave it alone, because it certainly is period appearing–and appealing! We’re also told that a “very 70s” aftermarket tachometer has been installed in the gauge cluster. I’d probably end up leaving it too!

The 390–whoops, no it’s not. The seller quite correctly discloses that the car is now powered by a 360 V8. Once the seller cleaned things up, they tell us that the car will start instantly and idle nicely without the aid of starting fluid. They have only run the car off a separate can as the fuel tank is undoubtedly messed up due to storage. We’re also told the carburetor works great and that there are no exhaust leaks. I suppose by the strictest definition of the term, this isn’t a survivor, especially since the original engine is gone. However — I think it is a survivor of its era, and such would be a neat car to have. Do you agree?


  1. Rabbit

    Deleted by author. Rats. I’d have liked a better look. Not like I’ve anywhere to put it, but love seeing a vintage AMC in savable condition.

  2. John M.

    The seller took down the ad. Whoever snagged the AMX got a smokin deal.

    • Steve R

      That doesn’t necessarily mean it was sold.

      Steve R

  3. kuzspike

    Found in a shipping container? Make me wonder if the reason it disappeared so fast wasn’t that it was sold but if it had been stolen at some point.

  4. Troy s

    Well, it’s still around so it survived being destroyed or left outside to rot away, or even worse being crushed. Even with the smaller 360 the engine looks pretty good and can make decent power, maybe not the same as a 390 but good enough for a potential Sunday cruiser.

  5. Dan

    Woulda loved to have had that….Chevy guy but love those AMX’s….

  6. Redwagon

    Looks like this one has tilt steering. That has to be a rare option.

  7. Mallthus

    Honestly, I’d rather have a car like this than an actual survivor. This could be the basis for a great driver, whereas a true survivor would lose value every time you put it in gear.

    Hop up that 360, fit better brakes, etc…this could be a lot of fun.

  8. John Newell

    It’s possible that whoever put it up for sale came to their senses after a talk about values

    There are plenty of 390 engines near that car to put right again.

  9. Harry Hodson

    I don’t believe I’m wrong, but I remember AMC using the same block for all V8’s. A different crank & rods and you were set.
    One reason 401 cranks disappeared as reground units.

  10. Buick Fan

    Good picks today, everything I’ve clicked on is sold!


    Gotta wonder with the floods in Texas even if I’m a container of water for to it at all. 360 and 390/401 had different mainbearing web thickness. And 360 had cast crank and rods, whereas 390/401 had forged crank and rods.

    • David

      Floods? El Paso? El Paso is a long way from any flooding by several hundred miles. An occasional thunderstorm might make the gutters run, but that’s about it.

      • SC/RAMBLER

        That is good news. I would hate to see someone unknowingly buy a floods car

  12. Nova Scotian

    Those seats look like material salvaged out of an old 1980 Aspen. Identical cloth anyway. Paint is not original in my HO. Rust is about to obliterate the quarters. Still, easy fun oldie that one doesn’t see often. Everyone will know it’s your car romping around town.

  13. bog

    There are two guys near me that have AMXs of that vintage (and 390s) and run and enjoy their cars in good weather. One of my fellow junior officers brought his to Germany in ’68. He bragged about it, so I challenged him to a drag race (which I no longer do), and a run down the Autobahn in my nearly new GTA Fairlane. He won neither. I actually thought he had a chance at winning, as his car was so much shorter…I just figured a lot lighter = faster. Hm. 50 years ago…

  14. Buick Fan

    bog, gotta wonder if he remembers it differently….?

  15. eddie stakes

    Warning, it is a scam. This is off my AMC Javelin & AMX 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 group on facebook: This 68 AMX “barn find” popped up in Dallas craigslist, then ebay, where it ‘sold’ then ebay ‘removed the item’ for whatever reason now back on craigslist. I watch a lot of stuff on ebay & this was the link, which is disabled ITEM REMOVED it shouts: https://www.ebay.com/itm/182965649749 which usually means someone pissed off ebay somehow. This is currently craigslist list, the screenshot is my own from watch list. So not sure what is going on here. https://dallas.craigslist.org/…/amc-amx-cod…/6430990670.html

    THE REASON IT WAS YANKED: “Our goal is to provide up to date information about users, that are actively trying to abuse your confidence through various fraud methods, like the one found bellow.
    This full description includes all known aliases and contact details (email addresses, phone numbers, location) of this fraudster:
    We have found that :

    Name: Debbie Johnson

    Email: Debjen656@gmail.com

    Phone nr:

    Product: 2009 Can Am Spyder RS SE5

    Payment Method: This scammer is using the “escrow company” method. He is sending a fake eBay invoice in order for you to buy eBay Gift Cards

    It’s a Scam! Don’t trust this seller!

    He is auto replying this text “⁣⁣MY 2009 CAN AM,is available,e-mail me Debjen656@gmail.com

    He has been posting ads with fake products in many city’s all over the US and he is using fake escrow company to receive your payment. Please read our tips”

  16. Richard

    You are incorrect. While some parts do interchange, you can not make a 401 out of a 304 or 360 block. The 304 and 360 have the same crank and you can put a 401 crank in a 390, there are other differences. 360/401 heads will not work on a 401.

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