Texas Troubadour: 1972 Pontiac LeMans

031416 Barn Finds - 191972 Pontiac 1

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Out in the West Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a 1972 Pontiac LeMans that was found on Craigslist. The seller is asking $5,400 or best offer for this golden-hued beauty. This is the last year for this body style; get it now before Felina drives off with this one.

031416 Barn Finds - 191972 Pontiac 2

1972 was the last year of the third generation Pontiac LeMans before 5-mph-bumper regulations were enacted and things got wide and flat. This A-body car looks like it’s either been sitting in the Texas sun or maybe someone has started to sand it down for body and paint work. It’s waiting for you to finish it.

031416 Barn Finds - 191972 Pontiac 3

This car “runs and drives”, according to the seller, but the only other mention of the engine is that it’s a “V8 muscle car”. That could mean a 350, 400, or 455 if it’s a factory-installed V8. I love the look of the black steelies, I think it really gives a car like this, or almost any car, a cool, tough look.

031416 Barn Finds - 191972 Pontiac 4

You guessed it, it’s an automatic; but that isn’t so bad, is it? The interior looks like it’s in pretty decent shape and it’s a good sign that the seller wasn’t using this car as a storage unit inside of the storage unit where it obviously is kept. Again, as you all know, there are so many companies that make replacement parts for these GM cars that finding new carpet, the rest of the steering wheel, or a different colored arm rest shouldn’t be any problem.

031416 Barn Finds - 191972 Pontiac 5

This one is looking at you; yeah, you. “Take me home, cowboy”, it’s saying. It’s got a ding or two but it doesn’t look rusty and with less than 10″ of annual rainfall in El Paso, it just might not have any. The owner even says that the “heater works”, and when the temperature in El Paso dips to a bone-chilling 33 degrees in January, that’ll come in handy (says the guy from Minnesota, sarcastically). This looks like a good project, these cars will bring $10,000 all day long in great condition. Hagerty lists a #4 “fair” car as being valued at $3,500 so maybe that would be a good bargaining chip on the $5,400 that they’re asking for this one. Are you a fan of this car or would you give it one little kiss and LeMans, goodbye?

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  1. DRV

    A T37 would be another story…

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    • Adam

      T37 was 71 only, if memory serves.

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  2. piper62j

    Why take 20′ photos????? Can’t tell if there’s any rust or rot.. Under the hood pics are missing.. What’s up with that?? What about the trunk floor and drop offs?

    Check this one out yourself before buying..

    Cool find..

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    • Hot rod

      This car is still cool. I have a 1970. I’ve owned it for 34 years. It’s a t-37 tempest
      I put a 68 400 in it. It Cruise’s all day at 80. Sweet ride always a thumbs up where ever I am. I’ll never sell it.

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  3. JW

    I’m a Pontiac guy but when 1970 and up GTO / Lemans / Tempest got bloated and started their decline in power I just lost interest. I had a 70 GTO ( Not A Judge ) with a 400 and it was alright but one of my earlier GTO’s could have smoked it for lunch. The only reason I had the 70 was the Dodge dealer who sold me a new 74 Dodge van that the brakes kept locking up and they couldn’t figure out why so I refused to pay the remainder of the loan , well they ended up giving me the GTO in exchange for what I paid on the 74 Dodge van.

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  4. p

    Off to my right I see five Ford Mavericks, off to my left are a dozen Mustangs

    *(with all due respect, Marty Robbins).

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  5. Telly

    1971 was supposed to be the last year for this body style. If you look at the only differences between the ’71 & ’72 GTO, the only thing was the “cross-hairs” on the front blinkers. The reason for this was a UAW strike that basically stopped production for the “all-new” body style, which we didn’t see ’till ’73. This fact alone makes this car somewhat special…that and it looks to be pretty solid.

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  6. Telly

    My parents purchased a brand new 1970 Tempest GT-37. This was when I was only 9 years old, oh but how I remember the car. No fancy stripes, just gold on gold with a 400-4bbl, dual exhaust and a 140 mph speedo. Auto on the floor with steel wheels and center caps. I remember standing behind the car when my Dad would cold start it to go to work…what a sound…

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  7. Steven C

    That car needs to be in a road movie right now! Just has that look.

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  8. Chebby

    It does have a great look, kinda tough and scruffy. It’s not a muscle car though, just a V8 coupe, most likely a 350-2. I think the Luxury LeMans model had the chrome front valance like this one does. All the other badging seems to be gone. $2500 would be more reasonable.

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  9. Donnie

    It seams like anyone with a muscle car eara car calls it a muscle car .

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  10. MountainMan

    Cool Pontiac. Looks like a decent price for a solid car that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. Depending on what lies under the hood this may be fun or really fun. I like it

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  11. dj

    That’s a Luxury Lemans with all the extra chrome taken off. The grills, trim and so forth are different on these. Not that they’re worth any more than a base Lemans.

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  12. William knuth

    Is this still available

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