The Best Pinto Of The Bunch?


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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this is the third Pinto we’ve featured recently. Sometimes cars just appear in runs–I’ve got theories why–perhaps seeing a car for sale similar to one they have at home stimulates someone to proceed with the sale. I could also argue both that the decision could reduce OR increase the realized price of all of them (I love debates!), but I digress. In any case, this orange hatchback may be the nicest one I’ve seen for a while, especially at a buy it now price of only $1,500! It’s for sale here on eBay and is located in Conroe, Texas.

Moving over to this side of the car, we see some door fit issues and a ding in the rocker panel, but nothing horrible and no rust that I can see. The orange was a factory color (code 5T, Bright Caramel) and the period aftermarket wheels look great to me. Yes, the 1980 (by the way, that’s the last year for the Pinto) bumpers are huge but at least they were effective. Also, by this point the gas filler impact issue had been “fixed” by Ford.

The 1980’s also sported this Tempo-like update to the front end. Not entirely successful in my opinion, but it wouldn’t stop me clicking buy it now on this one if it were geographically closer to me. My late first wife came into our marriage with a glass-backed 1978 that was one of the most reliable and useful cars I’ve ever been around–both she and it hauled a lot of MG and Triumph parts from the junkyard for me!

I don’t think the front seats in this split screen picture came from a Pinto, but they look just fine to me, and are probably a little more aggressive than the original buckets. If you look closely, you’ll also spy a four speed manual shifter and air conditioning controls!

The 2.3 liter OHC four cylinder looks just as I remember it from my time under the hood of Cheri’s car, apart from the air conditioning equipment that her’s didn’t have. The engine never failed us in well over 130,000 miles of labor, and this one only has 95,863 showing at the moment. I seriously wish it were me putting on the 95,864th mile–but I’m interested in what you think!

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  1. RayT

    Not particularly a Pinto fan, so would not be bidding on this. But if I were, the divot on the driver’s-side rocker panel and poor door fit would make me wonder if there’s anything seriously wrong hidden under that shiny paint….

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  2. Bingo

    Isn’t anyone concerned about the sellers feedback rating? How about those terrible pictures? The approximately 30 word description?

    I’m a “phone call kinda guy” and have rules pertaining to Craigslist and E-bay:

    1: proper punctuation in an add.

    2: a phone number and willingness to communicate willingly about your product for sale.

    3: visual inspection prior to purchase.

    Maybe I’m a dinasour and might miss out on a few bargains (like this one) but it keeps money in my wallet.

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    • al8apex

      You said:

      “1: proper punctuation in an add.”

      and ad you spelled “add”

      plus dinosaur you spelled “dinasour”

      one of my pet peeves in any public post is proper spelling … 😉

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      • Bingo

        Uve been reeeled in

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    • M/K

      Obviously not everyone can punctuate or spell properly

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      • Bruce Fischer

        Heck, my spelling had really gone down hill since I left high school.I have a dictionary by the side of my computer and I still sometimes spell words wrong. LOL Bruce.

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    • Jeffro


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  4. Jeffro

    “The Best Pinto Of The Bunch”. That’s kind of like saying “Herpes, The Best To Have Of Veneral Diseases”….I humbly await the thumbs down!

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  5. Brian

    I put 249,000 miles on a 1980 pinto, engine only ever needed a timing belt.

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    I had a tu-tone blue 1980 as well, took it to Florida in the spring of 1982. Being from Michigan, the flatter the ground the better for the 2.3 power plant. Traveling the interstate into Kentucky, there is a increase in the grade of the road that is unkind to under powered vehicles. I had to down shift into 2nd gear to barely make the grade. There is absolutely no way that the engine strangled with an AC unit would have made it. I truly loved that car and it was good to me. But having air in that car would be liked jogging with a head cold.

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    • JW454


      Good news! In the late 80’s or early 90’s they flattened that hill entering Kentucky quite a bit. You could make the hill in this buggy with ease now so…. Bid away.

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  7. Ck

    What in the wide world of sports is goin on around here .This not the best Pinto ,yesterday’s had it all over this one…..Furthermore,I can’t believe that I care about which Pinto is the best!!

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  8. ninja3000

    My old man, a true early adapter, had a ’73, shifter, blue. I laid rubber in it (don’t tell him!). He was rear-ended while at a stop sign but the car didn’t explode. Had it repaired and gave it to my younger brother, who was promptly t-boned in a parking lot. It finally died with probably 200k on the clock — dad’s commute during those years was brutal. We all loved that beast!

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  9. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Auto correct, and absence of edit option don’t help with punctuation and spelling, but I’ll keep posting anyway. I’m a car guy, not an English teacher after all.

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  10. AllenMember

    I remember renting a newish Pinto in about 1972. It was the most dis-integrated car I had driven since my dad’s ’66 Falcon. Must have been designed by a committee. Nothing worked well with anything else. It steered like a truck – from back in the days when trucks steered like trucks. Certainly a highlight in my memory of driving unpleasantries. I’ve never been a Ford man: my ’75 Grenada and my ’86 Bronco II were junk also, although the Bronco II was a bit better. But now I find myself with an ’03 Ranger and have to say I love it – for the same reasons I hated the earlier Fords; so pleasant and easy to drive.

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  11. Jack

    Sold $1,500

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  12. Cade Olds

    I got to say my wife also came to our marriage driving one of two pinto’s. We subsenqently owned two others. They all had their problems. Including one, we had to keep a case of oil in the trunk. All of the problems we experienced were reletively cheap to deal with. I would love to find another Pinto closet to me in that price range. I’m waxing nostalgic, but then I’m a huge fan of the AMC Pacer. #loveoddballs

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  13. AllenMember


    ‘ Gotta share your love of Pacers. Speak of loving oddballs, I have three of them on my bucket list: a Pacer, a first-generation Valiant slant-six four-door with the spare wheel stamped into the trunk lid (circa 1960, I believe), and a 1980-85 Cadillac Seville – without the vinyl faux-convertible top, of course.

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