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The Bootlegger Special: 1940 Ford Sedan


This cool-looking 1940 Ford coupe sedan looks largely original, with just enough vintage updates to make it even more interesting. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Charles H. for this terrific find! The vintage black paint (it might be original, might not, but it’d definitely been on there for a while) has just the right shine to illustrate the age of the car. The white walls don’t always work for me, but in this case they just look right. What a cool looking car! It’s located in Marietta, Georgia and is for sale here on eBay, where some early bids haven’t met the reserve figure.


The rear of these coupes are quite distinctive, with a trunk lid in the middle of the fastback body shell. I’m wondering if the guards in the center of each bumper are original? The paint looks a little different between the truck lid and the body, so I’m guessing there has been some paintwork there. I love the chevron taillights!


Open the hood, and something’s been changed a little bit from the original offering. Yes, there is still a flathead V8 in there, but it’s sporting Offenhauser heads and intake, as well as three brand-new Stromberg “48” carburetors. The alternator is part of a new 12 volt conversion charging system as well. There’s also a set of headers and a dual exhaust — I wish I could hear how it sounds in person!


The interior looks worn but intact. I don’t know enough about Fords of this vintage to know if it’s original, but it looks right somehow. There are two ash trays that are missing out of the corners of the dash, and I’m really not sure if the panel at the top of the dash is original either. But at this point, I think I’d just want to get in this car and drive it!


Just look at those great heads! Yup, I could sure make a home for this one. How about you?


  1. bobhess Bob Hess Member

    Slick car, but it’s a two door SEDAN. The coupe I drag raced while in college sure didn’t have the late 30s “hump back”. Bob

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    • Mark E

      Beat me to it. Definitely sedan, not coupe. Almost bought a ’40 coupe in high school.

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  2. Vince Habel

    There is one of these near me. It has been outside for years but still looks pretty good from 20 feet. This is not a coupe.

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  3. Rick

    Its unanimous then – definitely not a coupe, but a sedan. ’40 Ford has always been one of my top favorites of all time and if I could afford to have a collection, I would have at least one ’40 Ford, coupe or sedan. Buddy of mine was into ’40 Fords back in the 70s when the prices weren’t so crazy, he had several including two convertibles (one stock, one chopped and powered by a 324 Olds) and he restored an Opera Coupe with original jump seats in the back, plus had the optional Columbia two-speed rear axle, made it really fun to drive.

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  4. A.J.

    Just to join the crowd this is a two door sedan.

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  5. Rick

    Just looked at the ebay ad for today’s featured car, very cool! Wish I could afford it, I would just drive it as it, it is perfect, has a little patina, nice original or older restoration, (not some crazy over-restored car w/ a bizzarro color and funky 18 in wheels), plus has a hopped up flathead. If a guy had a ’40 like that, say back in the mid-50s, he’d be stylin!

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  6. Mark S

    Nice car, love that flat head V8

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  7. T-Bone


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  8. Rob

    Yep, Sedan.. The U-guards in the center front and rear, along with those wing tips on each end of the bumpers were ‘optional’, ‘n available from Ford, along with the hubcap extension inner rings, as well as the beauty rings at the outer edge of the rims. The panel above the dash, if I understand you correctly, I think you’re referring to the AM radio, and the knob further up is the switch for the windshield wipers (Duel wipers for the ‘Deluxe’, but only one on the driver’s side for the ‘Standard’ models, which btw on the Standard only came with one driver’s side chevron tail-light as well.

    I still own this ’40 pick-up, even tho it’s been off the road since 1963, but my only regret was selling my ’40 Woodie back in ’73, instead of the truck, for $2G’s.

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    • sgntpepper78


      The sedan is purdy, but your truck is even better. I’ve been lusting after an early 30’s to late 40’s Ford PU for a little while now. Any interest in selling? Please met me know!

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  9. Ed P

    Cool car. I don’t have a clue as to the real price, but this could be a great deal for someone. Let’s load it up and take a midnight ride!

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  10. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I must admit, I didn’t understand all the commotion on Sedan versus Coupe but after seeing the pics of the coupe, I get it. The coupe is a pretty bad a$$ looking but the sedan is probably a bit more “user friendly” and still looks good! Plus, the engine upgrades appear period correct so this is keeper sleeper!!! Well except for the exhaust notes probably giving something away!
    This is very close to me. Anybody who is serious, I would be more than happy to go take a look at it and give you my humble opinion as to what I think of the bones. Just reply with contact info and we will go from there.

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  11. Al Boucher

    The annoying thing is not so much calling this 2 dr sedan a coupe is in the past few years seeing Manufacturers calling their four door cars coupes.

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  12. Paul B

    Yes, a sedan, called the Tudor (there was also, not surprisingly, a Fordor). My dad had one like this, but in navy blue. My memory tells me the upholstery and dash are correct, though I can’t exactly recall if the dash was factory two-toned. An expert will know. I loved that car, and begged my dad to keep it when together we went to take it to be scrapped and burned, which is what people did in those days (late 1950s). Something about it told me it was unusually good looking and cool. At my young age I had no concept of monetary value, or classics, or that it would be a valuable classic one day. I just thought it was great looking and good sounding and fun to ride in, and I was really grief-stricken when Dad gave it up, claiming it had “no springs” left. Probably would have been a relatively easy fix, rear springs and shocks and some bushings, but to mom and dad it was just an old car not worth putting money into. They bought another used second car, a ’50 Plymouth, which was nice enough and super-sturdy but to my mind not as cool as the old Ford. I mean, just compare the looks and the blatty sound of the Plymouth six to the Ford V8. Best luck to whoever buys this. You’ll enjoy it, that is for sure.

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  13. 64 bonneville

    Looks like a vinyl “topper’ has been placed over the seat cushions. Interior should be a mohair type blend. With the beefed up Flathead, would sure make a good ‘shine runner back in the day. Had a 39 Opera Coupe (2 side mounted jump seats behind front seat) in the early 60s’, with a 303 Olds and 3 dueces on it. 39 Lincoln zephyr gears and a Columbia 2 speed. Candy apple red with a red and white rolled and pleated interior. Ran “big 8.55 X 15 on back and 6.50 X 15 on front to give it a “California rake”. sold it when my Uncle Sam sent me to SE Asia for my senior trip.

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  14. Jon

    Okay, one more time…LOL…It’s a Sedan… Still Cool though… Now all that needs to be done is some salt flat wheels and nice rubber, slammed to the ground, and a nice healthy Hilborn injected big block motor. Doesn’t matter, either Chevy or Ford, or maybe even a nice fuel injected Hemi to really shake it up…

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  15. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Ok, guys, I get it…Sedan :-)

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  16. California Gary

    This car has been sitting around since 1982. Anyone interested in buying it?

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    • yanmarley

      Nice looking ’40 California Gary – where in CA. are you and how much $$ – also is the photo recent or? Any more info. would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      • California Gary

        I’m just north of San Diego. The car looks the same as the photo. It has been in storage only driven once a year to keep everything freed up. I would take

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  17. Alan (Michigan )

    One of these, somewhat warmed over, and Great to look at, was parked in a lot on the NW corner of Indianapolis today.
    Looks very nice!

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  18. Woodie Man

    Always liked the 40 front end……..looked long and hard for a good 40 Woodie. I had to settle for a ’47………darn. Just kidding.

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  19. Woodie Man

    BTW …….wasnt this model called a Humpback Sedan?

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