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The British Love 356’s, Too!

1963 Porsche 356

When I first looked at this picture (thanks to reader Ricky M for the tip!) I actually thought this was a paper mache model of a Porsche 356. The sad story is that the 1963 car was parked in a garage when it was only 10 years old and was only just recently exhumed from its shelter. I’m guessing based on the generally dilapidated condition that the garage wasn’t of the finest construction! Not only is the body almost rusted away, but the engine is seized as well. The car will be offered at the Bonham’s Auction at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting on March 21st. Unbelievably to me, the pre-auction estimate is £10-15,000 ($14.7-$22.1k). I like 356’s, but not that much! Anyone feel differently?


  1. Don Sicura

    Unfortunately, the TV shows & the auction houses are turning the collector car hobby into a millionaires only hobby, the average person simply cannot afford to buy these cars, much less do the work or pay to have the rebuild done, it’s just too costly for all but the most wealthy. Here is a car that a few short years ago would have and should have been crushed, but some fool with more money than brains will buy & restore it, bringing the price to God knows how much thereby further inflating an already overpriced market.

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  2. hhaleblian

    I own and have owned more than a few 356’s and early 911’s in my tender years on this planet. If Bonhams legitimately gets their estimate on this pos I better get busy offloading the collection.

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  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Don I simply couldn’t have said it any better myself. Sadly you are right on the money! Pun not intended.

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    • Richard V


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  4. Mark

    To far gone! RIP! Mark

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  5. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    I am thinking this is doable. Of course, it would help to see a picture of the inside and sills, but from the story told, it probably has all its pieces, is original, and is unmolested. So, if you know a good sheet metal guy, your ready to go!…. oh, wait, then there IS still the $20,000 dollar part!! …. ok, back to work on my 914!

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  6. DT

    The price is also inflated by the fact that in Germany they will tackle almost any body job.I would not buy any car from England and this car shows why,.

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  7. gunningbar

    I would guess cars rot out much worse here in northeast America than the U K. As for the inflated car hobby…the rich have more money than ever and need to show it off (what good is it if you cant brag about it…yeah Im disgusted too…welcome to the steady decline of all that was good..)..Screw the rich.

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  8. Rich

    Sold for £32000! Speechless.

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  9. Carl iseman


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  10. John C Cargill

    Massively overpriced a parts car at best.
    As for the auctions, a bunch of old men with money with young women to impress. Better bargains on Cragslist.

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  11. TuckerTorpedo

    I’m also disgusted and appalled with that result.

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  12. trickie Dickie Member

    As a 35 year member of Porsche Club of America,and having had a ’55 Speedster, two ’64 356 C and SC and Coupes and various 911’s. one at a time, I am completely appalled at current Porsche prices. All of mine were sold long ago. If I had them all back to sell again, I would have a whole lotta money. The last auction price for a ’55 Speedster was $352,000. I got $1500 for mine in 1960. Long after I sold my last 911 I kept up my membership for a while in our local PCA Chapter. They were all my friends. I have tried going back a couple times in recent years to the local chapter events. Two or three old time couples are still members. The chapter now is bigger than ever, and the member$ $urely have changed. Its now a crowd I no longer feel comfortable being around. I don’t feel a$ if I can fit in. Too much talk about how much their car$ are worth, or the deal$ being made with the local Por$che dealer. to get that $ell price under $135,000. Sure glad I had my fun when the cards were still affordable!! Hey, let’s all invest in Beanie Babies!!

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  13. carguy

    It is getting cazy out there, everyone thinks their rusted heap is worth the what a totally restored trailer queen is worth. This heap, would need serious deep pockets to bring it back to a driver let alone a trailer queen caliber of resto.

    I liked the previous comment, on how it is getting way too expensive a hobby for most people.

    A email was circulating around from a retired engineer trying to sell his pristine 1967 MGB GT, with wire wheels, in BRG ( British racing green) restored to a very high level.

    He listed the car at a original cost, of 3,200 cdn, and was trying to sell it for 18,750 ( which is the pretty well top end for such a car). What blew me away was his detailed cost of restoration. With him sourcing and doing some of the work himself ( except body and paint, engine rebuild) he was into it for over 98,000 dollars. WOW!
    Considering that MG parts are easy to obtain and source, and for the most part relatively inexpensive.
    It really made me think,
    I should be buying up 10 to 15 year old unmolested Audi TT’s and BMW M3’s Porsche’s and waiting for the value curve of those to increase . Because you know it will happen as all the KIDs who loved those cars start to get old, Awe crap!, the only flaw in that is by the time those cars increase in value I will be dead.

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