The DuPont’s 1929 Ford Model A Woodie Truck

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This truck began life as a “Woodie” station wagon when purchased by the DuPont Family. They had it converted into this unique pickup truck. It served the DuPont family for many years until it was retired to the DuPont’s family museum. It is very original and has been indoors most of its life. Bonhams auction will be selling this truck at auction with no reserve October 5th at the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia. It’s estimated that it will go for between $3k and $5k, which seems like a decent price for a survivor with such interesting history. So what do you see happening with this truck? Do you think the next owner will preserve it as is or will it be fully restored? And even if you aren’t interested in this truck, be sure to check this auction out! With a name like “Preserving the Automobile” it’s sure to be a spectacular event!

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  1. Mark E

    Wow, being able to walk around and look at the diverse collection of automobiles in this sale would be as good as any museum!

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  2. jeff6599

    That is a 30/31 body, fenders, hood, cowl, lights and grille shell. If those are the 19 inch wheels they appear to be, that comfirms it. Why is someone trying to pass this off as a 1929? The misrepresentation only serves to make bidders more cautious.

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    • Hondo122

      Jeff, I would bet an honest mistake, no one familiar with Model A’s would think it’s a 29. I guess it may have been registered in 29 for the first time.

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  3. bonneville 64

    I pulled up the auction site, over 270 lots being auctioned. First couple of pages are Classic and Brass Era parts, then the vehicles come up. Quite a few from pre 1920, but some other interesting post war vehicles. Bonhams is a high dollar auction, if you have ever attended an auction, it is just the opposite of an American auction which has a very fast pace. Bonhams clientele may be close to the 1 percenters in the country who have the mega bucks to spend at the Bonhams estimated selling price.

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  4. jim s

    this auction is the day after fall carlisle and day before hershey car show. i wonder if anything from the auction will show up for resale at hershey. great find

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  5. Clay Bryant

    Will sell for between 3k and 5k……………..Who are they kidding? Makes Bonhams look like they really got premium when it goes around 17-18……………..

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    • Hondo122

      Other than the Dupont connection, it’s not in great shape. Why would it go for 17/18?

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  6. Clay Bryant

    I learned a long time ago that cars create insanity. If it was a private sale the price might even go down but I’ve learned what “grandstanding” does in front of moneyed people. Two grandstanders can make it happen. You and I wouldn’t get caught up in it but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.(there’s a reason why it’s on this auction)

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    • Clay Bryant

      A little side story……About 40 years or so ago I looked at a Rolls-Royce out in Colorado that had the back cut off of it from the front seat back.20 years ago I called a friend that was starting to restore it in Omaha, he told me what he was working on and couldn’t believe that anyone could cut a RR in two. I told him “Ya’,and I bet it had hay straw stuck thru it all thru the back.” He asked me if I had seen it before and I told him yes stuck out in a hanger in a small town in Colorado. He told me this is where it came from. I filled him in on what Paul Harvey used to call the “rest of the story”. The Hearst family had it out on their ranch in Colorado, needed something to haul hay with so they made themselves a “neat” flatbead hauler. As some people say “Doesn’t that just make ya’ sick?” As a cowhand would say………..That’ll work……………..

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  7. Fred

    I suspected it might go cheap and it did ($4500). Right before it a beat up Model T went for $3500. Reason: To this crowd, a car like this (one for the common folks) is not that desirable and they are embarrassed to be seen bidding on it. I would have bid on the truck myself if I could have ever figured out how to register.

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  8. Clay Bryant

    Those two cars would have paid a lot of expense money but moneyed people don’t look at it like that. You and I can see the forest for the trees…………..

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  9. Capt RD

    Sold at $4950 premium included, this truck will be a fine project.

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