The Longest Pontiac Ever Built?

1964 Pontiac Bonneville

When first viewing the photo of this 1964 Pontiac Bonneville, I thought someone may have stretched it out in Photoshop or something. Then upon closer inspection, it quickly became apparent that this was a coachbuilt people hauler. It attended drab affairs such as funerals, but I could picture it becoming someone’s personal limo. Sure, you could buy that new Lincoln Continental that was just announched, but after a full restoration this could be a serious luxury machine to rival even it! Find this long project here on eBay where bidding started at $200. The car is located in Olympia, Washington and has a clear title. It’s 20 feet long so transporting it is going to be a pain, but it might just hold the title of longest Pontiac ever built!

Jump seats

I was excited to hear that Ford is planning on releasing a new Continental. The name hadn’t been used in years, but still holds a level of respect here in America. We had gotten too worried about efficiency in the last decade or so and all our big luxury cars shrunk as a result. The Germans were the only ones keeping the “long wheel base” alive it seemed. Well, until now. So, you could buy that new Lincoln with its reclining rear passenger seat and tablet holder, or you could just buy this and build it into the ultimate luxury car. Heck, forget the reclining rear seat. There’s room back there for a full bed!

389 V8

This beast was built by the Superior Coach Corporation and according to the seller, only 67 were ever produced. So, even if it’s not the longest Pontiac, it very well could be the rarest. After the funeral homes were done with these, I doubt many people wanted them as daily transportation. You could make a grand entrance with one now though! This one is powered by Pontiac’s 389 V8 so upgrade options abound. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one came with a little more juice from the factory though since it had to haul around a throng of people and all that steel.

One Long Limo

With lots of steel comes lots of expense when it’s restoration time. Normally, I’d encourage the whole patina thing, but in this case I think this limo deserves a nice shiny paint job. Perhaps in something a little more cheerful though. You don’t want everyone thinking you are headed to the cemetery just yet. The cost to bring this big car back from the dead would probably be sunk because I doubt there are too many people in the market for one of these. As with any old car though, I’d suggest you just build it for fun and enjoyment rather than investment potential anyway. So, what do you think – should this one be saved?


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  1. Rick

    Looks cool actually. As to the new Continental, I’d love to see Ford do that. I have actually loved Continentals until they eliminated the suicide doors. My fav was when Continental was a separate division for those two years in the mid 50s when they built the Continental Mk. 2. That was such a beautiful car, I love them. At $10K back in 1956, and handbuilt, they were way too expensive, but gorgeous.

  2. Keith
  3. St.Ramone de V8

    Sorry, but I dont see a market, or a reason for these cars. Maybe, if one was a Caddy or Lincoln, or Packard or… Or, if one was in great shape. This thing was purpose built, then used for that purpose, then ignored for decades. Doesn’t make it worth anyone’s time or money, IMO.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Ya know, I just have to disagree regarding whether oddball rides are worth anyone’s time or money. For every vehicle, there is a buyer who would really enjoy having and driving it.

      When I first read this post, I immediately thought of my grandmother’s last car, a 1965 Oldsmobile 98 Luxury Sedan. While the car in this listing may be long, it still was a custom modification of a platform. The 98 was built in quantity. And it was HUGE. I have fond memories of my grandmother driving that car. And, of my older brother using it to do a 200+ ft. “one wheel peel” on a country road…..

      Old rides like this one, which are unusual, draw big crowds at cruise nights. I can see myself in it, on Woodward Avenue, this August….

      But gee, that interior looks moldy!

      • St. Ramone de V8

        Alan, I get your point. Oddball stuff is great, and there’s a buyer somewhere. Probably. I love old ’60’s boats, and have had many. I like to see them kept and restored. My comment relates more to the specialty or working car versions of these big American tanks. Airport cars with extra seats and doors, Hearses, and extended bodies like this Pontiac. If it was in nice shape, especially inside, then why not fix it? It seems these things come up now, after years of neglect, with a seller quoting production numbers, …..and the thing is rough. It’s these cars I’m talking about. Your 98 must have been fun! Probably rode like a cloud…. To the gas station.

  4. Jarod Rose

    A car like this is worth saving. Think of the time and effort put into designing this car. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if you were correct in saying this might be the longest Pontiac ever. The obscurity of this car is all part of the appeal.

  5. dj

    I don’t think so. The 1965 Pontiac Embassy looks longer. And I know the 1965 Pontiac Stageway/Armbruster 8 door Limo is way longer than this.

  6. Tom Stewart

    We’re not going to get into a size debate are we?

  7. pontiactivist

    I like this thing! Definately not the longest though. Lol.used to be in ashtabula ohio a 66 if my memory serves me correctly that was half as much longer. Not sure if its still even exists. Also remember a 72 wagon In erie pa that had like 8 doors. Was a huge ugly faded safety green thing.

  8. Greg R.

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