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The More Rust The Better!


From Sid C – Here is a case of the more rust the better. This VW truck gets a look from thousands of people every year as it holds down a permanent parking spot in front of a surf shop on the North Shore of Oahu. I’m not sure it could still move under its own power, but if it did it would probably break in half a mile down the road! ~Mahalo from Haleawa





  1. randy

    Be careful, someone will offer you 20K for it, and want the old surfboards too!
    Cool find.

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  2. KO

    She can still be saved!

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  3. DT

    I would have disasembled it and reasembled it inside

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  4. Toast54

    Gnarly!…(sorry, couldn’t help it)

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  5. Walt

    Aloha, Salt air is 24/7 here, especially on the North shore and the
    windward side—hey remember we are smack in the central Pacific.

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    • skloon

      I was power washing an e-type that came from the island once and the all the rad fins came off due to corrosion- the car wasn’t much better- looked okay from the outside but even the gauges were rusted inside

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      • randy

        I grew up in The Rio Grande Valley, and all of the cars got cancer real bad, unless they were very well cared for. Salt air and the beach are nice, but not to cars.

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  6. jim s

    it is still an early vw pickup and they do bring good money even when rusty.

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  7. Cassidy

    I hope they never sell it! Let it decompose right there!

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    • Sid Member

      I like this comment.
      I am sure it will rest in peace until it is nothing more than a rust stain on the side of the King Kamehameha Highway

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      • randy

        Did you mean “rust in peace”?

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  8. Donnie

    Mike from amarican pickers might like it.

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  9. Howard A Member

    Yeah, go figure. Here in the “rust-belt”, rusty cars have always been a way of life, but I was surprised to find out, in SoCal. they have a following. A guy at my daughter’s old apt. building in L.A., had a really cool VW van, all restored, lowered, mag wheels, etc. and he said he just got back from a VW meet in Huntington Beach, and was disappointed his van didn’t even get a nod. The winner, he said? A rusty beater. Again, go figure.

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    • Rich

      There’s rust, and then there’s rust. You might find the show winner was sunburnt with surface corrosion, but often these cars are better than new underneath.

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  10. Woodie Man

    Spent some time at Haleawa about ten years ago, All I remember was the $7.50 taco……..cant imagine what it is today. Too bad, it was a great place.

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  11. Charles

    Nice prop.

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