The New Barn Finds Mobile Office!

Ferrari F1 Trailer

We have been having a rough time finding an affordable office/shop combo. Our current office is great, but without a place to wrench on cars we are limited. Well, I think Barn Finds reader Jason P has found the perfect solution for us! It a Ferrari F1 race trailer… garage… office… Wow, whatever this thing is, it is awesome! Just take a look inside and you will see what I mean. It’s listed here on Motorsport Auctions for €199,000 EUR so it’s unfortunately out of the budget. I suppose we could save on monthly rent by just moving around to a different parking lot everyday though…

Garage Area

Plenty of room to store our most recent finds out of the elements.


Spacious workbenches and plenty of toolbox area.

Work Area

Checkout the work space for all our writers.

Hangout Area

Here’s a great area for meetings and hanging out.

Corner Office

There’s even a corner office I could claim as my own. It’s fun to dream… Now back to work!


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    That writer’s area looks a lot more plush than where I’m working now! I like this plan!

  2. jim s

    it is 465,000 Euro if you want everything, for 199,000 Euro you get just 1 trailer!

  3. John

    Barn Finds On Tour!
    With plenty of room for entertaining your guests.

    Great plan!

  4. ap

    Is a staff and room service included?

  5. boxdin

    You could buy a large building here for a lot less than that.

    • Bob

      But could you take it with you?


    Fix barn finds that you buy on the spot. Fix em where you find em then flip!

  7. dave

    This is 500,000

    • Pookie Jamie P

      That’s a house and garage on wheels….

  8. MountainMan

    Wow, this is quite a rig! Too bad its not budget friendly, this would be the ultimate office/garage/lounge/garage etc

    • dave

      Usually, you have husband and wife team that run these types of rigs. They live in these trucks that basically they are rolling homes and work. You can generate about 400,000 gross revenue per year.

  9. jim s

    that orange $500000 rig or something like it would be a good way for empty nesters to make a living. let someone else pay for you to see the USA until you were ready to settle down again. still a big risk and a lot of work but what isn’t. i like the full RV setup instead of having to use showers/bathrooms found along the road. also a nicer place to send your not driving time.

    • dave

      I did it for 20 years with 2 million plus miles hauling cars. Lots of stories.
      And èvry car has a story.

  10. ydnar

    The biggest draw back would be…
    Your barnfinds would muck up the nice shiny trailer.

  11. Gary

    Hey Jesse…..You should own it!

  12. Kieron

    Hi all
    My wife still says no !

    • dave

      Divorce her

      • Kieron

        I have over a million reasons not to and everyone is attached to a dollar bill

      • dave

        Then you never know
        Buy the time that you say I wished I had. Your to old or the bad health has got a hold.

  13. maserati

    No dance pole ?

  14. Richie Rich

    Isn’t anyone going to ask how many MPG it gets?

  15. dave

    Making that kind of money, who cares. They get around 10 MPG

  16. ron

    I’m not sure that particular setup would get 10 mpg, maybe downhill yes. The newer aerodynamic setups will though if you drive it just right but you should get on average about 5.5 to 8 mpg. Anyway coming from a former car hauler it was the best job I ever had but quite frustrating sometimes also.

  17. dave

    Enclosed haulers get from 10 to 14. Depends on driver, truck specks, weather, roads etc. Been a car hauler also for 40 years and owned numerous rigs. There is a car hauler 80.000 gross pushing 1u. Have to find article on that project. That was 5 years ago.on my 99 Pet 359 with a 550 Car, I have gotten 9 a couple of times loaded. And Cats love fuel.Det 60 series is the best MPG engine to work with.

  18. ron

    Dave I do believe a 2012 pete got 10.7 in real world hauling about 80,000lbs with the newer cummins. The story is in the peterbilt archives on their web page. Not sure if that’s the one you are talking about but for sure pretty good considering cars don’t weigh as much in an enclosed carrier and what I mean by that is you can’t load 11 cars in an enclosed trailer. When I drove otr the best I got was about 9 mpg with a 53′ dry van. But anyway I love cars and trucks and am trying to convince myself to do it again but not sure I want to deal with all the regs. And ins. Costs. Keep on truckin’.

  19. D. King

    I love this setup, but I’m guessing my POA wouldn’t.

    (Actually, I’ve got that much space in my garage. Doesn’t roll, though.)

  20. Mike

    Check with Mike Waltrip Racing, I hear he has a lot of equipment for sale. Then you could fit in a NASCAR races!!!
    Just a thought!!

  21. drr

    WalMart allows RVs to park overnight, so your rent expenses might be reduced, though the added expense of diesel fuel for the generator might eclipse same.

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