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The Next Barn Finds Project Car?


It has only been a week since the Starlet shipped out and we have already been on the hunt for our next project car. Well, we may have found the perfect one today! We had originally planned to limit our budget to what we sold the last project for, but decided this one what worth splurging a little. The car runs and the seller has agreed on the reasonable price of $2,800. Instead of just announcing what it is though, we wanted to see if you guys can guess it from this photo. Many of our readers have questioned my preference in cars lately, so we went with something a little more conventional. Don’t worry though, we will take a unique angle on it. Now, any guesses?


  1. paul

    5,6 Mustang.

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  2. Jim

    ’65 – ’66 Mustang ??

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  3. turretman1st

    ford mustang 65/66

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  4. Mike H. Mike

    Mustang. 1965 or 1966

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  5. rodney

    Dodge or Buick?

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  6. Don

    First gen Mustang, you know you can’t fool us……….lol

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  7. Rich

    1960s thunderbird

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  8. David

    Ford Fender!

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  9. Chuck Black

    Agree with1st gen Mustang …

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  10. Danno

    AMC Javelin

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  11. Ernie

    67-69 Cougar

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  12. hhaleblian

    Ist gen stang coupe, 6 banger, slushbox.

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  13. Horse Radish

    1956 Jalopy Supercharger !…
    no, but seriously I thought it was 60ies Dodge Dart or Comet… but what do I know ?

    At that kind of price tag for a project car I would hope you’d go with something with a little more pizzazz, no ? .

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  14. fixit

    1968 falcon

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  15. Tulanian

    Dittos on the 64 1/2 to 66 Mustang. Coupe with a 200 I-6.

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  16. David

    Monaco or Polaris?

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  17. Sim

    T-birdish nose. Ya ..I’ll go with T-bird

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  18. Woodforge

    I’m thinking it is a 1970 GTX

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  19. Mark E

    Late ’60s mopar?

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  20. Ken butler

    64 to 67 mustang.

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  21. Joe Howell

    Ditto on the 60’s Mopar.

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  22. scott matthews


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  23. Dolphin Member

    Right front ’65/’66 Mustang fender

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  24. jim s

    we already have 3 project cars, a Saab 900s, Miata and Fiat 124. are we starting to become hoarders!? not sure what it is but i am sure it will be another fun project. and i hope the goal is to turn it into a daily driver. please keep up the great work. thanks

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  25. John

    At that price they must be discounting what rusted away! o.O

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  26. glenn

    66 falcon

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  27. Jim-Bob


    (Or…if I am to be serious, early Mustang.)

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  28. C Bryant

    A 54 Ford 2dr hardtop with continental kit needing a complete restoration…no?reasonably cheap…no….?Just a guess…………..

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  29. Mike Ski

    Dodge Cornet ?

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  30. TBall

    Have to go with the 65/66 ‘Stang

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  31. grantp

    1968 Cougar was the first car that came to my mind…..

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  32. Paul

    1971 Buick Skylark

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  33. Monsieur le Baton

    68 charger was my first thought, although the front bumper end is flatter, so i’ll hedge with a 68 gtx instead…..

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  34. John

    Early Chevelle

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  35. Ken D

    Early Olds Cutlass, 64-66 ??

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  36. Tara P

    Is it a mark 2 English Ford Cortina 1967-1968

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  37. ConservativesDefeated

    @Tara.funny just what I was thinking but the crease on the fender top seemed a little too much!

    I’m going with a ’73 Mercury Capri

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  38. OGB

    69 road runner

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  39. Paul G

    Out on a short limb: 1970 Ford Torino

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  40. MikeW

    6 cylinder Mustang65

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    • paul

      Just because the v8 badge is missing on a primer gray fender doesn’t mean that it isn’t a v8.

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  41. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    late 60s Mopar, I thought Dart but more like Coronet or Satellite

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  42. Guest

    Just a wild guess, but I would suspect its a 1969 mustang Coup…
    Probably found on craigslist
    Perhaps this one?

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  43. Mike

    64.5-66 Mustang

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  44. andrewsots

    67 – 70 Plymouth Valiant Signet ?

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