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Perfect Shop Truck: 1967 International

1967 International 1100B Panel

Every classic car and truck has a story to tell. Some are simple stories while others have more mysterious pasts. We know this International 1100B Panel Wagon was last used as a bread delivery truck, but we have no idea what it did before that. It currently looks good throughout and still wears the graphics from it’s bread running days. I bet it turns heads where ever it goes! It has a ton of space in the back, with easy access to whatever your hauling! As I look at it, the more I think this would be the perfect parts hauler or shop truck! If you’ve been looking for a shop truck to add to your collection, find this one here on eBay in Gig Harbor, Washington.

1967 International 1100B Interior

This truck currently wears Great Harvest Bread Company signage, which actually looks great. Seeing as the company didn’t open until 1976, these graphics have to be from the ’80s or later, but they still have a nice vintage look to them. I just can’t help but wonder what this truck was used for prior to that. The interior looks original and the while it’s not in the best shape, it’s usable. You can also see that this truck was original painted in a very bright orange and I have to say, I kind of wish it was still this color!

1967 International Panel Wagon

I really would love to know more of the history of this truck. It would even be great to just know what years it was used as a bread truck and how long it’s been out of service. If any of our readers in Tacoma remember seeing this truck, we would love to hear about it! So would you put this truck to work as your personal junk/parts hauler?


  1. Jason Houston

    In 1970 I drove a gold 1968 IH Pickup for delivering parts. It was the worst new car I ever drove. The frame was bent, the shift linkage kept disconnecting, the clutch linkage kept falling apart and it had to be towed back to the dealer’s service dept. more often than under it’s own power. They kept promising me a new F-100, but the dealer went bankrupt before that happened. Thank you, but I would not be interested in another Intertrashional, as this model became known in the 70s.

    As for the Great Harvest Bread Company they are alive and well, soliciting franchisees in the Tacoma area!

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  2. MacVaugh

    From my time in the northwest around then, I remember that color being associated with surveying crews.

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  3. Terry J

    I grew up in Eastern Oregon farm country in the 50s and 60s. IH – International Harvesters were legion. Since vehicles like this one were built by a company that also manufactured big trucks and farm equipment, they were built accordingly. Tough rigs. I remember the famous Mechanics Illustrated writer Tom McCahill tested the International Travelall against the big 3s offerings and it won hands down. :-) TLouisJ

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  4. JW

    Last I looked it was at 4K with a little over a day left with no reserve, if it sells for that I feel someone got a killer deal.

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  5. HoA Howard A Member

    This is a pretty cool find. I agree with MacVaugh, I’d bet this was a county equipment truck of some sort. The no windows and rusty floor where a worker got in and out with salty shoes, although, it was very well kept when the bread company got it. I suppose a helper at the bread company may have sat in the passenger seat, but generally, a bread delivery was ( and still is) just the driver. 1st thing I’d do, is remove the “boat anchor” from the engine compartment, and put a i-6 cylinder in. ( your choice, they’re all good) I’ve had terrible luck with these IH V-8’s, and with the missing air cleaner, I can only imagine the present owner is having the same trouble. Not many panel’s like this. Truth is, I don’t ever remember seeing one, as most were the Travelall type.

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  6. Patrick P

    Maybe I am too old, but this work horse did nothing great but everything good. They lasted for decades. From the original orange color, chances are it was owned by a highway department somewhere.

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    I thought the graphics and font looked a little too modern…I was right they are vinyl.

    Given the growth rate of the franchises I sort of doubt this was even with the company all that long ago.

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  8. Mark S

    Up in western Canada these have alway been referred to as CORN BINDERS because of there association with the agricultural industry all my experiences with these has led me to believe that there tough basic transportation. There also rough like a lumber truck and slow like a lumber truck. I sure wouldn’t want to spend to much time traveling on the highway in this thing.

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  9. mark

    I own 1979 Scout II – 4×4 4 speed manual, perfect car – best 4×4 in the world.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this truck. I sure wouldn’t turn it down. I might add that I’d sure paint it something like that orange and do away with that ‘Calf Scour Yellow.’

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  11. Jasper

    Remember Marshall’s Auto Parts in Louisville had one of these panels as a yard car back in the ’80s but it was a black 3/4 ton.

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  12. alfred

    I like it

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  13. John

    For everyone out there who seems to think international made a heavy problematic v8. They didn’t mine has 200,000 and has never had a problem of course some people don’t properly maintain their vehicles and that’s most likely why they break.

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