Rare 1976 Ford Capri R/S For $1,800!

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The Ford Capri is one of the more unique vintage Ford products you can buy today, an affordable classic with a distinct European flavor. But if you want to own one of the rarest variants sold stateside, you’ll need to find a car like this: a genuine R/S model modified by American Sunroof Corporation (who else?) with fat fender flares, basketweave wheels, stiffer suspension, an air dam, and more. It’s basically a homage to the European Touring Car Championship that you can drive every day. Find this rare version of a rare model listed here on Hemmings for $1,800 in Brooklin, Maine.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Boot for the find, who continues to dig up some truly excellent project cars. Other ways the Capri was enhanced by the ASC to create this brawny street fighter Capri was via the rear window louvers and ducktail spoiler, and perhaps what’s most amazing is that all of these parts remain attached and in good condition. We’ve seen it happen numerous times where a limited production model enhanced with some tasty cosmetic enhancements loses a good deal of its appeal when the fender flare is ripped off or the rear spoiler is sold for beer money. The owner of this rare Capri RS deserves a pat on the back for keeping this one in such fine, original condition.

It’s estimated than only 50 Capris got the RS treatment before the program was cancelled, making it an exceedingly rare bird. The eye-catching add-ons were limited to the exterior, as the cockpit was standard Capri inside. A three-spoke steering wheel would spice things up nicely, along with a period-correct set of Konig, Recaro, or Flo-Fit seats to replace the somewhat saggy stock buckets. The seller includes very little information about the car, but honestly, if you’ve been chasing a rare bird like this, you’re really not in a position to ask a lot of questions. Thankfully, it doesn’t look rusty from above, but Maine can be cruel to the undersides of vintage automobiles.

Though there were plans for an assortment of upgraded engines, including a turbocharged 2.8L V6, the Capri ended up with the standard 2.8L mill in naturally-aspirated form, which is a bit of a let-down when you take the racy exterior into consideration. Still, the Cologne V6 was a pleasant engine that made some very nice sounds when the exhaust was uncorked, so I’m willing to bet this one could live up to its fat fenders and wheels with some exhaust modifications. The seller isn’t asking much for what is likely one of the more sought-after Capri models ever made, so we don’t expect it to last long.

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  1. alphasudMember

    Nice find. My only question is why is this still for sale! I understand the limited appeal in the US but the UK would be clamoring for this one. Definitely worthy of recommissioning.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

      Interesting find. I know there aren’t very many “regular” Capris in the States which are in good shape, and when one turns up for sale, they bring solid bucks. I’m not sure where this one ranks; do the mods add or subtract desirability? I’d think it ought to have some level of collectability. Alphasud, that too was my first thought, seems like the UK would want it badly.

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    • Steve R

      It’s gone now.

      The real question is, how many Capri enthusiasts are searching the want ads on Hemings.com.

      Steve R

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      • AMCFAN

        More enthusiasts than one would think. It’s already sold. Bummer I would have pulled the trigger myself. No questions asked.

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  2. Mitch RossMember

    That will go to a flipper. It will sell for $4000 or more on Ebay

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  3. Jcs

    No surprise, she appears to be gone.

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  5. Mitch RossMember

    Damn, got all the way to new Hampshire, have to go back home.

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  6. Terrry

    Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. Those fenders and spoiler?? Makes a vanilla-looking car downright ugly.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Oh, c’mon! It was the 70s! Disco! Leisure suits! Velour! Bumper cars from every brand!
      This Capri was one of the better of the IMSA-inspired RS-wanna-bes. The Chastain kits had similar shapes but godawful rivet placements on the edges of the body mods. This is GQ territory by comparison.
      The REAL find would be the original ’76 that John Dianna put together in HOT ROD magazine, with steel RS overfenders, suspension mods and rolling stock from the Ford skunkworks.
      This one would look waaaay better without the federal bumpers.

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      • Richardd Adams

        I believe that the statement “This is likely one of the more sought-after Capri models ever made ” has very little value, when we compare this to the South African Ford Capri Perana.

        These were sold by Ford dealers, with the Ford 302 V8 fitted. There were only 100 built.

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    • scottymac
  7. Billy1

    Somebody stole this!! Good buy for whoever got lucky. Hopefully we will see it on the road again.

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    • ChrisC

      I agree even a base model Capri is worth more than 1,800 bucks. Just don’t see these anymore especially in the Northeast.

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  8. Flip Pehr

    I bought it!!

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Lucky! Was it as good of a deal as it looked?

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      Flip Pehr, are you selling it?

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    • Randy

      Hello Flip,
      Did you actually buy the car. If so, how can I contact you? I have the original prototype used for the 1977 Car and Driver article. Worked for Fords and with ASC on the prototype. There were less than 50 production units assembled. Cost and timing killed the program. Took 8 guys over 40 hours to properly do the base body work. Options were just going to tack on more hours. Not what Ford envisioned. Especially with the Fox bodied Capri coming down the road. The European RS was used to design the Fox bodied Capri difference from its big brother the Mustang, i.e. flared fenders, etc..

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  9. Ron

    I wonder if the seller included the 1970s era cell phone you see mounted under the dash? (They were called CB radios back then…) “Breaker 1-9 for the White Lightnin’…”
    How 1970s! I’d slap on my leisure suit and drive this bad boy to the Disco (if I was about seventy pounds lighter and there were still Discos around)
    I’m glad to see that this car is “stayin’ alive!”

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    i bought 1 new from joe carini mercury in waukesha wis. there were 90 made. i changed the steering wheel, and put on radial ta’s kept it 5 years, sold to atty. in milwaukee. haven’t seen one since. ton of fun to drive. if the new owner wants to contact me, i have the original brochure, and several magazine road tests.

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  11. Steve Clinton

    Sold in less than 17 hours. I wonder if the seller is asking himself why he didn’t ask for more.

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  12. Billy1

    Rick Rothermel The Hot Rod Mag Capri would really be a find, if it still exists


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  13. scottymac

    Richardd Adams: Toot Basil Green’s horn all you want, my vote for the more valuable Capris would be the white shark Mako Capri, which used the BOSS 302!


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  14. Thomas R Smith

    Did the Capri sell. I was trying to find out how to buy it!

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  15. martinsane

    The vanity plate is quite nice… as is the car.

    For those to lazy to look the vanity plate reads HT (hot) HEAD. Funny.

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  16. Howard Skaggs

    New here… Missing how to bid!! Lil help??

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      The link to the listing is right in the first paragraph.

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  17. Billy1

    Thomas R Smith don’t you have enough Capris already? Leave some for the rest of us. lol.

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  18. Billi C

    I have one. I was told there were only 10 made in the US. My dad bought it for me when I was a senior back in 1978 from Johnnie Haas Mercury. Remember them. It definitely was a head turner!

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    • billy1

      Billi C Post a pic of your RS Capri

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