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Cave Find: Flintmobile Sedan

Flintmobile Find

The Flintmobile was offered in several configurations, ranging from the sporty two seater all the way up to this family sedan. While most buyers preferred the two seaters for their lightweight design, the sedans had the distinct advantage of variable power depending on the length and strength of the back passenger’s legs. A family with 2 teenage children could easily outperform the quickest of two seaters! Well at least that’s what Flintmobile’s marketing department claimed. You can find this George Barris creation here on eBay in Fountain Valley, California.

Flintmobile Sedan

If you are a Flintstones fan, this would a great piece to have! It was built by George Barris for the Flintstones movie and is a functioning vehicle. It isn’t a car by any means, but it would be fun to drive in parades! The fact that it has an electric motor powering it, you wouldn’t be exhausted by the end either.

Flintmobile Dash

Growing up, my family would often visit Flintstones Bedrock Village in South Dakota, so I have lots of fond memories of the Flintstones! If I were in the market for a really cool piece of movie memorabilia, I’d love to have this Flintmobile. It will be interesting to see what this ends up going for! Special thanks to Stuart F for this tip!


  1. DanaPointJohn

    Here is another car from the Flintstones movie. This one was built at Cinema Vehicle Services in North Hollywood, CA. It is in the shape of a ram and has a RAM truck emblem on the nose. Fun stuff!

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  2. jmacc

    “It’s amazing how much attention it draws.” If that doesn’t draw attention I’m not quite sure what would.

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  3. kkreul

    Would this be called a “cave find”?

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  4. Jim C.

    Haha, nice one!

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  5. Arthur

    This car Rocks!!!! (sorry…. couldn’t resist)

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  6. fred

    ‘Stone cold Kool!

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  7. Ed P

    Are those the original Firestone tires? I question the originality of the paint. It appears to have been painted at Earl Scheibrock.

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  8. Howard A Member

    Flintstones of the early 60’s, I think, is what all other cartoon type family shows are based on. It was on Friday nights, and we watched it religiously at Grandma’s after supper. Remember when they promoted Winston cigarettes? Unbelievable. One of the funniest scenes in the cartoon, was Fred and Barney were running to catch a bus. Fred says, “Hurry Barn, or we’ll miss the bus”. They get to the bus stop, where the bus is waiting, they hop aboard, Fred says, “whew, we made it”. Then, all the passengers pick up the bus and run down the street. LMAO. Barris was a genius. He is sorely missed.

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  9. Bill

    How the heck do you steer this thing? (don’t say rock and pinion steering) a rolling pin for a front wheel…can’t have much of a turning radius.

    Maybe i think too much about these things.

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    • Noel

      Look closer at the pics – the rolling pins don’t actually touch the ground. I may be wrong but it looks more like a custom body on a stretched golf cart chassis?

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  10. Van

    What is the speed rating for the tires.
    Is an ingrown toe nail a good reason to call in sick.
    Can you teach a T-rex to pull this thing.
    Where can you go with a T-rex? Anywhere you d#m well please.
    But don’t let Mark Bolan drive.

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