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The Shortest G20 In Town!

'73 Short G20

No, you don’t need to adjust your screen or get a new pair of glasses. Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri and parked in Belleville, Illinois is this customized 1973 Chevrolet G20 Series Van priced at $4K or best offer. Strange creations like this were quite popular in the ’70s and early ’80s, but it will be interesting to find out more of this van’s history and how it came to be.

'73 Short G20 right side

It would appear this G20 is no longer 223.2 inches like it was when it left the factory. We don’t know the current length, but if you give Gary, the seller, a call we are sure he would be able to measure it for you. It looks to be been shortened significantly though, which could have a serious impact on handling characteristics, so you will want to be careful driving this van.

'73 Short G20 left side

This short ride is painted purple. There is a 350 engine and an automatic transmission with 60K mounted in it. According to the owner the engine “runs great”. This is a very short van with a short ad. We posted all the images from the ad so we don’t get to see the interior, engine or underside. We can see a pair of fuzzy dice and they maybe included with the purchase if that sweetens the deal for you! There appears to be rust on at least two sides of this van. It would probably be good to know if there is daylight coming up from the floor panels, who did the cutting and welding, and when was it done. If the ride checks out and you pick this one up you could have the shortest van in your city! So have you always wanted to own and drive a short van?




  1. Avatar photo Chebby

    This needs a “Game of Thrones” fantasy mural featuring Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister. Car show gold!

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  2. Avatar photo Johhny Lightning

    I had one of these. Sold my Datsun 510 to buy it. It was yellow, rusted and drank gas like a …. Customized it and drove across Canada and back.

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  3. Avatar photo Wayne


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  4. Avatar photo grant

    Why do people keep doing this?

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  5. Avatar photo Charles

    Someone ruined a good van.

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  6. Avatar photo MountainMan

    I’ve only seen this treatment on VW vans before. I really like the early Chevy vans but not the one we see here.

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  7. Avatar photo Bill the Engineer

    No exterior mirrors?

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  8. Avatar photo Barry T

    Given that horrid 57 station wagon is also here this must be “Honey I Shrunk the Car” movie that was never made.

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  9. Avatar photo Coventry Cat

    Like a 70’s leisure suit, it’s fun to remember to past but I ain’t wearing it again. There are better cars that deserve to be saved. It looked stupid then, it looks stupid now. Just like that old leisure suit.

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  10. Avatar photo PaulG

    NO guy wants to start a sentence with: “I’ve got the shortest…”

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    • Avatar photo krash

      ….thank you (PaulG) for the good laugh

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    • Avatar photo Fred

      I owned this van in my 20s lol got it from old Jim Hash 😄 it was cool popping the front tires off the ground. The guy who made it done 2 of them not sure what happened to the other.

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  11. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I vote PaulG’s comment the funniest so far. Nobody has much good to say about this van, so I guess I’ll add some more….

    Wheelbase is important for stability, especially at speed. This thing would be squirrily even at regular highway speeds. Open up that 350 and you have a good shot at ending up in the guardrail.

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  12. Avatar photo Donnie

    by the shorty 57 wagon from yesterday and this van and start a shorty car collection /

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  13. Avatar photo Dairymen

    Easier to find a parking spot in NYC, but that’s the only advantage I can think of. Just driving this thing over 35 mph is flirting with death!

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  14. Avatar photo randy

    Yes, very surprising that it does not have “roll marks.” I do like the look of these, but would never want one. I toyed with the idea of a shortened ’74 F100 for a minute or two.

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  15. Avatar photo Keith IH

    With the unmodified rear, it’s altered center proportions make it look as though it’s squatting for a poo . . .

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    • Avatar photo krash

      ….which is why it is sniffing the phone pole in the first photo….

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  16. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Exercise in spending money… now, he’s sick of looking at it and wants to stick it to someone else.

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  17. Avatar photo alfred

    once again I ask WHY

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  18. Avatar photo Hugh Jardon

    If this van’s a rockin’ that means there’s a Little People’s convention in town. I second Chebby’s Game of Thrones fantasy mural idea!

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    • Avatar photo krash

      …another good one, Hugh…

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  19. Avatar photo krash

    ….this would be great for short trips

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  20. Avatar photo Charlie

    I missed buying the van by 10 minutes, the dude was signing the title on the hood when I pulled up. Probably cheated death again, it was pretty rusty and the shag carpet smelled horrible, God knows the DNA on the back seat/bed.

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  21. Avatar photo Chris W.

    Just a suggestion… If a vehicle is no longer for sale, maybe you fellas at Barn Finds should take it down…It’s a rabbit chase for us members and we just keep getting disappointed when we can’t buy the vehicles you post…
    PS, if you hire me, I’ll do it!!

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