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The Suicide Machine: 1965 Mustang 4×4


I think we need to come up with a name for these oddball 4×4 conversions. We’ve featured quite a few over the years and some how they never to cease to amaze me. It’s incredible that people can figure out how to merge a ’65 Mustang with a Bronco and make it stay together, yet we don’t have a catchy nickname for them like Donk or Scraper! So what should we call these things? Well, while you guys think about that, you can check this creation out here on craigslist in Grantham, New Hampshire for $1,800. So did you come up with a catchy name for these 4×4 conversions? Special thanks to Olaf E for this tip!


  1. grant

    How about we call them “abominations?” Not to paint the same spot twice, but it’s time to break out the pitchforks and torches again…

  2. Kiwi Glen

    Mustang and bronco both horses so maybe it’s a cross breed

    I like to call it a brumbie an Australian ferel horse

    • Murray

      We call them Brumbies down here…….

  3. Mark S

    How about we call them krappers in memory of what you flush every day.

  4. Larry K

    How do I go about submitting a barnfind?

  5. Another Bob

    It’d be a riot driving that off road in a hard core manner. Great buy at $1800 with a 351 crate engine. Take it all apart, fix what is wrong and optimize it.

  6. Innocent Bystander


  7. Wm Lawrence

    They have a name. It’s just not printable…

  8. daniel wright

    Might be fun to leave the body as is but get the loudest most annoying glass packs possible. Than take it to a classic Mustang show and do a burn out in the parking lot. It also needs a big light bar mounted on the roof.

    • Matt Member

      needs white front fenders too… i want a mustang prerunner!

      • Scott

        I could go for that Matt, needs a Warren Winch also. That wouldn’t a bad look.

  9. Rocko

    Devils . There is a need for a missionary man to rescue these , someone willing to sacrifice his time to buy ~ seperate ~ and sell off/part out these redneck creations that require more beer guzzling than brains , most are never finnished ! How about Frankensteins ?

  10. JW

    CarWheeler !!! Seriously if I were to purchase this I would pull the body and sell it separately to fund buying a first generation Bronco body, throw those lift blocks in the garbage, rebuild the motor, check out the rest of drivetrain then build a nice first generation Bronco and be happy’ Waste of 2 vehicles I’m fond of and I already have a Mustang.

  11. Jeffro

    I’m going to say what everyone else is thinking…What the Hell?. Ok Rant is over

  12. DW

    That’s a PUV. Perverted Utility Vehicle.

    Also PU has a nice ring to it.

  13. Steven C

    What is the vision like out of the front of one of these things? You sit fairly low in a mustang, i bet with it this high off the ground you can’t see anything in front of you that isn’t at least a mile away.

    • JW

      Generally you are correct but with this cross breeding of vehicles all you would have to do is install a set of 2005 to 2010 Mustang seats in it which we did in our 70 because my wife is short and couldn’t see over the hood but we have the originals in storage. This thing you wouldn’t even have to save the originals because it’s never going to be stock again except in parts on another vehicle.

  14. Joe Haska

    I like the dog, and would like to know his name.

    • Grover

      I kinda think the dog was the best part of this picture, too. The Mustang, though? Ranks somewhere right between the Hindenberg and the Anti-Christ.

  15. OhU8one2

    Way too much free time. And now when you want to sell,you have to find the buyer that’s as kooky as the person that built it. PASS

  16. John B

    Call ’em WhyHighs

  17. Bobsmyuncle

    Jeezuz, real open minded crowd huh? Sometimes cars can be fun, try it you might like it!

  18. Chebby


    (Pronounced “STANK-Oh” with the emphasis on Shhhhhtank!)

  19. Chebby

    I love it when people who are selling what is basically crap get mad when other crap hoarders offer to trade them for THEIR crap.

  20. brakeservo

    Looks like a “Redneck Rolls” to me . . .

  21. Jay Bree

    It’s a Trar….

  22. Mike Williams

    I’d run it at Pismo Dunes !!

  23. Jcuje


  24. C Brand

    Its already got the name on it Suicide Machine

  25. Scott

    How about “Target Practice” 🎯
    Just don’t shoot the dog.🎯

  26. Junkfixer

    In 1965, 3 notable Mustangs were converted to 4WD, albeit far less crudely than the above pictured victim. We called them the Ferguson FF.

  27. Doug Towsley

    Anyone who advertises on CL gets used to the wackos who dont have any money but want to trade a Ford Escort that “Only needs a little work to run” and a load of Firewood.

    In the last 2 years I often get offers (unsolicited) for medical grade Marijuana for trades and in response I send them the phone number for the local interagency task force and tell them to call me at work. If you really want to see the truly deranged and unhinged troll the “Barter” section of your local CL. Which is an excellent time to remind people to NEVER put your real address or phone number IN the ads. Screen the weirdos.

    Speaking of Weirdo’s. No Mustang discussion is complete without a good review of one of the BEST Mustang hybrids out there IMHO. I give you…………….
    The Suprang!

  28. Chris In Australia

    Two pooches in the pic………..I’ll take the 4 legged one.

  29. RoughDiamond Member

    This Mustang hybrid catastrophe is in the north, not the south. We who have grown up in the south hold steadfast to the term redneck, which refers to among other things an unintelligent intoxicated individual or individuals who assemble unusual, often times repugnant and usually unsafe vehicles.

    • brakeservo

      Not all Rednecks are from the south – I spent thirty years in Oregon where for the first time in my life I met actual Redneck Hippies! But yes, let’s not forget, these are just old cars and are for having fun, not hurting each other’s feelings . . . but what’s wrong with a good laugh once in a while!!

  30. Otto Matic

    It seems nobody here is familiar with the term” Trar”

  31. Roadstir

    Collectively these cars represent a “basket of deplorables” and YES many are irredeemable!

    You can kick the tires, test drive or just grope one to confirm roadworthiness.

  32. Brakeservo

    And like the candidate, appeals to uneducated, dull hillbillies with no critical thinking skills.

    • Scott

      I’m sure if we would ask 100 people that’s went to the bathroom right after you did, we wouldn’t be able to find one that would say your crap doesn’t stink. Get your nose out of the air before you drown, I don’t know any rednecks that don’t know how to swim.

  33. JW

    Wow and I got criticized for my post that was supposedly politically motivated !!!

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