The Third Type Of Find: 1966 Ford Falcon Wagon


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There are some cars that I see as we peruse the finds that folks send in that I want to restore, and some I want to preserve in their “survivor” state. And then there are a few that I just want to drive the heck out of (after making sure they are safe) just the way they are. This 1966 Ford Falcon wagon is a perfect example of that third type. It’s located in Mitchell, Nebraska and is up for sale here on eBay with an asking price of $2,650. Thanks to Jim S. for this great “type 3” find!


The bumper sticker “Watch Out For Everybody” is the perfect touch for the rear of this wagon. I’m guessing folks wouldn’t tailgate you very closely if you were in a wagon looking like this, nor would they cut you off in traffic! But it’s still solid enough that you don’t have to worry about it falling out from under you or folding in half.


I’m guessing this is what happened the last time someone tried to cut the wagon off. I’ll bet the other car looked worse! There are too many wrinkles, scuffs and dents as well as the limited rust for it to make sense to restore this wagon, at least from an economic sense. I’m not even sure it’s worth the asking price at the moment. But for a little less than it’s going for now, I’d love to own it as a run around vehicle that I could park anywhere and always trust to start.


And look at all the room you’d have to haul stuff with. And that’s with the rear seat up; it will fold down for even more space!


We need a windshield, a radio and a generic bench seat cover to complete the interior as far as I’m concerned. Anything else would be wasted. Ok, maybe a set of floor mats!


That little inline 6 won’t go too fast, but the economy will be okay with the three speed manual and it will haul parts enough for me. And I could teach my granddaughter to drive a manual with it without worrying about anything. So you know what I’d do with a car like this–what about you?

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  1. jimbosidecar

    …and the there are some cars that are just waiting to be crushed. This is one in my opinion

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  2. '72 Spitty

    Drive it like you stole it!!!

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  3. John B

    I’ll bet that spoiler adds at least 15 horsepower.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Oh, it doesn’t increase horsepower but it will break up the vacuum such a squared-off car will create and help increase fuel economy.

      And in Minnesota winters it helps keep the road spray off that near vertical back window.

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  4. David Frank davidMember

    Perhaps the front seat just needs an indian blanket. It works for pickups! Barn finds is all about saving old cars and this is a great example of finding a use for this old “beater”. Luckily not everyone wants to crush all old cars!

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  5. Mark P

    Look at those pristine never taken care of shock towers. I have a 1996 Mustang GT that has never been driven in winter (New England) and rarely in rain. Not that I think it’s anything special, just that it’s no fun unless it’s sunny and warm. Anyway, the strut towers are rotting, I guess just because “they all do that”. This car is mostly original down to the radio, exhaust and clutch at 171K miles. I’d like to find someone to fix it, the motor needs to come out to do it. The rest of the car is like new, including the interior.

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  6. Van

    Turn into a 66 mustang wagon.
    Gt fog lights, shelby wheels, pony interior and a high po 289.
    I didn’t say it would be easy,
    Do the same to a Falcon Ranchero.

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  7. Mike

    I say restore it, it would be the love of a car to see it running again and look as good as the day it rolled off the transport. But heck I am the son of a auto body man, and I saw him do things with cars that most would have crushed. These are cars of my youth, and they need to be taken care of. I think I will go talk to Dad, maybe he has one more in him to work on together with my youngest, he turns 16 in 2 years 4 months, maybe he would want something like this. He is already looking for a car just like I did with his other 2 brothers.

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  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Get it going and drive it – time will improve these things – simple as…..

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  9. Mike D

    the brother of a girl I dated in the early 70s had a red 67 Falcon Wagon with the 289, and 3 on the tree.. it was pretty beat too bad we didn’t know the rarity back then .. I’d go for it!

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  10. Lee

    Looks like the perfect rig to throw your tackle box and rod into and go fishin.

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  11. Michel Lemieux

    My dad had one when I was a young kid.

    But back then up in salty Canada……it rusted out terminaly in 5 years…..

    Strong 6 with reliable starting in winter.

    Watching my dad put the chains on the back wheels in winter and drive the manual tranny on the collumn……good old days…..

    Back then me and the sisters would play or sleep in the huge back no seatbelt or nothing…..days gone bye……

    Wow….wish I would be closer to home.

    Tks for posting

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  12. John H

    Even though NADA calls the low value around 2600 on this, it seems like it’s priced too high. And that opinion is with my soft spot for Falcon wagons — had an earlier style two-door wagon and an early four-door wagon in the early ’70s. Good fishing cars!


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