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The Underdog: Two 1968 AMC Javelins

1968 AMC AMX

I’ve always been the type to cheer for the underdog. There’s nothing better than seeing the weaker competitor rise to the challenge and conquer the superior force. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a soft spot for the AMC Javelin and it’s more performance minded sibling the AMX. These weren’t built by a company known for performance machines or even one with millions of dollars to spend on development. They came from a company better known for family cars and basic transportation, yet they were fun and fast machines. The 1968 AMX you see above was discovered in a barn with two Javelins. All three cars were pulled free and two of them are now being offered for sale. Find this AMX 390 here on eBay in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip!

AMC AMX Project

Barn life hasn’t been all that good to these AMCs. The seller currently is only offering the AMX and one of the Javelins and both have rust issues. They don’t mention what happened to the third car. Perhaps it was in better condition and they were able to get it running or maybe it was too far gone to be saved? Given the condition of these two, I would bet that it was in as equally sad (if not worse) condition. To think at one time these were hot machines that were just as comfortable at the drag strip as they were at the track.

1968 AMC Javelin 390

This is the Javelin that is being offered and I hate to say this, especially considering it is a 390 car, but this looks a parts car to me. I don’t see any serious cancer in the seller’s photos, but given the amounts of surface rust, I’m sure there is plenty of cancer hiding underneath. With any luck it will have some of the pieces necessary to fix the AMX. Maybe you could work out a bundle deal with the seller for both cars and find a transporter that could haul both at once for a good price? Find this one here on eBay.


The AMX has been described as a muscle car that handled like a sports car…or was that a sports car that accelerated like a muscle car? I can’t remember, but either way it sounds like a good thing to me! I really wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage, but it is getting more difficult to find affordable and clean examples. If you could wrangle a good deal for both cars, you might be able to build one good AMX with minimal outlay. I know the first thing I would do is swap the four-speed from the Javelin into the AMX, but what about you? Would you give the AMX new life at the expense of the Javelin or would you restore both cars?


  1. Dirty Dingus McGee

    If the reserve isn’t too outrageous, both are well worth saving. Especially the Javelin. I doubt many were built with the 390/4 speed combo. Power steering and power brakes to boot.

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  2. rjc

    I spent five years restoring a 1969 amx 390 4 speed car.
    Turned out great. These can be made to handle very well.
    there wheel base is 2 inches shorter than mid year corvette, they weigh in at only around 3000lbs. very torquey engines 325 hp with 425 ftlbs not bad for a amc.
    Really fun to drive.

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  3. redavanti

    If you want a pony car AMC is probably the cheapest way to go. I have always liked something different.

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  4. Alan (Michigan)

    The seller should get out from underneath the AMX… I don’t understand the high reserve.
    Today a nice one (not original, slightly modified) sold @ Mecum in Florida:


    $20K. Easily ahead of where the featured one here would be cash and time-wise after a decent refitting.

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    • Peter


      That Champagne, 390. 4-spd AMX sold for only $20K? May I ask how you know that?

      I only ask because, in my mind, such cars are now pushing $30K. Was it not orginally a 390/4spd? Was there some other mitigating factor?

      Do you have a link to the final sale of this AMX? I would JUMP on a car that appears to be essentially “new”. (I’d want to see the build photos/documentation, of course, but Damn! that’s a nice AMX!).

      Thanks much.


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      • Alan (Michigan)


        Anyone can see the top bid for any of the Mecum auction results, by simply registering as a user of their “Infonet” system.

        The car shown in the link was listed as SOLD, with a top bid of $20K. It does seem to be a little bit low to me, but there are some factors involved, I think: The car was not a true “as manufactured” restoration. If done in an original color scheme, with only original style components, it should have brought much more. Nonetheless, it looks via the photos to be a very nice example of the AMX.

        In any case, there are definitely some bargains left in the car hobby world.

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      • Alan (Michigan)

        And…. This car is shown as having Not sold, apparently with a reserve higher than the $20K listed as top bid:


        Closer to original, with the 360 motor.

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