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The Worst Porsche 912 Ever!

1966 Porsche 912

I’ve seen a lot of rust buckets over the years, but this could possibly be the worst I’ve ever seen! It certainly is the worst Porsche 912 and one of the rustiest Porsches. Yet there is something terribly fascinating about it, like a train wreck, I just can’t look away. You know a car is a true rust bucket when even the seller admits that it is beyond saving. There might be a few parts still worth saving though, so the seller’s asking price might not be a bad deal… If you’re looking for a few odds and ends to finish up a project or just want to read the seller’s wonderful description, be sure to take a look here on eBay where bidding starts at $500.

Rust Bucket Porsche 912

Normally this would be the part of the post where I would talk about the condition and problem areas of the car, but I don’t think that’s necessary. The moment you see a beater that is so rusty that the door is actually sitting on the ground next to it, you know there are issues. So instead, let’s speculate about its story. It looks like someone modified the body to make it look more like a 911 and the lack of motor would suggest someone planned on installing a 911 motor in it as well. Typically, simple modifications wouldn’t lead to this kind of rust, but if it was stripped down to bare metal and not properly prepared before paint was applied, it would have left the metal vulnerable to rust. When the owner couldn’t find a 911 motor they could afford, they left it outside to rust. Of course I’m sure there plenty of other plausible explanations, so what do you think happened to it?

Porsche 912 Parts Car Interior

I have to admit, I’m struggling to see much left worth saving, but surely there are a few parts here someone could use? At the very least, a few of the interior trim pieces could be salvaged. Regardless of what’s salvageable, I can’t help but wonder what kind of conditions could cause this kind of damage? It looks like it was driven into the ocean, pulled out, and pushed into a damp barn. Even the pedals and shifter are rusted! It is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so it is in a very humid and salty environment, but it would have taken direct exposure to the elements to get this rusty.

The Worst Porsche 912 Ever

This find comes courtesy of Joseph Safina and in his tip, he asked if anyone would save this poor Porsche. While it would certainly be a noble dream, it just isn’t a realistic prospect. The seller put’s it best in their description, “I don’t think anyone would want to take on fixing this car, but if you have the time and the money it is fixable.” With enough time and money anything can be fixed, but that doesn’t mean it would be a good idea. I wouldn’t touch this one, but it is definitely interesting to look at. I could actually see this being turned into a piece of yard art! I know I’d go look at it and study it closer. So anyone here daring enough to take on Joseph’s challenge of saving it?


  1. PaulG

    Yikes! growing up in N. NY I’ve seen my share of rust buckets; but this was placed in the bucket, & filled w/ salt water. Maybe the victim of a hurricane?
    Living in the desert southwest the last 38 years has spoiled me, no salt, no rot…
    I think that a Porsche dealer could place it on the lawn, just to bring in the curious!

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  2. jim s

    seller states clear title so, i think, that and the VIN is what your are buying. might get some of your money back from the crusher, but how much.

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  3. Clay Bryant

    Just because it has a little problem with door alignment it’s still close to a 100 point car.(Point your rifle at it 100 times and fire away)

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  4. George

    That’s sad. It looks like cars from S Texas that have been flooded by hurricanes. My bet is it was flooded and the owner didn’t have insurance or bought it back

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  5. Bill K

    Looks like it was left unprotected in a Law Enforcement impound lot for 40 years.

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  6. Greg

    “Modified the body to make it look more like a 911” ??? How?
    The 912 is identical in terms if chassis/body except from the engine mount location..
    There is $500 of parts there minus a tetanus shot :-)

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    • Josh Staff

      What are tetanus shots running these days? Take a look at the rear fenders, they have been flared to look more like the 911 Turbo or one of the other higher performance versions.

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      • Greg

        Oh, I see what you mean now..but that was a bit weird to say without specifying the model because again 912/911 of the same year are identical bodies ;-) I guess the guy was going for R, or ST – hard to tell with the rust… My tetanus shots are current but no thanks :-)

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  7. Wayne

    Ummm can you say “shredder bait”?

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  8. Dolphin Member

    No drivetrain, no useable panels, much of it not original, looks like it was stored in the Atlantic off the coast of Ft Lauderdale…..What’s not to like?

    At least the seller is honest—-providing you don’t count the last half of the description (“this is a great parts car”; “if you have the time and the money it is fixable”).


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  9. rancho bella

    There are a couple things going for it………it is a three dial/gauge car, now I can’t recall the second. I bet the pan and longs are shot, so you would need a jig.
    That’s gonna ‘happen…………
    If it were a 911, someone would save it. Those guys are fanatics………..I know, I was one.

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  10. stanley stalvey

    It only takes about 4 or 5 years living at the beach for any car to look like this. I’m from Florida and I’ve seen and experienced what the beach environment can do to sheetmetal… This car will barely make weight for scrap metal. Probably about $50 dollars worth if that..

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  11. jj

    headlight looks saveable

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  12. Steve

    Wow!!!!!! What a POS!!!

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  13. mike

    in the near future this cars vin will show up on another porsche…

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  14. Derek F

    Looks like Hurricane Andrew may have had a hand in its demise

    Yard art or a barrier reef starter kit.

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  15. skloon

    Who’s the u-boat commander?

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  16. Moxman

    It looks like the glass and some of the surrounds are still usable. Also, the instruments and possibly some suspension components. Probably worth the asking price.

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  17. MIkeG

    Trash bin it! Not worth a dime, what a waste. ;-(

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  18. Chris in WNC

    are there $500 worth of parts here?
    as stated above, they are selling a clear title VIN which will show up on another car soon…..

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    • Greg

      Sure :-) the bright work like door trim and quarter windows with glass would do it but probably also dash gauges, a shifter, maybe the core steering wheel if the hockey puck is real, who knows…I’m not getting closer without a hazmat suit though :-)

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  19. Methodikal Mike

    You can see in this shot, looking at the upper part of the rim, that it was sitting in a few inches of standing water for a while:$_57.JPG

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    • Josh Staff

      Good catch Mike! It definitely looks like it was sitting in a decent amount of standing water. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like all 4 wheels have similar discoloration. And looking at the rim closer I see what appears to be salt creep on the rim and tire, so it was likely the victim of a hurricane.

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  20. paul

    Coral reef!

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  21. dave

    Yard art.

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  22. Don Andreina

    Now thats what I call outlaw.

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  23. Barry Thomas

    Come on, folks, just think about it – for $500 you get to tell everyone you own a Porsche (just never, ever, show it to them).
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  24. The Other Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    …I was thinkin of buyin it, but then, I saw it had an aftermarket sunroof installed! …deal breaker for me! :) Wait!! I see a tailpipe sticking out??? Maybe it does have a motor?? I raise my bid to $510!! Oh, Ebay ad says he’s takin the motor and tranny. Probably he bought it for those parts and is just unloading the leftovers.

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  25. Alan (Michigan)

    No one else thinks that the wheels look cool? Sure, not original P units, and in need of refurbishing, but they appear to be extra wide and racy….

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  26. Brian

    Very sad. Shame on whoever allowed this car to fall into such a horrible state. Yeah, its true that at some point every car was just a used car, but that was once a “real” Porsche by everyone’s standards and even as a used car it deserved better than this! Hopefully, this was a flood or hurricane car many years ago. It doesn’t change anything, but makes me feel better to think that the forces of nature ruined this car rather than some owner’s abuse and neglect!

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  27. ted

    HMMM It would be a good gift for the “mother in law”

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  28. jim s

    and the car has a bid on it so there is going to be a new owner!

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  29. Joe Howell

    That poor thing is just plain nasty. Looks like it was sitting on the beach since Hurricane Andrew. I should buy it so when my 944S2 is looked down on I could say I’m restoring a 912 to 911 specs:)

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  30. Ranco Racing

    Lake Okeechobee parking

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  31. fred

    Rusty gold that ain’t!

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  32. The Chucker

    Trunk and door gaps slightly off and chrome could stand a buff. A/C needs a recharge. Ran when parked, but hasn’t moved under it’s own power for some time.

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  33. cory

    Wow you guys are brutal. I would have this car home in minutes if it was close. I see plenty of usable parts. Strip it, and give it a proper burial.

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  34. 3speedy

    Proper burial? It’s already been buried at sea! I can see it out here in the Rockies – High Country Ranch art – just tell your guests to ‘turn when you see the yellow Porsche’.

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  35. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Amazingly this actually sold for $1,247.22 with 8 bids! The seller should be happy with those results!

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