Thick Frosting: 1975 Ford Maverick Grabber

This car has a lot going on. There are enough details on this 1975 Ford Maverick Grabber to keep your eyes busy for quite a while. “Less is more” doesn’t apply here, this is like that piece of cake that I always go for, the one with the most frosting on it, that corner piece that sort of sunk down and they really iced it up to make it even with the others. This car is on eBay with a current bid price of just over $3,000 and it’s located in Tonawanda, New York.

This is one great-looking car, at least condition-wise. Whether a person likes the airstrip-like bumpers, that’s another discussion. But, I absolutely love this car. Yes, even the vinyl top! I grew up in the vinyl top era and always thought they were nice. The “cheap” cars didn’t have vinyl tops in the 1970s it seemed like. It’s like tucking in your shirt and not wearing a belt to not have a vinyl top in this era, it just doesn’t look like a finished product to me. And, it’s funny how most people felt that way back then but hardly any do now, or will admit that they felt that way back then. Revisionist history is alive and well.

The seller says that this is a Midwest car, which is surprising to me. Having lived in the upper-Midwest my whole life and having had my share of unbelievably rusty vehicles, for this car to be in this condition and also be a Midwest car is amazing. Even the underside appears to be rock-solid. Although, in looking at the trunk photo, there’s something lurking there. There are some cracks in the striping and they say that this is a three-owner car that was always garaged, has 71,000 original miles on it, and has racked up only 10,000 miles since 1984. Even the plug wires are original! Yeah, I’d want to change those, but I’d keep them for shows.

If it only had one less option, that automatic transmission. But, like vinyl tops, that’s what most people had in the 1970s and the decades on each side of the 1970s. We like to romanticize about so many vehicles having manual transmissions, but once the automatic hit the market, it took over. I would guess that most of us would prefer a 3-speed in this car, though. A 4-speed wasn’t available, but I’m sure that a lot of cars received one in garages throughout the US. The interior looks as fantastic as the exterior does on this Grabber. Those highly-detailed seats are killer and they look as close to being new as any that I’ve ever seen in a car from this vintage. The seller mentions that the dealer-installed AC is there but doesn’t blow cold, but the cruise control still works! I’ve never seen cruise control in a Maverick, very cool.

1975 was the last year for the Grabber and by then the 302 cubic-inch V8 engine had dwindled down from a peak of 210 hp to 129 hp. I know, bummer. “Pump the gas once and it starts right up. Runs and drives well for a 42 year old car.” This Maverick Grabber sure looks like a winner to me. Other than preferring a manual transmission I wouldn’t change one thing on this car. What would you change if you had a chance to check the options boxes in 1975?

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  1. Vince H

    I never saw the appeal of these but my nephew loves them.

    • Guy

      Very nice example of a grabber maverick!!! I Love my mustangs but this is one good looking maverick… The colors suit this car very well inside and out.

  2. jeff

    Looks to be in great shape for a 40-year old vehicle. I have never owned a Maverick , but would consider this one for the $ 7,000 range ( Avg Retail )

  3. SSPBill

    I always liked the look of those Magnum 500-esque wheels on the ’70’s Fords. It’s hard to get past those bumpers though, literally.

  4. Kincer Dave Member

    Really nice old Maverick, this is my favorite shot of it.

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  5. ulm210

    I really like the vinyl roof/lines. Were all “Grabbers” like that?

    • z28th1s

      The vinyl roof was an option on the base and the Grabber models.

      Nice car! The interior is in really nice shape!

  6. Donnie Avant

    My 1st car at 16 yo was a 72 Grabber Maverick! 3 speed in the floor, 302 V8, Grass Green with the black stripe down side. The typical Grabber hood scoop too! Loved it and would love to have another one!

  7. Thefordroom

    I had a 75 Maverick 2dr. with a brown vinyl top over gold paint. 200 CID with 3 speed on the floor. It had the wide body side molding and vinyl tail light surround. Wide whites with small caps and trim rings completed the look. Soft vinyl seats in tan too. It was sort of the luxury decor option but without all the features. I really like that car and drove it for a little over a year before it was rear ended while I was sitting at a stoplight.

  8. TJP

    I’ve always liked the Mavericks and felt they’ve been somewhat overlooked. this one looks pretty good but those bumpers gotta go

  9. King Al

    Agreed, these and their LM kin have long been over looked. Maybe not anymore.

  10. ROGER

    Boy, those bumpers ruin the car’s look, I think the GT version like this one sold here in Brazil is by far nicer…

  11. Rabbit

    Even has the vintage ’75 plates on it. If I had room, I’d take a look. Only about 15 minutes from me.

  12. boxdin

    Bumpers are obscene. Find a way to put 1971 bumpers on there or nerf bars or something. They dominate the entire look.

  13. Guy

    Very nice example of a grabber maverick!!! I love my mustangs but this is one fine looking automobile inside and out. The colors work really well with this one! I really enjoying seeing that there are still nice original cars out there like this one!

  14. W9BAG

    My friend, Rick (RIP) had one of these when we were I was in high school, brand new. His was white & pea green, 302 and the 3 speed. Cherry bomb mufflers. He was a “chick magnet”, and one day after school, he asked me if I wanted him to take me home. Of course, his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend was with him, and said “hell yeah”. Steered onto Fruitridge Avenue, and gave ‘er the beans. I felt like I was the “cock of the walk”, me being Mr. band nerd and all. Great memory.

  15. Greg Standing Bear

    I love it! For once, I don’t think I’d change a thing.

    Automatic speed control wasn’t an available option for Maverick/Comet. It’s beyond cool that here’s a Maverick with a cleanly-installed, working aftermarket cruise. Nice!

    • Maverick man

      It’s dealer installed cruise control .

  16. Jay E.

    Didn’t gas monkey put the early skinny bumpers on a late model like this? I recall it was a lot bigger job than it first appeared. Even in the 70’s Mavericks flew under the radar, Mustangs got all the glory.

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    • boxdin

      Yes you are right. The comet hood was too long, maybe maverick hood would have worked but they wanted the scoops the comet hood had, so they shortened the comet hood. Many other items did not fit and needed to be reworked.
      Certainly not worth the money involved, but the stock bumpers are …….
      well they just are.

  17. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: the bidding ended at $7,201.05 with no sale!

  18. Frank Romance

    I read somewhere a while back, that most vinyl tops were put on, when there was a problem with the roof lines? Does anybody know any different?

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