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Think Small, Very Small!

'57 Stude, 56 Ford's front

We found another opportunity for you to add some small finds to your collection! Listed here on eBay in Mesa, Arizona, are these 1:18 scale “barn find” models. One is a 1957 Studebaker and the other is a 1956 Ford with a BIN of $60 for the pair..

'57 Stude, 56 Ford

This pair were styled to look like they are weather-worn derelict barn finds in an un-restored condition. These started out life as just regular die-cast 1:18 scale model cars, which were then “aged”.

'57 Stude, 56 Ford's back

The BIN price is for both cars. We don’t know if the complete “diorama” is included? You might just be purchasing the two cars for the $59.95 plus shipping, please contact the owner if you were hoping to get the dirt also. We don’t think that you could purchase the models and then modify them for under $60, but what do you think? This may not be as good of a buy as the ’53 pickup we featured here last week, but we do think this is a good buy too.



  1. Avatar photo packrat

    Someone actually gave me the Golden Hawk listed there some years back. It was a model variant that came “pre-distressed” exactly as you see it there, in the original packaging. China has gotten pretty canny with its creations. The city-run flea market has a sign at the entrance saying “no photography allowed”. Intrigued, my friend asked why, and the answer was to keep the importers from re-creating these crafts en-masse overseas and setting up right beside the local artisans. Already, the majority of the rusty “vintage” sign letters and welded-up “tool art” is done overseas from brand new stampings. The world has gotten to be a shockingly small place.

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  2. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Again, pretty cool, but the headlights always give it away as a model. Maybe the Asian’s can make a realistic looking model headlight.

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  3. Avatar photo Robert Member


    My mistake I didn’t know these, or at least one, may have had a long journey on a container ship wearing the “original” paint and may not have been modified in Mesa Arizona. The owner states the condition of these models is “used”. These may have been distressed in the USA?

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    • Avatar photo packrat

      Not a prob, this is hard to get ahead of. Keep in mind that they wouldn’t have been any cheaper when they were first issued fifteen or so years ago. These were offered of course in “as new” livery first. One place that still has a picture of a variant of this up is here: http://www.diecastdepot.ca/index.php?PID=316 although it has been long enough they are no longer for sale. I’ve seen enough distressed resin models at Hobby Lobby, aged in China, to feel assured they shipped this poignant artistry by the Conex-Load. What must the rows of workers thought of America, when they were told to assemble the models this way, unit after unit after unit.

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      • Avatar photo Robert Member


        You are correct sir, with some of these products, it appears, that no North or South American artisan’s hand/s have touched the vehicle/s other then possibly photographing and shipping it to the buyer. It appears, some of the people listing these items could be referred to as “model flippers” would you say? Slave labor does keep the price point low…

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    seller also has a T bird and corvette for 39.95 for the pair.

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  5. Avatar photo Mark S

    The 53 pickup was done much better, on this example the Ford looks ok but the Studabaker the rattle can paint dots down the side are to obvious. No thanks on this one.

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  6. Avatar photo Fred

    From the right side, looks like all they did to the Stude was hit it with two colors of primer (probably airbrushed- rattle can spray pattern would look huge on a car that size). I doubt it was done overseas. The Ford looks like more work went into it. The truck posted a few days ago benefited from the “junk” in the bed and the leaves accumulated on the windshield. This may start a whole trend of building scale model junkyards similar to model train layouts. Maybe a junkyard with a train running through it, with a crane that lifts the wrecks onto the flatbeds?

    This could be a pretty inexpensive hobby compared to hoarding actual cars which attracts code inspectors, etc.

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    • Avatar photo Capt Doug

      Model trains made in the US come in 2 predominant scales:

      1:87 HO
      and 1:48 American Flyer, Lionel

      although a diorama with a junkyard would be an awesome set-up it will be hard to find car models in this scale – match box cars are 1:64

      There are 1:43 and 1:87 manufacturers of model cars and it would be a great collection to have.

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