This Bird Got The Axe: 1964 Thunderbird Convertible


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Wow, I’m glad she wasn’t mad at me! This 1964 Ford Thunderbird convertible is the victim of the wife in a messy divorce. According to the ad, she took an axe to the car! It’s in South Glens Falls, New York and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is less than $1,500 with no reserve.


As you can see, there’s damage along every panel of the exterior of the car, and the windshield and a rear quarter window are broken as well. A large chunk of body “repair” has come loose in front of each rear wheel, probably as a result of the axe action. The top also needs to be replaced.


She really must have been mad! These dents will be difficult to repair, because the metal has stretched so much and they are mostly on flat, very visible surfaces. Some trim and lenses have been broken as well. The car ran when it was stored back in 1994 (the ad says 1984, but the registration/inspection stickers say 1994) but there’s nothing stated about how things stand now.


Surprisingly, it doesn’t look like any damage was done to the interior, but a good cleaning is certainly necessary. I have driven a convertible Thunderbird like this and it’s very similar to driving a motorboat in my book. That’s a compliment, by the way!


I hope the V-8 is still free. You can see the date on the 1993 battery in this picture. I hope someone saves this car and returns it to it’s former state or better–no matter what the argument was about, it wasn’t the car’s fault!

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  1. Jason Houston

    I agree – this is a savable car!

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  2. Cassidy

    I think I’d rather have a bullet hole or 2 than all this axe damage!

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  3. jim s

    the white one in the background looks nice. if she did this to the car i wonder what else she did and what part of the divorce set her off!

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    • Ed Williams


      The white one probably is (or was) the wife’s so it follows that she wouldn’t damage her own car!

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  4. Dan h

    Poor car. What did it do wrong??

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  5. packrat

    OK. Thanksgiving is finally passed, and I am Thankful that no one did the corny, “Carving Up The Bird” joke about this car….
    So that I could do it right now. Thanks, That’s our show–GOODNIGHT, EVERYBODY!!!!!

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  6. Horse Radish

    What a sorry little woman she must have been.. The damage I can see is no more than a day’s worth in any Walmart parking lot.

    But not to deter from maybe rust damage underneath ?

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  7. krash

    ….so when the owner called his ex ‘the old battle axe, he truly meant it…..

    (….some divorce atty. should buy this and park it right in front of his office…great teaching tool for the fool that underestimates his opponent in a bitter dispute….)

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  8. steve

    Makes you want to axe her why she did that!

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    I think she was just trying to chop out the rust!

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  10. GeeBee

    Glen Falls, New York address, and the chunks of putty that fell out tell me the axe damage would probably be a simple fix compared to the rust rot that was already there.

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  11. John

    This bird looks a little crispy! I’ll wait and save room for desert!

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  12. piper62j

    How does that go???? “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”..

    This one is a nice find for Bird lovers.. Should make a nice project and the parts are available..

    Best of all to the new owner.

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  13. Little_Cars Alexander

    Horse Radish–what Wal Mart parking lots are you parking in? The only thing worse than what I see in the photo would be hail damage, golf ball size or larger.

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  14. Mel Lindsay

    Currently “Goldie” has moved to Southwestern Missouri. Fuel system from tank to carb has been replaced or rebuilt. Brakes have been gone through and engine runs great. Front clip has been replaced and restoration is well on its way. She will live again!

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