This Sad Wagon Needs To Go!

1950's Chevy Wagon

Sights like this always make me sad, it’s just too bad that a once lovely wagon like this has been left to decay. The seller says it’s a “50s Chevy wagon” and that they just need to get rid of it. It’s definitely a GM wagon, but I’m not so sure it’s a Nomad. The front fenders and trim lines on the door look like that of the 1955 Pontiac Chieftain, but between the photos and fallen trees covering it, it’s hard to tell for sure. This thing is in rough shape, but if the seller is giving it away or as close to it as you can get, it might be worth getting for what’s left of the trim and the for the V8. You can find this sad wagon here on craigslist in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Special thanks to Peter R for this tip!


  1. Rad

    The saddest thing for me on cars like this, is that somewhere, someone has a list of unobtanium parts they need to finish a project, and that front bumper (or radio knob, or random lens) is on the list.

  2. Brandon

    I agree with you – Pontiac. Brows over the headlights and the character line down the door and side give it away, as you mentioned.

  3. David C

    It’s a Pontiac. 1955 I think.

  4. bcavileer

    Eyebrow over headlamp.. chieftan.

    • Lee

      Affirmative 55 Pontiac.

  5. Moe G

    Someone should send this link over to the road kill guys, I’m sure they can patch this pile back on the road

  6. Russ Sansosti

    Definitely not a bel-air,motor looks like a Pontiac intake

  7. JW454

    What’s sad for me is I know of a junkyard near my home that has a couple of hundred cars that look like this. The yard ceased operations in the mid-eighties when the owner became ill or disabled. It still sits there today. I have dozens of pictures I took before the digital age. As it stands, nothing there is for sale. You can no longer get in just to look around. I’d like to share the pictures if anyone knows how to do it.

    • JW454

      Another shot

      • grant

        Please send them in to be featured that would be awesome

  8. Lee Hartman

    1955 Pontiac two door wagon. Probably not worth fixing at this point. Supposed to look like this…

  9. Bruce Joslen

    55 Pontiac Safari. Pity it is so far gone.

  10. Fred W.

    JW454, your junkyard photos bring back memories. Mine was near the fairgrounds in Pensacola, FL and was there until the early 90’s. For some reason it was 90% orphan cars, primarily Nash, Studebaker, Hudson, Kaiser, etc. But there were also plenty of ’57 Chevys, and I was there looking for trim. Usual price for a piece of stainless was 75 cents. It was a sad day when I learned the entire remainder of the yard had gone to the crusher.

    • JW454

      Fred W.
      That happened at a JY called Arny’s auto supply near Greenville Ohio on Route 49 about 35 years ago. They brought a portable crusher to the lot and just started crushing everything. A friend was able to buy a 1958 Impala convertible before it was sentenced to a date with the crusher but most of the 30 acres of cars went in head first.

  11. whippeteer

    55 Pontiac. Worth its weight in rust? It doesn’t look like there is any parts worth saving left.

  12. ROTAG999

    Poor Poncho

  13. Steve

    I don’t see a car, just a rats’ nest… it IS sad they just let it get to this stage.

  14. Charles

    Please, RIP OLd Pontiac…….

  15. Pierre-Paul Rioux

    Looks more like a rusted out 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Wagon . Looking at the tail lights on the pics . I could be wrong ?

  16. Bobby

    I saw this on the Western Mass Craigslist. I live about 40 minutes from there. Was tempted to go take a look but I have six cars counting my company car and no use for it. Looks like some parts are salvageable but not many.

  17. Alabee

    i agree on identification of front fender and side trim but tail light cut outs say 55 Chevy to me. RIP

  18. tugdoc

    X2 Alabee heres why

    • Glen Riddle

      ’55 Pontiac 870 Deluxe wagon was my first car when I was 16.

  19. ben

    Pontiac 55 yard art at best

  20. alabee

    tugdoc, thanx

  21. Tony B

    -I’m generally a preservationist…but, in this case… This car would make an incredible reading nook in the shop, or in my kid’s room… Chop the intact part of the rear off, mount to wall, install reading lights and a futon mattress or custom couch in hatch area… Instant coolness! The fender(s) and block could then be passed on to someone with a project that could use them…

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