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Three Canadian Acadians Plus A Nova

There are three Acadians in this picture and another one still in the barn. This listing is fantastic for many reasons, only one of which is the collection of vehicles and parts. It is a must read for the grumpy directness which could only be written by someone who’s had more than one bad experience selling items online. The listing includes 2 x ’67 Acadians, 1 x ’66 Nova and 1 x ’66 Acadian. All two doors and all hard tops. They are all listed here on craigslist near Toronto, Canada with an asking price of $25,000 CAD ($19,573 US) for the lot.

For those of you who don’t recognize the Acadian model name, they were the Canadian manufactured sister of the Chevy II and were primarily sold North of the border. They came with a selection of engines, transmissions and trim levels including Invader and Beaumont. Unfortunately, most Acadians suffered from serious rust and rot issues and from the pictures and description these are no exception.

There are two with engines, both of which are running V8’s and one is stated to be “one of those is a Bud Childs made 302 with about 1000 miles on it”.  I’m not familiar with Bud Childs engines so I’m hoping readers can help me out. It also claims that one of these projects is “rare as hell” with only 87 built. I’ve done some looking but again I’ll call on fellow Barn Finders to help determine which one that might be. If there is a “1 0f 87” in this lot, that might explain the asking price which is aggressive. Even with the extra parts, these cars are full restoration projects and will required significant investment after purchase.

In case you were wondering about parting these out, the seller couldn’t be more clear and states eleven times that they will not sold for parts, so I’d say that idea is a non-starter. A package deal is the only option, but the seller is open to trades for a hot rod project, gold or a 61 inch Knuckle project. I can’t wait for your help shedding some light on which of these is rare and what’s special about a Bud Childs engine. Thanks for the help!


  1. RicK

    Don’t forget about the Canso!

    • Robert White

      You really mean to say…’Don’t forget about the Canso Sport Deluxe’.


      • Adam tame

        What a machine BEAUTIFUL AN ELEGANT . Sorry for the spelling it’s how it is lol . My name is Adam an I live in the UK an I am really into anything to do with a loud V8 an American I’m only 34 an not many ppl in England my age even know what a V8 is coz they’ve been brought up with a silver spoon up the bottom were as I have not ! I think u can get were I’m going but anyway my life time dream (an even before I had my first child ) is to own my OWN Royal Blue Chevy Nova II with a butler performance engine linked to a bowler transmission riding on FOOSE DESIGNED RIMS 22inch at the back an 20inch on the front . BUT HEY WE CAN ALL HAVE A DREAM RIGHT Just thought I’d share that with you

    • Dan

      would love to find a stash of them close to home!

  2. Myron H.

    Apparently these cars are registered with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a Crown Corporation responsible for licensing, registering and insuring vehicles in British Columbia. However they are advertised on Craig’s List in the Toronto (Ontario) area.

    Nowhere in the ad does it indicate in which province the cars are currently located. That bit of info can have a huge impact on the cost of shipping.

    But who wants to contact this too busy guy, wait for a response for weeks (assuming you pass vetting) only to discover that the cars are on the opposite side of the country?

    Too bad the sellers don’t have a contact who is more adept at sales. Unless something radically changes, I predict that these cars will sit unsold for a long long time.

    • Tricky

      The ad has been pulled already!

  3. Brian Gould
  4. jdjonesdr

    I’m beginning to understand what happened to all of the late 60’s Novas.. Guy started hoarding them until there weren’t any left.

    • Jay M

      No kidding! Where there is one there are usually several.
      No idea where the cars are now, but those pics are from BC. You don’t find those trees in Ontario.

      • Catherine Horsfall

        I don’t see any trees there that are found in Ontario and I live there.

  5. MRE2ME

    Seeing as Mr Childs was an engine builder in B.C. those Pontiac Acadians may still reside there where there is a much better chance of less rust than Ontario.

  6. Cary A Gay

    That would not be a good buy.

    • Gordon Beech

      I think those car’s are on Vancouver island B.C. Canada. I spotted some near Cumberland a small town about 3 hours out of Victoria. They were in rough shape.

  7. Randy W

    Craigs list add flagged for removal, No deal here.

  8. Angrymike

    I’m moving to New Brunswick CA I wonder if they still have some of muscle cars laying around waiting to be to be discovered ! I can’t wait ,!

  9. RicK

    Correctamundo on the Canso Sport Deluxe, Robert “Bob” White!

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