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Three Volvos for $1,500: The Sensible Buy?

Volvo 122S

Barn Finds reader Robert R spotted this interesting package deal for 3 Volvos here on craigslist in Kansas. To me, this is what the smart shopper does: they look for someone unloading the last remnants of a collection of cars they no longer want to own. In the process, they might even get the trifecta – a long-term restoration project, a classic that just needs some fine-tuning to use on weekends, and a dependable daily to drive to work the remaining days of the week. This assortment of Swedes – which includes a ’63 P1800, a ’66 122S and an ’85 760 GLE Turbo-Diesel – for only $1,500 seems like a bargain and a half. The caveat being you’ll need to have some space to park them, and also a vehicle for hauling all 3 cars if you can’t get the 760GLE started on the seller’s property. Still, for the Volvo fanatic, it seems like you could part the worst one out and make your money back with ease. Does anyone else think this is a steal?


  1. Capt Doug

    You called it on the problems involved – storage space and hauling logistics and cost.
    It is summer and leaving them outside for a few months while you figure out a course of action likely won’t make anything worse.
    Parting out the Jensen 1800 will pay for most of this over time – a lot of unique pieces on those brit built cars – getting the newest one, the 760 diesel running and sold will yield space and money – the 122 fixed up on a budget could be a fun car.
    Restoring the P1800 may be a worthwhile project and give you a sweet car down the road IF it isn’t too far gone.
    Getting them all home could be more expensive than the entry price if you don’t live nearby.

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  2. Another Bob

    Great way for a youngster with a pickup to get in the Volvo used parts business. That 6 cylinder diesel is a keeper.

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  3. Wayne

    On the really positive side, the P1800 and 122s have the same basic chassis. Having had (grown up with then owned) the 122s, I’d go for fixing up the P1800. That is if my wife would let me, I had the space, time, way to get the cars. I have none of the above so will have to wait to hear from whoever buys the trifecta.

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    • Justin

      Grow a pair!
      I am tired of hearing sentences with:
      “My wife” won’t let me…”.
      “I have to check with my wife”.
      “My wife would not like it”.
      Or the one that I like best is, “My wife told me it was her or the car”. Let me tell you, mine made that mistake when she told me to choose…I still have my car! I can always get another woman…

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      • Wayne

        And for those of you who thought I was serious about my “wife” statement . . . I wasn’t.

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      • Doug M. (West) Member

        That’s ok, Wayne… most of us realize that just means you live in a decent neighborhood, and, well, …Justin mentioned already how well his plan was working for him…

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    What is it about people removing the tailight housings on 122’s? ;-) Jeff, I agree, nice set of three cars!

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  5. jim s

    if it was close and you had some spare time this could/would be a deal. i would want to make sure the diesel motor did not freeze and crack the block or have belt issues either timing or pump. very interesting find.

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  6. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    There are times where you just have a chuckle…’85 760 turbo diesel…interior parts- becoming non-existent. & then the turbo diesel…as obscure as a 524td. I can’t believe I’ll say this- dump the lump & install a v8. I work at Volvo.

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