Three’s a Crowd: 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Trio

You may have seen these 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS cars before, at least two of them. David F wrote about two of them when they were for sale a little over a year ago. At that time, the seller was asking $1,000 and it sounded like it may have been a negotiable price. Now they’re listed on Craigslist in Redding, California with a $3,500 or offer asking price – but, there is a third car included, an even more rare Cabrio!

When your car is 11-feet long it isn’t really too crowded when you have three of them, at least compared to a “normal” car that would probably be 50% bigger in almost every dimension. I don’t know the story of these being for sale again, but it’s fairly obvious that the white and red cars are the two that sold for $1,000 or less a year ago. It may have turned into more of a project once the owner started looking for missing parts, or who knows the reason. The Cabrio model is a nice addition, I’m assuming that will be the one that gets nut-and-bolt restored as the other two are used for parts cars, if a person had to choose just one to concentrate on.

There doesn’t appear to be much rust on these cars, at least rust-through. The hood looks like it’s still missing on the red car like it was a year ago.

(insert choir music here).. And, here’s the $2,500 bonus: a 1958 Lloyd Alexander Cabrio! A rare son of a gun if there ever was one. $3,500 for all three of these could actually be a good price. And, as always, if a person had been looking for a Lloyd Alexander, this is a great deal to get all three – with a rag top, too. But, you can see the ground in the Cabrio, that’s rarely a good sign!

There are no interior photos, but in a world-shattering chain of events, there are TWO engine photos! I’m running out to buy a Powerball ticket, I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m back, boy it’s nice out.. Ok, back to the three Lloyds (why does that sound like a Coen Brothers movie?) These 1,250-pound cars have a 36.3 cubic-inch, 596 cc two-cylinder engine with  25 hp and the one shown above actually appears to be in fine condition, but there is no word on if it runs or not. This looks like it’s from the white car. All three cars have full drivetrains, but they’re also including another engine, transmission, and loads of parts in the sale! Ok, this $3,500 price is starting to sound better all the time. Have any of you owned or driven a Lloyd car? Would you concentrate your efforts on the Cabrio and use the other cars as parts donors?


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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    I’ll take the black tags and walk

    • Kevin Cartier

      My father drove one of these and my older siblings remember the rope with two loops at each end to secure the doors once inside. The suicide doors wanted to or did fly open going down the road. I was too young to remember. He also had two.

  2. D

    Never even heard of the brand.

  3. Kris

    Would be tons of fun to restore and drive. Foot to the floor the entire drive just to keep up.

    With 3 cars there​, surely they can be Frankensteined into one, maybe 2 cool old pipsqueak’s.

    I dig em.

  4. Dolphin Member

    The upside:
    These put bums in seats for cheap back when some Europeans didn’t have a lot of money for a car.

    The downside:
    Not a lot of bragging rights at Cars ‘N Coffee with that engine…..

  5. stillrunners lawrence Member

    If it takes that many straps to hold it down – I’m out – just need two for my beast !

    • Howard A Member

      Hi lawrence, being a trucker all my life (ret.) I noticed that too. Unless they felt certain body parts were coming loose, a bit overkill. That’s ok, though, I’d rather see that, than UNDER secured loads. I’ve seen my share.

      • ulm210

        Thats what I was thinking too… did they think body panels were going ot start flying off?

  6. Loco Mikado

    There was one on top of a pole advertising a wrecking yard or something for years. I remember reading about it but where it was escapes me.

  7. Rapid Butterfly

    Worst tie down job ever x 2

  8. ROTAG999

    That name sounds like a music group….!

  9. Howard A Member

    Or mum hollerin’ out the back door, “LLOYD, ALEXANDER, TIME FOR DINNER”! Seriously, I’d have no use for this. Cute little things. Bet someone saved their shillings to get this at one time. Probably quite a purchase for them.

  10. RobM

    I’d love to have the cabrio to join my ’59 TS sedan. The cabrio is very rare in the U.S.and should be the focal point of a restoration. It’s right up there with the Lloyd pick up and Frua-designed coupe. Lloyds are good driving, under appreciated microcars. Most parts are available from Germany, and there is an active owners club. I hope they go to good homes and don’t fall victim to the SBC crowd!

  11. Alan

    I am fixing a Lloyd now and wouldn’t part out any of them. I’d sell the cabrio as I’m not into convertibles and fix the sedans. If I had the money these would be in my driveway!

    • Scotty Staff

      That’s a beauty, Alan, thanks for sharing!

      • Alan

        Thanks! I know it looks like a turd but I’m working on it. Just found the fenders and was test fitting them. The dark green was to protect it over the winter.

      • Scotty Staff

        On the contrary, it looks fantastic. Some of us (me) don’t have the talent for a full restoration like that.

    • Kris

      If your interested, I have a pair of brand new factory door trim mouldings for these cars!

      • Alan

        Really! I may be interested in them.

      • Alan

        How do I contact you about them Kris?

      • Kris

        Send an email to and I’ll send you my real email address.

  12. Alan

    Looks a lot like my moms Goliath. Wonder if they are related?

    • Alan

      They were both made by the Borgward group, so yes!

      • Harry de Vries

        I clearly remember the borgward in Australia the coupe was very a young apprentice in the 50s way above my income. The Loyds and goliath were very popular. We even had a 2stroke fibreglass car with no doors. Just forgot the name.

  13. Alan

    2 Alan’s. From now on I’ll use big al. I’m the one who said it looks like a Goliath.

  14. MGSteve

    Wow . . . memories, and not really that great of ones either. When I was in high school, my friend’s parents bought him a brand new Lloyd Alexander as his first car. That was what we rode to school in . . . until it died. I’m sure his choice was a 56 Chevy or cool Ford. Why his parents bought a Lloyd is beyond me. My friend then tried to fix it, and basically had no tools, and even less mechanical sense. ‘Course, we were all 16ish . . . none of us were terribly brilliant mechanics. Last I remember of that car, a wrecker hauled it off.

  15. Brakeservo

    With a name like Lloyd TS there’s gotta be a politically incorrect joke there somewhere . . . no, I’m not gonna be the one to say it.

  16. Steve

    My dad had one of these about the time I was born. I don’t have any recollection of the car but he always spoke fondly of it.

  17. Ken Nelson Member

    A Chrysler friend and I got a Lloyd Alexander wagon started back 15 yrs ago – owner had died, & left a Panhard and the Lloyd. We were surprised to find a sophisticated, OHC aircooled twin upfront on top of its gearbox, driving the front wheels almost like a twin-cylindered garden cultivator engine perched atop its gearbox and garden tines. The gastank was on the firewall a la VW. I looked at the swingarm rear suspension and figured a wheel would tuck under in a corner and roll the car! We got it started anyway, and accidentally set fire to it when I think the carb dumped gas on it, but we put it out with no damage. The rear suspension got to me anyway, so I bought the Panhard PL17 instead, and got the engine running – still have it. And at 90 mph, it’s a tad faster than the Lloyd even tho has the same no. of cyls.

    • Alan

      Hi Ken, whereabouts was this? Is the wagon still there?

  18. Wolfgang Gullich

    Lloyds are fantastic little cars… Part of the Borgward portfolio, a company that the German govt colluded with BMW to kill off in the early 60s as they were building higher quality and better performing cars.

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