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Thunderbird: The Name That Stuck

'64 Thunderbird right side

According to The Ford Motor Company there were 5,000 names considered for the new car that would eventually be named “Thunderbird”.  Some that didn’t make it were: Hep Car, Beaver, Detroiter, Runabout, Arcturus, Savile, El Tigre and Coronado. This 1964 Thunderbird is parked in West Monroe, Louisiana and is listed here on ebay with a BIN of $8,500 or best offer.

'64 Thunderbird engine

The owner states that this car has been 95% restored including the engine being pulled and completely rebuilt.  The year of the rebuild and the mileage on it since is not given in the ad though.

'64 Thunderbird rear

It appears the car has been sitting for sometime.  There is very little information given.

'64 Thunderbird parts

There are other images including one of the grill and front trim.

'64 Thunderbird front seats

The owner says that this rebuild is 95% complete.  The seats and interior do look good.

'64 Thunderbird seats

All the parts in all the images go with the car.

'64 Thunderbird front

The paint is new, according to the owner, and does look sweet. The reported mileage on the car is 108,352. We don’t know the year of the rebuild or the paint. It would be nice to know how often the engine is turned over. These questions and others can be answered by the owner who offers his phone number in the listing. We do wonder how many, if any, other vehicles may be available here?



  1. David R.

    Hmm…ever knew about all the names. I do kinda like “detrioter” and “coronado”. The others are just silly.

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  2. Paul

    And she’llhave fun, fun, fun, ’til her Daddy takes the Arcturus away.

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    • Jason Houston

      All RIGHT!

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  3. Jeff V.

    Learned to drive on a ’66 Tbird landau 390. It was divorced mom’s bf’s car, we were on a park drive along the lake, he said “floor it!” Then he was screaming slow down! Slow down! I fell in love with Ford that day. My very first car in hs was a ’67 Mustang fastback GT390, C6 (500$) in ’75! Only car faster than mine was a Senior with a ’70 1/2 Z28 350 LT1 ;)

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  4. Jose

    Would like to know more about the Lincoln Continental in the background.

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  5. Dave Wright

    The Robertsons selling one of there cars…………( Duck Dynasty)

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  6. hhaleblian

    Wasn’t Festivus a consideration?

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  7. Jason Houston

    The decision to name the car Thunderbird ultimately came from William Clay Ford, who lived in a posh country club near Palm Springs, named Thunderbird Country Club. The Ford family still lives there today. William drove the ’53 Sunliner Pace Car.

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  8. Ed P

    Thunderbird evokes an image of power. The others do not. I love the backseat. It curves around like it will cradle you.

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  9. Mark S

    I can’t help wonder why the seller didn’t finish assembling and detailing this car to make it more presentable, might get more for it and make it easier to sell. it strikes me as a lazy guy that just wants the money.

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    • Woodie Man

      My thoughts exactly. It never fails to amaze me why people think advertising an incomplete car with incomplete information…..especially of interest to a potential buyer who knows what they’re looking at and has pertinent questions, makes the sale easier. Mystifying.

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      • Bruce E

        I agree. It appears to be a decent paint job, engine rebuilt & decent interior. All the “big ticket” work completed, how much more would it take to make this a turn key car ? It would sell for more, and faster if the finish work was completed. Or…..is there a reason work was halted at the “95% completed stage…Makes me wonder….

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  10. francisco

    I wish they had named this “Beaver.” I’d buy it. My friends would have a lot of fun teasing me, and we’d all have a good laugh. How’s your Beaver? It’s time to wash your Beaver. LOL

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    • rusty

      francisco said “I wish they had named this “Beaver.” I’d buy it.

      And she’ll have fun, fun, fun, ’til her Daddy takes the “Beaver” away

      maybe not .

      Probably lucky it wasnt or the Beach boys could never have written a song about it.

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  11. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    That console shot really cracked me up. I had one of these, in Samoan Coral (aka Titty Pink), and I loved that car. The color was the bomb.

    But the electrics in the power windows were totally vexing…sometimes they worked, sometimes not. I drove around with that window button unit pulled up out of the console and just laying there the whole time I owned the car. Had a power lead that I’d touch to one side or the other on the bottom of each switch to make the window go up and down. Good times.

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  12. jim s

    my extended family had a t-bird from this timeframe but not sure of the year. it had the swingaway steering wheel and 390ci motor. was low, fast, and seemed to handle good for the time. i do not know why they got the car as they always had station wagons except for the bird which they did not keep very long.

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  13. David G

    At least we can find nearly everything to nicely finish one of these since there’s now an impressive Flare-bird after-product industry out there.

    Wonder why he filled in the peg-retention holes for the THUNDERBIRD hood block letters, i always liked that element of the 64s.

    Nicely-equipped example, hope it finds a respectful buyer somehow…

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  14. Mike

    West Monroe, that is where Phil Robertson lives from Duck Dynasty, maybe this is one of his cars that has been restored or maybe Willie, Jase, Jep or Uncle Si?

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