Time Capsule: 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air

left front

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Thanks to Jim S for the tip on this Chevy listed on eBay. It’s in Clyde, Texas with bidding just over $2,000 with no reserve and a couple of days to go. This Chevy is a V8 3 speed car with factory air. It’s from a private collection but there’s no word on how long it was there. It’s said to have only 43,575 miles. Everything appears completely original and complete. It runs and drives well and everything works.


The interior looks really original, but perhaps those are seat covers. Notice the handles for the non electric windows and the vent windows. You can see the factory air vents and controls as well as the shifter on the steering column. This sure looks like an original, low miles car.


It looks complete and original under the hood. The top radiator hose and battery look new, so some mechanical work must have been done.

right rear

This Chevy has too many doors for many and is in the most dull color imaginable, but it is an incredible survivor. Tan was a popular color in the mid sixties in Texas because it didn’t show the dust. I hope the new owner keeps it original, but it is quite possible it will be repainted some interesting color, lowered and have big shiny wheels installed. I hope somehow this old Chevy survives. What do you think this will sell for and what would you do with it?

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  1. DWF

    I bought a similar 4dr 1965 Biscayne 250-3 speed car with 55k miles a long time ago. Have been using it as a daily driver off and on for many years. When it comes to 4 doors I think these mid 60’s cars especially the chevys are very well done style wise. Yes lots of people want to be super macho man and pay big money to have the big block 2 door cars which is fine but there are still a lot of people that appreciate the lower cost and extra utility of the 4 door cars. The extra doors make loading the kids for a Sunday drive that much easier without losing much in the style department.

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  2. Fred

    Four doors, the last frontier of car collecting. I especially like the hardtops. Never thought station wagons would go up like they have, so I often wonder if I need to get a metal warehouse and fill it up with these while they are still so affordable.

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  3. jaymes

    too many doors and posts for me but id daily that thing!

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    • MeToo

      Four door, true. But at least more acceptable than a abomination like a four door Nova.

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  4. redwagon

    v8 3 speed w/air. this was someone’s pride and joy in texas in 1965.

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  5. MeToo

    The passing of vent windows was another nail in the coffin of a once great America……..in my humble opinion.

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  6. fordfan

    Cheep chevy too cheep to give you arm rests on the rear doors . And unless the bench seat is hiding it , the front doors don’t have them either

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    • nxpress62

      Not sure what care you’re looking at, but it definitely has arm rests…

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  7. Mr. Bond

    I remember having base model chevy’s of this era and they all had armrests. I believe this one does too, front mostly hidden by the seat, but rears just peeking out at the right side of the picture.

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  8. RON

    Very nice example and yes that is an original factory interior. No seat covers here. Will be a shame to see some nut of today repaint it put 22 inch wheels on it and basically ruin a nice car.

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Yes – great find – anyone who doesn’t appreciate this baby is ignorant

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  10. geomechs geomechsMember

    It would look great at my place. I think it would compliment my ’49 very well.

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  11. Roselandpete

    I’d leave it as is but would prefer an automatic.

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  12. Dean

    I like the colour. A little bit lower with some bigger wheels would look good, who cares about armrests guys?

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  13. Pfk1106

    Cool survivor, reminds me of my neighbor’s car. Aqua green belair automatic, but otherwise the same. He traded in a bronze 4 door belair 1959 for the 65.

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  14. Howard A. Howard AMember

    After my grandfather wrecked his ’48 Packard ( see ’49 Packard post) he bought a new ’61 Chevy Bel Air, then his next new car was a ’65 Impala like this, ( with over a million others, one of Chevy’s most popular models) only automatic. I remember it had a big clock on the right. All of grandpa’s cars had clocks. My grandma insisted on that. Other than that, I remember it was a pretty basic car, especially for an Impala. Great to see this, as I heard, most ’65 Chevy’s ( and many other cars of this vintage) were turned into scrap, sold to Japan, and came back as Toyota’s. Wonderful example of one of histories most popular cars.

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  15. Mark S

    Solid and dependable, the idea of a 4 door car not being cool is redicules look on the road today even the sportiest of car have 4 doors. I have a 1951 dodge 2 door hard top and frankly it’s a pain in the a$$ to get into the back seat. This car in its day was one of the best cars on the road. Great find and if it were mine I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  16. jim s

    sold for $ 4550. someone got a great deal.

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  17. slickimp

    Amazing original very cool and yes what a good deal hope they keep it like it is

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  18. erik

    I saw on Ebay that the lucky winner posted a complaint that after winning the bid , the seller backed out.

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    • Roselandpete


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