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Time Capsule: 1987 Porsche 911 Targa


Just once I wish I’d get a phone call that starts with, “I have a car you might be interested in.” Who knows what it might be, but at the very least I’d likely be getting first dibs on something remotely interesting. For the seller of this 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa here on craigslist – with only 24,000 miles, that was exactly the phone call he got.


This generation of the 911 is beginning to tick upwards in value, especially a later model equipped with the 3.2L motor and G50 transmission. Only a few years ago, these were $30,000 cars in great shape; now, examples like this 911 are routinely seeing much higher numbers. Given this car’s time-capsule qualities, the asking price is a jaw-dropper: $80,000!


Of course, with a survivor-grade example like this, you’ll get a minty-fresh interior and unmarked exterior. This is a great color combination as well, and the seller notes the only flaw he found was the targa roof needing new padding in the headliner (which has been completed). The A/C blows cold, the heat blows hot and a host of recent maintenance items have been carried out, including the all-important valve adjustment.


While I think paying $80K would absolutely represent a top-of-the-market price, I could see it still appreciating further if the mileage is preserved. If the next owner has any plans to use the vehicle, he or she would be wise to argue that $80K is a bit premature and shoot for a lower number. No matter what it sells for, this is seemingly the endless cycle of the P-Car market: when one generation skyrockets in price, the next one soon follows suit.



  1. wagon master

    I would go so far as to say, it’s a step above survivor and more like well preserved.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    The story in the CL listing adds nothing and is just ‘filler’. The car is being offered by Kansas City Auto Sport, so taking it from there, the car either is a low mile cream puff, or not. If the car’s paperwork and an inspection back up the claims made for the car’s mileage / condition it’s probably worth the $80K asking…..to someone.

    And if not now, then likely soon enough, unless there’s another financial meltdown that kills mid- to high-end collector car sales, and I don’t think that’s likely anytime soon. It’s a 911, and a very desirable model for someone who wants one of the most user-friendly pre-’90s 911s made.

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  3. Dave Wright


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  4. Walter Joy

    I know of the location of one of these Targas. I don’t know the year, but it’s red. It’s currently sitting outside the Verbolten ride at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA

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  5. rancho bella

    My useless 2 cents. ’84 thru ’89 coupes are the highest in demand, then Targa’s then verts.

    I prefer the ’84 thru ’86 with the 915 transmission. (no one asked)

    As for this car? PPI is a must

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    • Jeff Staff

      My brother has an ’86 with the 915 that he loves; but he also just picked up a later Targa that seems to be keeping him quite happy as well.

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  6. Mike R

    Awesome ride..Not a Porsche guy, is the $80 K fair price?

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    • rancho bella

      80k…………..nope. These series of P cars are very good cars…..
      but they ain’t 80K good

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  7. Jasper

    Stop. That looks about like mine I sold just before the bubble…at least from 20 feet!

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  8. S Bayes

    Being honest, i think the targa was an awfull looking model and this price is mad.
    Should be more like 18000 to 25000 tops.

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  9. Woodie Man

    Dealer Alert

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