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Tiniest 1957 Thunderbird Around!


Yes it is small, this tiny 1957 Thunderbird is listed here on Hemmings in Dallas, Texas for $3,650, which is $242 dollars more than the full-sized real 1957 Thunderbird was brand new! This is a highly detailed model and the white walls are a nice touch. Was this a Shriner’s car, a film prop, or some lucky child’s toy? We just don’t know.

There is little information given with the ad other than the images. We don’t know the build year or how many owners it’s belonged to. Could this be another one of those “2 owner cars”?

This appears to be a well built little car. The engine is missing and we don’t know if one will be included or not. The owner states that this is ” UNRESTORED. NOT RUNNING.”  This is a small project and it won’t take up much space, so it might be the perfect barn find for those of you that lacks a garage! Can you make space for this oddball?



  1. Fred

    This looks similar to cars made for the carnival industry for kids to putt putt around a small track in.

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  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    At first, I thought this was one of the T-Birds from Seabreeze amusement park that I rode in as a kid (and they are still there according to the website). But this is a ’57, where the Seabreeze cars are 55’s (based on no vent doors in the front fenders). Anyone know of another park that used 57’s?

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  3. michaedo

    Yeow! That just fired some memory receptors. These
    were a pinkish beige, (pre-PC it would have been
    called fleshtone) They were very very cool. Unfortunately
    not enough of those receptors fired for me to remember
    anything about them except they were pinkish beige and
    very cool.

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  4. michaedo

    The mini Thunderbird company built these up to 1966,
    along with other makes. Here’s the website:
    I didn’t remember them making a whole lot of noise.
    That’s because they were electric.

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  5. Robert Member


    Well done! “1957 retail price $465.00 Electric ($565.00 Gas model) dealer cost $325.00”

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    • jim s

      that would have been a lot of money back then.

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  6. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Nice research job, Michaedo!

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  7. George Member

    I remember these being for sale………The “Thunderbird Jr.” was my dream!

    I’m sure they are highly collectible.

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  8. 64 bonneville

    A kid I went to school with back in the mid 50s’ had one of these, it was electric powered, and a turquoise color, a 1956 model. His dad owned the local funeral home, and got it as a partial payment from the Ford dealer in town towards the cost of his mothers funeral. The 2nd or 3rd time the kid had it out, when he backed up he hit a wall and broke the right tail light. His dad took it off him, and put it in the garage at the funeral home, where it is still today. He is going to restore it for his grandson, so it is not for sale. On a side note, he couldn’t drive any better in third grade when he busted the light than he can drive today.

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  9. michaedo

    I remember the headlights and taillights working
    on these. Looking at the picture there’s sealed
    beams sitting in front of the car. Also, it looks like
    there’s a more complete one right beside it but

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  10. Al

    Now they have mini Mercedes and Ferrari and camping trailers that tag behind for that special lil one! LOL last pricing I saw was $30,300 for a car. Fully equipped LOL.

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  11. stillrunners

    Amos set’s up across from me at the Pate Swap Meet in April and it is the only one I’m setting up for the last year’s or so. He really got a hard when I put a 56 Mark II hubcap out on the table year’s back…..which he bought….and he put’s it out yearly with the $$$ tag on it….he’s the 55/57 T-Bird guy in Dallas…..

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  12. michaedo

    It has bothered me all day yesterday. What is my
    memory of these little cars? I ended up asking my
    siblings for help in remembering. Big sis sent me
    a picture of one of the little T-birds full of dad. He
    had a grocery store in Sioux City, Iowa and had
    one to give away but not before a little tour taking
    a little tour around the store.

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  13. Leon

    Ford dealers gave out T Bird pedal cars with the purchase of a 57 T Bird at least some here in Ct. did, my much older cousin bought a new 57 bird and gave me the pedal car when i was 3.

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  14. Ray Wise

    This car appears to have the same chassis as my 1959 Fury jr. These were made by the Power Car company and were battery powered, using a Ford starter motor.

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