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Tiny Racer: 1962 Fiat Abarth Allemano Spider

This 1962 Fiat Abarth Allemano Spider poses an interesting question: Is it a good project that’s worth putting lots of time, effort, and money into? Or is it good for nothing but parts? It has been been raced a little and the doors look like they are welded shut. Still, it could be a cheap way to get into Abarth ownership. Find it here on eBay in Richland,Washington with bidding at $2,850 and no reserve.

The Allemano Spider was conceived by Carlo Abarth and it is like most of his other creations: very small sports cars based on Fiat components but with coachbuilt bodies and tuned engines. Abarth is best known for his coupes, but to extend his marketing reach he also produced Spiders like this one. Bodies were by Carrozzeria Allemano of Turin, Italy, and one source claims that only 750 of these Allemano Spiders were built between 1959-1962.

This car was stripped for auto-crossing, so it’s not surprising that there’s not much left inside. Fortunately the instruments remain, but the steering wheel is long gone. Sourcing original seats, controls, and trim will likely be a long process unless the buyer has a stash of Allemano parts laying around. There’s very little information in the auction listing, but the seller has included more details on AlfaBB. There he talks about spending 3 months doing repairs and making a fiberglass hood on a steel frame. Since the car was being modified for racing, he replaced the passenger’s door with a metal panel and ‘Bondo’-ed it into place.

The seller describes the power train as coming from a 1962 Fiat 850, but the Fiat 850 was not produced until 1964, so the model year for the engine and transmission is not accurate. However, the engine was started last month and it does run. There is no word on whether the 850 engine is modified or whether the interior or passenger’s door are available. In fairness, the modifications and parts removals were done because the car was to be used for racing only, with no intention of putting it back on the street. Unfortunately it isn’t clear whether the body carries its original VIN, since the seller did not supply one in response to a request made through eBay.

This similar but fully restored Allemano Spider was offered by Gooding & Company auctioneers at their recent Amelia Island auction. It failed to meet the low estimate but nevertheless sold for $57,200. This suggests that while rare and attractive, these Allemano Spiders do not bring the kind of money that the more sporting Fiat Abarth models command. What’s your verdict? Is this ex-racer worth the effort and expense to save, or should it donate what’s left to the cause of saving other Spiders?


  1. Mads Henriksen

    Bodywork looks rough, to say the least. And with all the missing bits, it’s either a project for the very brave, or a hillclimb racer for the mercifully ignorant.

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  2. Horse Feathers

    Come on ! it’s an abarth, it’s gotta be worth a fortune.
    I am glad you mentioned the amelia Gooding auction car that must have looked just like this one at one time.
    A car seriously worth checking out IN PERSON.
    BTW the new owner was trying to flip it on E-bay afterwards.
    God bless that poor soul, who fell into that trap……….

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  3. BradL

    Most unrestored Abarths I’ve seen fall into the used category and are fairly straightforward restorations. This poor fellow falls into the abused category and would cost well north of $60k to return to original. When to take the Abarth parts (engine, interior, etc.) and virtually destroy the body, there’s not a lot left to work with. Good luck to whoever buys this, umm…project.

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    • Michael Rogers

      GIVE US A BREAK! the hardware is cheaply available, the mechanics simple what is required is someone ,that will take the time to lovingly refurbish this rough jewel. I don’t see $5000 needed unless the buyer has more money than brains or skills, It’s a good DIY project for someone at that price especially!

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  4. Horse Feathers

    Wow, for over $3000 at this point the seller feels he shouldn’t even give clear answers , hmmmm.
    Makes you ponder. Mourning for the brother ? or worse……

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  5. TGM

    i guess body filler sticks to aluminum..

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Sold for $7,300.
    Well sold.

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  7. Grant

    Sorry end to pretty car!

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