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Titled for the 1st Time: 1967 Firebird


What an interesting story there is behind this dusty Firebird. According to the seller’s description, this 1967 example is an untouched original that has just been titled for the first time. It was apparently a new car trade in after being used for three years, and then it sat since 1970. Find it here on craigslist where the seller is soliciting serious offers. 


It’s an interesting tale, for sure. Does this mean the car was traded in to the dealer, and then the dealer socked it away in his personal collection? Why was it never titled after it was sold the first time – perhaps it was a demo car? So many questions. The Firebird is said to have only 30,000 miles on its 326 V8, and also features some rarely seen OEM options, including factory A/C.


These options include a dealer installed trailer hitch; dealer installed tissue dispenser; and a dealer installed clock. The long list of dealer-picked options makes me think this Firebird did go home as an executive demo, which may explain why it was never titled. Though the doors look rough here, the seller doesn’t the rust issues, only noting that the frame is in good shape.


The Firebird looks fairly solid from the rear, with no obvious signs of corrosion present. If the rust is limited to the door skins, this Pontiac actually may be quite a compelling project especially with the impressive documentation. Although I despise listings that end with “make me an offer,” this car may prove desirable enough that the seller can get away with it. What do you think?


  1. Joe

    Obviously car was titled originally when car was put on the road. So this is the 2nd title. First lie. With this poor, rust-dog, abused condition, I wouldn’t trust that mileage or odometer or fantasy story. Serious offer? “Keep it” to a slick, wannabe $1 Flipper.

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  2. ruxvette

    Joe, I concur. Plus, it looks like the front end has had a decent tap. If it has been stored for 46 years it must have been in a carport where the sun could shine on it and make humidity inside the car.

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  3. JW454

    I think he means the first time it’s been titled since going into storage. Otherwise, the story doesn’t make sense. There is a lot of clean up needed just to get down to see what you really have. As is, my top offer would be around 2.5K… Delivered.

    • Michael

      This car is in central Massachusetts. Unless you have your own ramp truck or live next door to the seller, there will be a shipping charge. I won’t comment on your offer, because you never know how badly the seller wants to unload his car. For the record, Mass didn’t require titles for cars this old back then, but you could apply for one optionally.

  4. Mark

    I typically filter out the “Dollar Deals” on Craigslist. Waste of time. If the seller wants an online auction, throw it on ebay- just be prepared for a canceled sale when the buyer discovers the vehicle has been misrepresented. And ‘perfect’ must be the single most over-used adjective for crunchy old clunkers.


    That thing is a rust bucket and it’s more than just door skins. This guy is your typical Craigslist BS’er

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  6. S Ryan

    I have a new title for it also.
    Beat down, Busted and Rusted.
    Anyone else have a Title for it?

    • Alan (Michigan )

      If you are going to call it a title, there should be quotation marks.

      “Beat down, Busted and Rusted”

      There, I fixed it for you.

      And, I agree with the sentiment as well….

  7. Jay M

    So all the rust/door dents/front end damage happened while in storage?
    Not likely…

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    • Johnny Gibson


      Maybe it was used as a snapper drop while in storage. Certainly don’t look like it has had a roof over its head for extended periods of time throughout its life.

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    And it could have been so good – that tow bar is the poxiest I’ve ever seen

  9. Steve

    Massachusetts wasn’t a title state until about 1971 or so, so it probably is the first MA title issued.

  10. JW

    Sheet metal in great shape, not from my observation, he doesn’t state if it runs or if the motor turns freely. I would give 2K tops and I love first generation Firebirds.

  11. PebbleBeachJudge

    Yawn. Wake me up when it’s over.

  12. Jim Clark

    If it was purchased new by the dealer and was an owner demo, it wouldn’t necessarily have been titled, plus many states didn’t title vehicles until the early 70’s. Not to say this guy is on the up and up, but who knows?

  13. JD

    No way this car has less than 300k miles!

  14. 68 custom

    other than the mildew that often renders the interior worthless it is immaculate, yeah right..does have a rare but not so valuable column shift.

  15. ccrvtt

    There’s more rust on that steering wheel than the rest of the car, and it’s made of plastic!

    Flippers – ugh!

  16. don l

    “interior is perfect” for what? replacing?

  17. AutoArcheologist

    I sold a 69 for someone that was the second owner, he drove and loved it for years, had about 70K on it. Then it stalled and wouldn’t start.. So he pushed the car into his garage, thinking he’d fix it… Several years later, pushed it outside. It was probably as rusty as this one. It sold within days for $1500 asking price. Probably one the most popular cars I ever got sold for someone. I had over 100 responses within three days, the first person who showed up with the asking price of $1500 took her home…

    This one looks pretty rough. Definitely savable. I too dislike the “misleading” descriptions… as mentioned, “perfect interior.”.? Come on man! LOL

  18. Tom Member

    I am very knowledgeable when it comes to first gen Firebirds. Ok, I am only going to “get on this one” because you said it. The list of rarely seen options is kind of a ridiculous statement. other than the factory AC this car has almost zero options. If we could see under the hood, my guess is that it might have power steering and brakes. The car has a few dealer installed options which, unless we are talking a GM dual quad cross ram intake that only came in the trunk, a tissue holder and clock don’t do anything for value. it is one step up from the 6 cylinder. the notion that this was a GM exec car is goofy. Exec cars were loaded up, a 326 HO or 400. maybe a convertible typically with very rare options like power windows (less than 4% of production had PW, Hood Tachometer, and the Sport Options Group with all kinds of cool rare features like Remote Door Mirror, Visor Vanity Mirrors, Stainless Exterior Trim on wheel openings and rockers. AC is rare to some degree. I don’t think the interior is deluxe, hard to tell. It has no drive train upgrades. No tilt, don’t think a fold down rear seat. on the column shift may be more “rare” but not desirable. Sorry this thing is just about as close to “plain Jane” as you can get. The story, weird and I don’t buy any of it. This car is a disaster AS IT RELATES to its story. Factory Hood Pins on a Firebird….now there is a rare factory option. unfortunately I had a 400 Convertible with EVERY factory option (every option I mentioned above and more) minus the disc brake option and oddly enough no tile wheel.

    • Tom Member

      no tilt wheel. Tile Wheel would be REALLY rare….right!!!! stupid typo!! My rant is over. I miss my bird. this car just got me going when people try and pass things along. To the seller, we were born at night,……not last night.

  19. TomR

    Late 60s and into the 70s, dealers had multiple demos/exec cars loaners for good responsible customers to use during repairs or even when ordering new vehicles. Some were brand new but I got a beater for couple days

  20. Prowler

    What a Roach coach…but at least night time driving will be a breeze with those 4 new headlights…restoration already started

  21. Tre Deuce

    In my opinion, cars in this condition should be free to someone who is going to actually restore it. Cost to restore will be 200% – 300% of the value of the car restored.

    I have given a way vehicles needing restoration that were in better condition then this one to those who have the means and intent to restore them, on the condition that if restoration isn’t started within one year the vehicle is returned as complete as it was delivered. If restoration stalls for six months or more, I have the option of picking it up. This is usually sufficient motivation for them to keep after it. When restoration reaches 75%, I sign over the title.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      That’s really cool of you!

    • John

      Got any now? My fathers friend did the same, and I was just a few years away from driving, he gave away a ’37 Buick Special I lusted over for years!

      • Tre Deuce

        I’m a car ‘Rescuer’. Should have my own TV show. Just a bit of tongue in cheek.

        Sometimes I see a place where I can put a father and son together on project, and I buy more cars then I will ever be able to restore. Some go to school auto shops or public(JC’s) technical schools.

      • Tre Deuce

        A young guy just picked up an 85′ E30 for his project and first car, and I’m waiting for a young guy to pick up a 69′ F100. That will clean me out for a week or so.

        I have some history with old Buicks, and particularly a 37′ Buick coupe. I spent my 16th summer with my uncle in Sonora , CA. One morning at breakfast he told me grab some chains and throw them in my Scout. We headed out into the hills and finally arrived at an old farm. Inside a lean-to, was this beautiful 37′ Buick Century coupe. It didn’t run so he towed me many miles back to his shop. A wild ride where I feared more for the Buick then myself.

        We made it and I asked him what he was going to do with it. He pointed to a Olds J2 engine hanging on the hoist and said we are building a sleeper. I was a bit taken back as I thought we should just rebuild the motor and clean it up. That wasn’t to be and in went the J2.

        We used take it into Oakland and cruise East Fourteenth St. which at that time was a 4-lane moving car show for miles. Fun time to be sixteen.

        My brother ended up owning the car. No idea where it is now.

  22. Carl Salatino

    junk. plane jane with a trailer hitch!

  23. Tracy Pless

    Would like to see pix of underbody.

  24. Rolf Poncho

    Like this model firebird first gen
    will swap for mine if it was in
    the condition mine is and it needs a 455

  25. Harold Wood

    I used too Buy a Dealers Licence, with out having I car lot so I didn’t have too pay taxes on every car I bought and sold, And when I bought a new car it came with an MSO, and was not titled until I sold it too someone else. I would run two sets of Hard Plates on my daily drivers and Paper plates on any that I let someone else drive. Also I was Self Insured Back in the old days until it became a requirement to have insurance by the State. Never had an Accident, but if I had one I would have just bought them a car and paid all their Hospital bills back then.

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