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To Drive Or Not To Drive: 1977 Cadillac Seville


We all love low mileage survivors, but there is always one major hangup with them for us. What do you do with them? Do you drive them or keep them sealed away to hopefully appreciate in value. In my opinion, if mileage is extremely low (only a few hundred miles or less), it should probably be preserved. But for survivors like this Cadillac, which has 30k miles on the clock, I say drive it sparingly but enjoy it as much as possible. Being a late ’70s four door, I don’t see it sky rocketing in value anytime time soon and as long as you are good to it, it should hold up well. You can take a closer look at it here on eBay in Burleson, Texas with a current bid of just $2,600 and no reserve!


This has to be one of the nicest surviving examples of the Seville, although I’m sure there are more than a few still hiding in little old ladies’ garages. It’s in fantastic shape inside and out, although the interior is starting to show it’s age. It isn’t worn out, but seats look sun-faded and dry. Some careful treatment and possibly a little dye should get looking great again! Get the clock working and you’d have a like new ’77 Cadillac. So what would you do with this survivor? Would you drive it or should it be parked and preserved?


  1. rmward194 Member

    The seller already ended the auction.

  2. Brian

    I agree drive it sparingly and enjoy it. This gal only has 76K on it, and I hate racking up the miles. A hundred miles or so on it every month is better for it than letting all the rubber parts sit and dry out.

  3. jimbosidecar

    Beats the h*ll out of a new Camry if you’re in the market for a “new” car

  4. Mr. TKD

    I’d drive it on the weekend.

  5. Trickie Dickie Member

    What? Its considered an old car already? Why, I remember hoping on my bike and rushing down to the Cadillac dealer to see this new car! You could even get it with an eight track tape player.

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  6. OhU8one2

    My Dad had a girlfriend that had one of these when new,I remember if you loaded up the back seat,the car would rise up and level off. I rode in that car only a few times,but I remember it like it was yesterday. I even helped Dad’s girlfriend move away. She was going back to Tulsa. Never saw her again,or rode in a Seville. That Caddy sure left an empression though.

  7. roselandpete

    I bought an 84 Seville with only about 24k miles on it and I drive it. Not a lot but every so often when the weather is nice.

  8. Jim Clevin

    I vote to always drive everything. What good is appreciation? If it’s all about money for you, just invest your money. Why bother throwing it into a car that you have to keep up and just look at sitting in the garage? And as the ole’ saying goes, I’ve never seen a hearse pull a UHaul. (or in this case, I’ve never see a hearse pull a trailer with a car in the back.) And we’re all going to die someday, so drive ’em while you can!!!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well said Jim!

  9. Tom P.

    #1 drive it and enjoy it.#2 nice looking garage area.

  10. grant

    That is the nicest Caprice I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Don

      just a fancy chevy with cad emblems


      Actually, they were based on the chey Nova. Had bosch fuel injection on a Caddy motor. Parts may be difficult to get.

  11. Another Bob

    My Grand Pop had one as his last car. He went through some Lincolns and Caddy’s but kept this one the longest. This was the one. I drove it several times and it was a nice car.

  12. Michael Leone

    I bought a 2000 Cadillac Eldorado 4 years ago with 23000 original miles. It just turned 84000. Frankly, I enjoyed driving it. Being a pilot I don’t like hanger queens or garage queens. Shrines are not my thing. Drive and enjoy it.

    • Mr. TKD


  13. Old geezer

    This one is just a nice used car, drive it.

  14. Dave White

    Actually these are fancy novas! That’s the platform. They just did a better job of hiding it than Ford did with the Lincoln Versailles (sp?)

  15. Bob C.

    Nice car. But I just don’t see a malaise era car appreciating much in value. I say drive it sparingly and enjoy it.

  16. Charles

    I believe that one can drive a low mileage car a little on the weekends and still keep it low mileage. My 86 TA has 31K actual miles on it. When we bought it over 10 years ago it had 25K miles on it, however the car is in better condition now than it was in 2006. I drive the car during weekend events and maintain it as if I were going to drive it to the west coast in the morning. Most of the 70’s and 80’s cars are going to take considerable time to appreciate in value, so what little value is lost is gained in memories. 50 years from now it won’t matter if one has a very low mileage 70 or 80 something where everything is rotten and it no longer runs. A low mileage well maintained car will be the one to own, unless one wants a 70 something coffee table.

  17. TC

    Excellent car. My Pop bought one off of a local Caddy dealership that sat in the showroom. That was around ’90 and it was beautiful and fast. A fuel injected 350 Olds “Rocket” powered the car. My first date with my wife was in this car. I lied and said it was mine but, of course, I got busted after the 2nd date when I showed up in my Comanche p/u. It was a ’76 that had few miles on it. It was wrecked after a senior fell asleep at the wheel and hit it head-on. Ahead of its time.

  18. Tom Member

    Never say you have seen it all. I am a pretty big GM fan. 50 years old. My dad was a huge Cadillac owner and we own an automotive business. I have to say I don’t remember this car AT ALL! very weird for me. it looks like a caprice/impala. not sure about the NOVA platform comment.

    It reminds me of when Cadillac made the Cimmaron, basically a cavalier with caddy badges.

    Drive it, for sure. It is not that low of mileage, it is not pristine.

  19. RoughDiamond Member

    Beautiful Seville! Seller’s description of the paint though seemed like it was a little bit exaggerated. That sure looked like the beginning of rust in a couple of spots on the front of the hood where it met the grille and chrome trim.

  20. Charlie Member

    Yes, the Nova platform, but keep in mind that the first series Mustangs were on a Falcon platform. And the Cimarron was just a Cavalier with leather, but, if it were not for the crazy price ($12,000 when the Cavalier was $6000), it was a great commuter car. Got one used for $2000. Wife drove it 55 miles to Boston, in traffic, for two years, easy to park, great visibility all around, cheap to operate, and much better suspension, wheels, etc than the Cavalier and with the V6 it WENT.

  21. Steve

    I worked in an office for a guy in the early 80’s that had one of these Sevilles. It was an attractive charcoal metallic. He liked that it was a Caddy and had a luxury level of finish… but wasn’t so huge. “More maneuverable,” was how my boss put it. The interior was very plush and comfortable as I recall, very befitting for a Cadillac.

  22. Joe Haska

    For sure DRIVE IT! I bought a 1991 Sedan Seville with about 70K on the clock for $900, put about $600 in it and we drive it. We go to Arz. in the winter, and my wife drives the Cadillac with the big black fury dog, and I follow behind in the “Hot Rod” and everybody is happy. She would rather drive the Cad than her SUV Lexis, she even drives non stop, no complaints, it rides like a Cadillac!

  23. cudaman

    Here’s a 1987 560SL Mercedes with 5960 actual miles that I bought several years ago. This is where it sat in the 87 year old owner’s garage. She had it started every couple years. Sold it to a man in Stutgart Germany who had 6 of them but not one this color……the car was incredibly original and mint.

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