DeLorean Fire: Flux Capacitator Most Likely Culprit

While looking through my Facebook feed this morning, a crispy DeLorean caught my eye. It was posted on the Caldwell Idaho Fire Department’s page and after reading the text, I had to make sure today wasn’t April Fools. After the brave firefighters extinguished the blaze, they asked the owner what may have caused the fire, and apparently, he replied that “the flux capacitor was the most likely culprit”.

We arent 100% sure if the Fire Department quoted them without knowing that the owner was joking but it must have caused an uproar because they quickly made a correction and apologized. If the owner of this totaled DeLorean can find humor in the situation, I’m not sure why other people got so upset. Their response was hilarious actually. A very special car was lost but luckily no one was hurt.

Anyway, we are very grateful for all the firemen, police, etc who work very hard to keep us safe. This might be a good reminder to visit your garage today and inspect your car’s fuel system for any leaks. Heck, check the brake hoses while you are at it. And if you haven’t watched Back to the Future for some very strange reason, be sure to look it up on Netflix tonight!


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  1. Autoworker

    Looks as if He didn’t make it to 88 miles an hour. lol

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    • stu

      More like 87.5 miles per hour….

  2. JCA

    In the new World State, humor and satire of any form is forbidden. Better check with Facebook first next time. And also not in your house either because Alexa is always listening…

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    • Tom

      Couldn’t agree more. All true…

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    To bad about the fire, glad the driver got out and kept there sense of humor. As a side note, I still have to log in a lot while scrolling through the site. Sometimes with a math question. And could the want adds be moved to the side bar? Thanks Jesse.

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  4. Scott Marquis

    When will these debunked suggestions stop. There are simply no documented cases of flux capacitor-sourced fires. This is very safe fictitious technology.

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  5. OddBallCars Member

    Must have been the older plutonium powered version not the newer version that ran on garbage from the “future” which by the way was 2015

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      Mr. Fusion was the “better” power source. All the gigawatts and reliable too.

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  6. rustylink

    His time line has now ended in 2021…..if only he could go back and have a fire extinguisher in the car..

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  7. Murray Shane

    Welllll. Just like in Back To The Future 3. The Delorean came to a totaled end. All good things must pass

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  8. Gary

    Well, that is one way to recoup the money you got into a car that is quickly going out of fashion and dropping quickly in value. Around here we seem to have a crazy occurrence of bar fires in the middle of the night. 100 year old buildings all around do just fine, but for some reason, bars just seem to go up in flames? I not saying this is a similar situation, but my old brain is always coming up with something to think about.

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  9. Curt Lemay

    Do we really know why it caught fire? That looks pretty hot. I have seen many cars burn in my day, but not any like this. That looks like it was inside a garage fire.

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  10. Ralph

    Not pointing any fingers here, but does anyone know where Biff was at the time this happened?
    Does anyone know what happens to burned stainless steel? This almost looks like a body looking for an interesting frame/chassis to relocate to. All kinds of funky ideas come to mind, or if the current frame is viable maybe rebuild the car with a decent engine with some guts. Add a creative new interior and have a truly rare time machine.

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  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Why would anyone be surprised that a DeLorean caught on fire?

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  12. John C.

    My uncle who is in his 80’s now was a salesman by trade in his day and loved to talk to people but he had a odd sense of humor (like this car owner apparently) and most folks either caught on to what he said right away and laughed or looked puzzled. Sorry about the fire though, I’m sure the owned loved the car.

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  13. Danny V. Johnson

    The first thing that crossed my mind, when I saw the photo and before I read the text, ‘Darn Flux Capacitor was set way too high.’ Scott Marquis, you crack me up. We should check with NHTSA, on that issue.

    Many, many years ago, I drove a friend’s DeLorean. I thought it was hoot. Except that the seats were real uncomfortable, after drive for about a hundred miles. Also the tire selection was wrong, even after adjusting the tire pressures.

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  14. Tom

    The old “flux capacitor” joke…
    Maybe the owner torched it himself because he realized he had it insured for way more than he could ever sell it for?
    I can’t believe the stupid money people are asking for these buckets, and the fact that someone is actually willing to pay it! Like the one on here the other day for $80K firm! So many better cars available for a fourth of that.
    But…to each his own…

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  15. John

    It looks to me to have significant water damage. Are we sure its not a flood car?

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  16. John

    That poor SOB is now stuck in 2021…

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  17. dave

    We never heard what the selling price is!!!!

  18. Purple sky

    Might recoup some of the loses by recycling it into a ton of tableware and selling for today’s inflated prices. R.I.P. IMO the best thing to happen to this pile of stainless steel and a little coke thrown in. Sorry guys but I always hated these p.o.s. anyways. One less pile on the road. LOL

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  19. TouringFordor

    It’ll be offered by Beverly Hills next week.

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  20. Terry Bowman

    I remember when cars were part of ones soul. I hope this is not the case here. For me, this would of been a sad day.

  21. gary rhodes

    i never understood the hype on these turds. They were slower than molasses in January and ugly to boot. The only thing they had going for them was an unusual body material.

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