Toasted Tri-Power Coupe: 1964 Pontiac GTO

There is nothing worse than seeing your hard earned money and work going up in flames much like this 1964 Pontiac GTO. This Pontiac is claimed to be a factory Tri-Power 4 speed coupe which certainly hits all of the check boxes for one cool GTO. Sadly this one owner muscle car was involved in a garage fire, leaving what you see. But perhaps there is still some hope for this GTO? The seller sees some value in this car as he has priced this classic at $7,777.77. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Although scorched, the 389 cubic inch Tri-Power V8 is still in place and apparently still spins freely. The engine was rebuilt in 1998, so this engine likely hasn’t covered many miles since it’s rebuild. Sadly the factory 4 speed is missing, likely pulled for another project. The Tri-Power set up is roasted, but the intake manifold may still be of some use. Everything else in the engine compartment looks toasted but there does not appear to be any rot.

Sadly there is nothing on this car that went untouched by the fire. The entire interior is gone, and it looks like the gas tank and some various spares were thrown into this GTO. Obviously the roof would need a lot of attention, but I can’t tell if something fell on the roof, or if this car got so hot that it warped and caused this puddling appearance. It sounds as if this was a very nice car before experiencing the fire, so perhaps the sheet metal is rock solid? The rockers, quarters, and floors could be valuable towards another GTO project. No matter how you cut it, this must have been a heart breaker to find after the fire. Could you put this GTO to good use?

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  1. RoKo

    That’s about $7000 overpriced.

  2. Classic Steel

    Looks like it will buff out and just needs a lil interior cleaning.

    I am betting the engine will turn over and run..

    Sounds like a great deal for barn finds..


    • JJohn

      They may want to drive it around first the gain the envy of the neighborhood, THEN, buff it out and really green up everybody! I’m serous!

  3. Miguel

    I saw the price first, then the pictures and my mouth fell open.

  4. Nick

    Scrap. He’s dreaming, Before the fire, he must’ve thought it was worth a million. It’s a shame, though.

  5. Bob S

    I sure wish the sellers would remove some of the dust, so we have a better idea of the condition. I would guess that the buyer is basically buying the tag.

    • Mark

      Yeah, you’d think they would care enough to sell it that they’d get it out in the light so we can see all the details, and come to appreciate the value they see in their pricing.

  6. chip durlacher

    dont be nincompoops or whatever the word is..the car is done —-Rally Sport Steering Wheel and all

  7. Dave

    So sad. Looks like there is nothing useable left. Every panel is probably distorted from the heat. This is nothing but scrap now. I believe it would be illegal to place that vin on another body too

    • Steve R

      That rarely stops anyone nowadays.

      Steve R

      • David

        You’re right Steve. Greed is a terrible thing

  8. mlm

    Sad fate for a great car.It’s done seen it’s days and it’s ready for the crusher.

  9. Steve A

    Toast! (Literally) Maybe salvage the engine but everything else is worthless. Maybe he doesn’t really want to part with it so he priced it insanely high. (Wife nagging at him about it?) That or he looking for another person (of which there certainly doesn’t seem to be a shortage of) with more money than brains.

  10. Ian McLennan


  11. Shane

    Utterly amazing, it never ceases to amaze me how people value old “rare” junk. Very sad to see this car this way but unfortunately the only responsible thing to do would be to scrap it so someone does not take the vin and make a clone and con some unsuspecting buyer.

  12. Allen

    That’s a lot of money for two headlights!

  13. Wayne

    $7,777 for a 1964 GTO id plate ( if not melted) and title.

  14. Dave

    This hobby never ceases to amaze me.

  15. Glen

    A perfect posting for your new spin-off site…….Fireplace Finds. :-)

  16. cyclemikey

    Looks to me as if the ‘garage fire’ may have actually started as a carburetor fire.

    There are significant things here that could be salvaged, in particular the engine is likely still good (but really, how rare are 389s?) And the frame/axle/front suspension etc. can likely all be re-used. Unfortunately, badly fire-damaged sheet metal like this can’t really be saved, as the structure of the metal changes due to the heat.

    So – at minimum a re-body is in order. That’s not _necessarily_ the same thing as a VIN plate swap, and it’s actually done all the time. You can, for example, buy brand new ’57 Chevy bodies perfectly legally for your ‘restoration’ of a rusty old car. But who knows how this will go. it could very well go the route several posters have suggested of merely buying the VIN plate and the history/documentation of the car. In any event, it’s never going to be the actual, real, original car again after restoration. But in how many restorations is that really true anyway? Where exactly do you draw the line, and who decides? If it’s still the original chassis but rebodied, is it a fraud? That would include an awful lot of prewar classics which were routinely rebodied back in the day and even since. Ditto for vintage Ferraris.

    As for the money, I dunno. How much is a documented ’64 GTO Tri-Power worth when it’s done? Start there and work back, I guess.

  17. Terrylee86

    ‘64 GTO’s really aren’t worth much unless totally cherry. You cannot buy body panels for this model year. Dan on Fantomworks had to pull all the sheet metal on one episode because he could not buy any replacement panels. So the first poster is right, this car is $7,000 over priced, basically worthless.

  18. newfieldscarnut

    Too bad .

  19. stillrunners

    Air cleaner tops ? Looks to be from one of the Cali fires…..

  20. Mountainwoodie

    Hahahahah…………..we’ve finally reached the bottom of the bottom feeders! Now we can get back to the hobby.

  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Wouldn’t either home owners or car insurance have paid for the loss?
    If so, then why bother putting a price on it that guarantees no one will buy it?

    • Jimmy

      They probably did and he bought it back from the insurance company and is now trying to make more money.

    • Dave C

      Because there are dirtbags out there that will take the vin tag off this and put it on some other clone and try to pass it off as original. Luckily, if you know where to look, there are hidden vin numbers.

  22. Dave C

    If I hit the powerball this week I’ll buy this car… and crush it. I’ll also destroy the vin tag so nobody gets screwed down the road. That’s what should be done to this car!

  23. Gaspumpchas

    Jimmy hit the nail on the head..Ins probably paid the insurer and this guy is trying to cash in further. Amazing what some will do or try. cant see anything useable on this car. A shame to see it destroyed.

    • Tom Member

      Unfortunately there comes a time to call the “time of death” ………….that time has come.

      Maybe a few usable parts, otherwise……

  24. brian crowe

    $5,555.55 wow

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