Too Late? 1954 Buick Century

Buick Century 4 Door

It may be too late for this ex-barn find, located in Henryville, Pennsylvania. The barn this Buick was stored in collapsed, damaging the roof, rear window and several other important components. Unfortunately, given the less-valuable 4-door configuration and what is not the most desirable 50’s Buick, I’m afraid work on this car would be a labor of love, unless someone happens to have a decent shell that needs a lot of other components. The car is listed here on eBay, where the buy-it-now price is $1,500 but the sellers are inviting offers. Honestly, I’m not sure what you’d do with this car. No information is given as to mechanical condition, and I can’t imagine it being in great shape as it has been stored since the 60’s. Even the huge front grill assembly is cracked across the top, as is the wrap-around windshield. So here’s my challenge to you: the obvious thing would be to part this car out. But let’s pretend that’s not an option. IF you were to do something else with this car, including restore it to the road, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Alan (Michigan)

    Rodent infested.
    Tough place to start, that is for sure

  2. Ed P

    The A,B,&C pillars are still straight so maybe this roof could be fixed, but this car needs everything.

  3. JW454

    Quote: “Car was sitting in a barn since the late 60s, until the barn collapsed around it.” End quote…..

    Looks to me like it took a direct hit. Some people just touch my funny bone. LOL

  4. gord (ontario)

    well, not what i would normally do but…. chop top and make her a permanent 4door roadster, rat rod black drive on halloween with that broken grille etc.
    not what i would normally do

  5. Matt Tritt

    Look. It’s so cold there that the grille cracked. The barn must have collapsed from the weight of the snow. I love it when people place a value greater than the sum total of a car’s parts.

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  6. Mike Bowman

    Just cut the roof off and make it a permanent 4 door convertible. It would make a cool rat rod and i bet you wont see another one on the road.

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    • Barry T

      Cutting the roof off a four door sedan is more than likely going to make this car very unsafe to drive.

      • Alan (Michigan)

        This is not a unibody, it has a full frame.

        You want unsafe?
        YouTube Dave’s Farm!

  7. Mike Behan

    I bet that roof collapse scared the crap out of the 50 mice living inside.

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  8. MH

    4 door convertible or scrap metal. Spend 40K to somewhat fix it, but after that it’s still a 6K car at best. Not desirable.

  9. grant

    Unfortunately its probably parts at this point and it is a crying shame. Every time I see a comment about how some wallowing 70’s boat is “cheap entry to the classic car hobby” I shake my head and think of cars like this. It ISN’T particularly valuable or collectible. So you can buy a nice ish one for 5 grand and cruise with your kids/buddies/SO or all of the above in classic style. Parts to keep it running are at any Napa and a gifted 5 year old can maintain it. This is where most of us who aren’t Rockefellers are going to start out. This story is just sad.

  10. kenzo

    I love this body style. the 4 door ads class. but would buy one running and on the road and keep this one in mind for parts.

  11. mark

    I like the four door convertible idea, but I love the look of those back door windows. Maybe a sliding ragtop roof, and definitely ratty. Wouldn’t make sense to fully restore it..

  12. Will

    It’s ok. That’ll buff out.

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  13. Brendon

    + another vote for low buck rat rod convertible. I’d even consider welding those rear doors up.

  14. 56Olds

    Drive it like it is. Assuming windshield can be replaced, doors operate, big dent in roof, no rear glass-so what.

  15. Peter Hollinshead

    With many parts still available as a volume GM product, this Buick could be a good project for one of the high school/college auto restoration class programs. The Buick four-door sedan was (incredibly) Motor Trend’s choice in 1954 as the sedan with the best styling.

  16. Steve Ravesies

    Peel off side trim and put it on a Mercury, then crush it! LOL

  17. gunningbar

    I like the convertible idea.. rat rod…4 door… no roof… Yeah.. Fun on a budget! Oh…and a Continental kit for sure! Eee ha…..

  18. Will

    It just occurred to me how cool it would be to completely dominate in a demolition derby with this car. When was the last time something with this much steel was entered?. It would destroy the competition. You may have to out run the locals carrying pitchforks afterwards but it would be a sight to see.

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