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Too Many Chevelles: Chevy Lot for Sale

Chevelle Projects

Although I may fantasize about someday owning a fleet of project BMWs, I can see how you might grow weary of it over time – especially if they don’t run and otherwise take up valuable space. The seller of a large collection of Chevy Chevelles here on eBay is winding down his inventory which includes Chevelle models from 1964 to 1975.


This photo reveals a late-model Chevelle in OK shape from a distance. The paint looks good, as do the factory hubcaps. I’m guessing this is the 1973 model they have listed on the auction paperwork. This is one of the newest cars in the auction and it also appears to be one of straightest,with little to no obvious corrosion.


From here on out, the cars get much rougher and are firmly in the project category. There’s no telling which car this is on the auction listing as there are several ’66 and ’67 models to choose from. For $9,000, I’m not sure whether it’s a deal worth making. It only really makes sense if you’re a big-time Chevelle fanatic, as there’s too many questions about how far gone the collection is, with the exception of the super-clean ’73.

Rough Chevelle

Some of these cars, like the convertibles at the top of this post, will never again make it back to the road. They’re just too far gone and Chevelles are plentiful enough to justify scrapping the roughest examples. But, at least seller is allowing for customers to make an offer below the $9,000 asking price for the lot, which could be a compelling tactic for someone looking to start their own parts recycling business. How would you handle all of these Chevelle projects?


  1. Vince Habel

    Not enough left to make good parts cars.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    “Honey, come out in the back yard and see what I bought on ebay for $9000.”

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    • Tom Member

      Now that’s funny right there! After you show the wife you better hope that part of what you bought for 9K you can sleep in it!

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  3. Joe Gotts

    It sure seems like a bunch of people need Christmas money right now.

    I would like to believe in Santa too!


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  4. JW

    Has Indiana legalized pot because this guy has been drinking way too much Bong Water.

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  5. Blindmarc

    All junk.

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  6. grant

    Second car I ever had was a 73 Chevelle Laguna S3. Rusted out pos….

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  7. randy

    These cadavers are what’s left of a bunch of cars with the good parts sold off of them. Good luck making one more home run.

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  8. Jason Houston

    This looks like the leavings of a great collection. The owner creamed off the good stuff, scalped what usable parts remained off the junk, and now wants to stick the scrap leftovers up someone’s wallet for nine large? Either they legalized cocaine or Disney opened a new Fantasyland in Indiana. Another typical delusional eBay seller! The 1975 might be a good car for $700 if it ran as nice as it looks.

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  9. Doug Towsley

    ebay link is not working.

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  10. randy

    You are not missing anything.

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    • GreaserMatt


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  11. Doug Towsley

    well dang it, we have 2 chevelle projects so always fun/interesting to look at others, even hashed out rustbuckets. Everylink for ebay on banrfinds for last 2-3 days are broken and just take you to a general ebay page, not the auctions for the vehicles profiled. I Doubt its my computer as im able to access my regular ebay page.
    So, ill try again in a day or so and see if they work.

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  12. randy

    I’ll help find it, when a car comes up and I want to watch the progress, I put the ebay link in my favorites from the actual ebay webpage.

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  13. randy

    Check his other listings for all of the parts he yanked off of these cars plus more.

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  14. Doug Towsley

    Thanks! Yes, I bookmark interesting auctions, I watch a lot of stuff just to see what things sell for. But that seller is one crazy guy. Some interesting concepts in marketing. Piles of bell housings for $4,000? Either he is nuts or using a ebay stores page (With the super cheap listing costs) as an online advertising gimmick to drive sales and traffic to off ebay sales. Which is common these days. But i did NOT see any bargains on his entire Stores pages.
    Theres a local guy who deals in Chevelles and anything else he can make a buck on. Widely hated by the majority of the community who are into Chevys in the region, His name is well known, and some people log into CL every day and flag his incessant ads. I went to look at his parts and stuff, he tried peddling me a dash with all the tabs broke off, and other junk. Pretty clear he didnt care. He just would say anything to seperate you from your $$$ so i left without buying anything. Its a pain to look for chevelle stuff because he runs so many ads. This ebay seller looks like the same type of bottom feeder. But thanks for the effort!

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  15. DENIS


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  16. randy

    Don’t get me started on “bottom feeders”. No sweat man! I just thought I’d give a brother a hand. Shady dude for sure.

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  17. GreaserMatt

    I love Chevelles; had a couple ’68s… nothing after ’72 please… LOL GM had it right until ’72… last good design year for this stuff imho…

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  18. Doug Towsley

    My wife and I own 2 Chevelles currently,although in the next year will narrow it down to 1. My wife has tolerated my motorcycle and car hoarding for many years. She always wanted a 1969 Chevelle to relive her high school days. So, we had been looking for one but despondent about the prices. We had a little coin in our pockets despite the bad economy 2008-2009 and not afraid of hard work and projects picked up a 68 that had been partially gutted for racing but came with a big pile of 68-69 parts. $1000. While looking for parts for it, we ALMOST bought a 68 El Camino at the Annual Chevelle club of Oregon show & Swap meet. Went home, and a previous car we looked at for parts (A story in itself) the owner called us and had changed directions and offered us his 1969 Chevelle for $1000 and it was in really good condition (minus motor and trans). My wife knows we have motors and Muncies stashed, and for her birthday and Christmas we cross off items on our checklist. Hurst comp plus shifter, Suspension kit, and soon the Disc Brake kit and rear bar kits., She is going to be building her first motor soon. 350 truck block 4 bolt main and other goodies. These are not show cars, just tributes to the kinds of cars we grew up with. Mild hot rods with improved brakes and suspension. My 68 is going a bit different direction, but again nothing totally off the map. At some point we will sell the 68 as we own just way too many vehicles and paring down the volume.

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  19. Doug Towsley

    Oooh, meant to mention. Here in Oregon we had/have a pretty decent Chevelle club. We attended some of their events and while not active members (We are in a LOT of clubs already) we try to support their events. They were up until recently having a awesome annual car show and swap meet near Portland and at one point had over 300 entrants in the show and a good vendor and swap meet plus other activities. I am going to try and work with them to move the event to the NW Vintage Car and Motorcycle museum for next summer, but theres a LOT of Chevelle, El Camino and other fans out there so if in Oregon, try and attend one of their events or importantly, come visit the Antique Powerland campus where the NW Vintage car and motorcycle museum is just one of 12 museums on site.
    See: http://www.chevelles-oregon.com/home/
    See: http://antiquepowerland.com/
    See: http://www.nwcarandcycle.com/

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  20. Tom Member

    aarrgghh….was well said. well here is another seller looking for the one idiot to hand him 10K and say “keep the change!” More like “keep the change, ya filthy animal!” I have this weird feeling some goof ball will part with 9K for this pile of junk.

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