Topless 442: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass

I’m a sucker for convertibles, especially most anything GM of this era. This 1970 Cutlass 442 is being offered in a stunning bronze with beautiful brown interior combination. This is not a clone and the ad says it is documented as being a real 442. It is a survivor, unrestored original car with 25,583 original miles on it and even the original exhaust system. Find it here on Craigslist in Texas with a $42,500 price tag. Thanks to reader Nick for the submission! 

The entire interior is done in a nice brown with woodgrain accents, and matches quite nicely with the bronze exterior. This car is sure to stick out in a crowd without being in your face! In a performance car like this, standing out without drawing too much attention is ideal. The condition of the interior makes me believe the survivor claim. From the ad “Factory AC delete. Factory Bench Seat. Factory column shifter.” Furthermore, the seller was told this car is one of five built in this configuration. The seats being a lighter color will likely help keep them from getting too hot in the sun when the top is down, though as anyone with experience in a vinyl-upholstered vehicle knows, there is no vinyl that doesn’t burn you in the summer!

Because it is a 442, the engine is a 365 horsepower 455 cubic inch V8. This convertible is ready to scream down the road in style! As previously mentioned, the seller states that this car has the “Original untouched exhaust system.” This is the type of car that would be right at home cruising down the street at the beach! This is my go-to scenario, as it is my favorite convertible activity.

Though $42,500 may sound like a lot at first, for an all original 1970 442 convertible with 25,583 original miles and proof of being a 442 it could be much more expensive. The seller states that “Some of these cars have exceeded $100,000 in auction sales,” and while I don’t have the proof to back that up, based on my experience I do believe this car could bring quite a lot more than the asking price at the right auction. Would you keep it as a low-mileage car, and enjoy looking at it? Or put some miles on it every nice weekend and enjoy it for what it is?


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  1. John Christensen

    Wow I always liked the 442 I always thought that Buick Pontiac and Olds was a “step up from Chevy” 😶 I will always love my Chevys but I wouldn’t mind see that Olds in my garage either!!!!

  2. Ikey Heyman Member

    Due diligence is necessary, cars for sale in border towns usually concern me. If these have exceeded $100K at auctions, why doesn’t the seller go that route?

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I was wondering the same thing!

  3. elrod

    It’s hard to cover up a non original engine bay. The engine has fresh coat of “paint what you can” on it. But seller couldn’t dust off the air cleaner? I would bet that is not an original motor. Still nice car – but its going to need some documentation to support 40 large.

  4. Nrg8

    Dollars to donuts elrod is right, non original motor. I would go one step further and say thats a gold block under that blue. I mean the seller wants 40k, there are aerosol bombs with the correct olds color and finish available. Breather painted with something thick, didn’t even try to knock down rust bubbles. Just pow, it’s black again, and proceeded to throw on a cheap ebay decal cockeyed. Like ffs alot looked good until that engine pic came up. Looking at the block by the fuel pump sure looks gold to me. Oil fill is close shade but intake looks gold right next to it. Nice car if it all is real. I’m leaning to no.

  5. Rodent

    I would like to see the cowl tag and VIN number on this one. A 70 442 VIN begins with “344”. This one should be “34467xxxx”.

    “A/C delete”, LOL. Like it is something special. “Original dealer didn’t order A/C” is more the truth.

    Top boot should match the interior on this one.

  6. Henry Drake

    There is no “A/C delete”, since A/C was an option, not standard.

  7. Pa Tina

    Crazy Eddie Price Guide gets a workout on this site.

  8. Andrew not amember

    Two different Az plates One historic , other recent. ?

    • Miguel

      The front plate is not required in Arizona so some people put on there what they want.

      • Andrew not amember

        Yes I am aware of that the ad shows different rear plates.

  9. Mavwreck75

    Something don’t look right. Olds used gold block paint & the shifter should be in a console.

    • 68custom

      the column shifter and lack of console do not mean this is not a 442, But I would be absolutely sure that its the real thing before spending the money. nice car regardless but it may just be a Cutlass with a bit of badge engineering?

    • Leo

      Gold block paint was only in 350 motors!!!!!! the 455 motors had the blue color!!!!

  10. The_Driver


  11. Leo

    A 100 k car would have to be a 4- speed with buckets & console power windows & locks, & a/c, this car has non of that, a nice 20k car!!

  12. Rudy

    The car’s in Texas, AZ plate, New York Craigslist ad… something smells fishy to me

  13. BOP Guy Member

    I agree with you all. The story just doesn’t hold up, it’s all fishy. Yes, true documented 442’s of these years can go for $100,000+, so why ask for half the value?
    And you’re right about the upholstery. No matter what color the vinyl (I currently have a Pontiac with white vinyl and a Buick with light blue vinyl, both convertibles) your legs still get burned!

  14. Dave L

    What ever happened to a true 442 ? No 4 speed in this one. I thought a 442 was. 4 speed. 4 barrel 2 or dual exhaust.

    • Tom Member

      442 was originally that. then changed when they wanted to sell automatics.

  15. Buick Fan

    Panel gaps look questionable, pics look doctored, mileage not documented…not for me.

  16. Dave Wyatt

    Yep, definitely not restored. Repainted and the side pinstriping was left off. Early Pontiac blue on the engine, but there is some 455 blue on the oil tube. Head rests recovered. No VIN listed to verify if it’s a real 4-4-2 or not. Be afraid!

    • Poppy

      Front and back seats have been redone, too. New covers are lacking the pebbly “walrus grain” vinyl of that year. I have a >100K mile ’70 Cutlass convertible with the original interior. That car was a southern car for the first 19 year of its like and 85K miles. If this car really spent its first 22 years in PA (see post below from seller) with an average of 1K miles per year and then stored for 23 years inside a dealership in Nebraska, I wonder why the interior needed replacing (especially the back seat).

      • Tom

        Headrests are likely from a 1973 or later Cutlass as I had a 1975 with the same style. Correct style was shorter in length & thicker.

      • Buick Fan

        Good catch Tom, headrests do look wrong…

  17. Billy Bob

    Andrew, for 1970, the 442 was a separate designated model, not a “Cutlass 442.” For 1971 and later, 442 was an option for the Cutlass. The motor paint color is a mess; why waste time and money on a poorly executed job that is the incorrect color? Nice to see the car has not had a color change to red from the period correct Nugget Gold # 53 and nice to see the bench seat has not been changed to the A51 Strato bucket seats with D55 console. Seller states “documented” but presents no build sheet, broadcast card or even a photo of the VIN Plate. Not having the C60 A/C is a major shortcoming. Would have to inspect this car on site.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Good information there Billy Bob!

    • charles m mansfield

      Billy Bob I believe the 71 442 was designated its own model . The 72 was an option for a cutlass.


    The first thing i thought when i laid eyes on it was that’s not a 442 but a Cutlass with 442 badges on it. Wheres the dual scoop hood? no buckets or console.

  19. GSChevy

    I, too, would be curious about this car and the claim that it is a ‘real’ 442. For a point of reference, see the 1970 442 convertible sold at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas for $60,500 all in. It is a Thornton frame off restoration of a numbers matching car that is loaded with air, PW etc etc. I personally examined the BJ car in Vegas and it was one of, if not the most perfect frame off at the auction.

  20. Bill

    Maybe it’s just the lighting, but the door panel and rear fender have some curious waves on the passenger side. Write up seems sorta snotty as well. I’ll pass.

    • Poppy

      I’d pass, too, but I wouldn’t ding the seller’s attitude. If you’ve done any CL ads at all, you’ll find that well over half your email or text inquiries are, “Do you still have the _____ for sale?” You reply that you do and then you never hear another word. I’ve learned to call them back right after they text if you want to get something going.

  21. Billy Bob

    Note from seller: I have a copy of the build sheet I think. Not very legible. I don’t think I have a broadcast card (don’t know what that is).
    The miles are documented from a letter I have from the 3rd owner. The car was originally purchased in Pennsylvania. In the 80’s it went to Nebraska. The
    next owner put 1000 miles on it then put it inside his Oldsmobile Dealership from 1992 to January 2015. I can’t prove the miles. I am only indicating what
    was told to me and I can’t guarantee that they are correct but I have no reason to think otherwise. The car was undercoated the first day it was purchased
    in Pennsylvania and it even has a decal from the undercoating company on one of the windows.

    The car was repainted in AZ…..looks really nice. But if you’re saying that the engine is the wrong color, then I have to assume that’s where and when it was
    done incorrectly.

    I am getting a bunch of inquiries about the car so I am answering them in order of receiving. You’re the second one. It isn’t sold till the money is on the table.

    I can be reached at 915-276-1505 if you wish to discuss further. He’s a copy of the buildsheet I believe.

    Richard Sheraga

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