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Topless Poncho: 1963 Pontiac Bonneville


This 1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible is located in Frisco, Texas. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Stillrunners for this great find! I like how original this one looks, and that it’s a four-speed manual transmission car. I wish the pictures were better in the ad, found here on craigslist, but what I can see looks pretty good. The seller is asking $11,500, which may be a little high but it really depends on the condition of the body, interior and chrome. I’m hoping this one is picked up by an enthusiast rather than a flipper; I’d love to see this driving the roads where we live. I’m sure we have some Bonneville experts in our audience; let us know what you think about this Pontiac in the comments below.


  1. Avatar photo ben

    had the same car with the 8 lug wheels back in the late 60s rare yes but that’s not the same shifter I had it had as I recall a counsal and glove box i recall hiting a pole in the right rear quarter taking a conner to fast in third in derby ct nice car I just don’t think the shifter was like the one in this one makes u wonder I also as well owned a 62 gp with the same counsul and shifter never seen one like this

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    • Avatar photo DJ

      I think if you ordered the bench seat, it came this way. I always like the 8 lug wheels.

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      • Avatar photo Rocco

        I agree, but where is our Pontiactivist(?) ? He should know. I’ve seen early ’60’s GM cars with this type of shifter.

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  2. Avatar photo JW

    Nice find, love those 60’s Pontiacs. A engine bay shot and a little more description would have helped if he wants that kind of $$$$.

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  3. Avatar photo TF

    That would have been the correct shifter with bench seat and T-10 tranny. The bucket seat cars would have had a console and the shifter had a reverse lock-out similar to the Vette in ’63.

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  4. Avatar photo VetteDude

    Ben, are you saying you owned a 62 Grand Prix with a 4-speed? Did it have a/c? I wonder how many like that were made! I watch eBay for one, but no luck.

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    • Avatar photo ben

      yes I bought it from the org owner his wife couldn’t drive it it would over heat she woud leve it in like 3rd he even taped a hocky puck to the clutch peddle but still she didn’t like the car was white with black intiour we also my dad had a 61 buick electa 225 with 2/4s and a 4 speed black with red intiour he bought it brand new from frank buick in beacon falls ct if u had money u could just about get pretty much anything u wanted my dad even test drove for ford in 63 those were the years like to go back sometimes ben

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  5. Avatar photo Ed P

    This car may well be worth his price, but the ad and pictures sure do not justify paying $11,500.

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  6. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    I agree, either the seller knows nothing about this car, or just poor ad writers. 421, 400, 389, 2 barrel, 4 barrel, 3- 2 bbls., 2- 4’s Super-Duty? ( that would be cool) Pontiac made such cool cars in the early 60’s, but this is probably a 389 2 bbl., as any mega motor, would clearly be a selling point and pictures. Nice car here, and definitely rare with the 4 speed.

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  7. Avatar photo Barry T

    I find it fascinating that with the digital cameras of today (quite cheap to buy) that they could not take sharper pictures than this. My 9 year old grandson takes much better pictures.

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man

      Buy him a car to sell! :)

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  8. Avatar photo Duffy

    This vehicle was on Ebay 3 times, did not sell. Needs windshield. chrome is pitted, interior needs work,top motor shot. Realistlly it an $8500.00 vehicle that’s need restoring. Love the 4 speed, posi. but to much money to put back together.

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  9. Avatar photo pontiactivisit

    I like this but is way too much in my book. A guy I know has a blue 65 on erie pa craigslist right now that is a driver with 8 lugs for about the same money. 389 4barrel auto car. Really like the big Pontiacs.

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  10. Avatar photo bonneville 64

    This car has been on the Dallas-Ft worth Craigslist off and on for over a year. the car does need work as previously stated. A friend back in the day had a 60 Catalina 2 door sedan with the 3 speed on the floor, which he changed out for hurst linkage, since the factory was so sloppy. the 389 would have to be at least a 4 barrel along with the dual exhaust, unless special ordered at the dealership prior to purchase. Would need to see Pontiac Historical docs to prove the car, but worth in the $75-8500 range.

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  11. Avatar photo Peter R

    already deleted by author so presumed sold

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  12. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    I was happy to see this…….just loathe slushboxes! Definitely a bench seat shifter set up

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  13. Avatar photo RP

    This is actually my car. I did not know it was on here, but read the comments and figured Id respond.
    The fuzzy/bad picture thing was on me. I posted from my iphone and it asked what size you want to upload so I picked small. Yes it looked like crap, and I was to lazy to correct it. I figured if someone was serious they’d inquire anyway.
    As far as being for sale over a year on CL, thats not correct. I bought it 5 months ago in SC, drove it for 3 months, then listed it on CL in several places recently. And I did put it on ebay only to almost get scammed from a guy in NY :)
    Yes it needed WS snd chrome was pitted. Its a Barn Find !!! :)
    As my friend always says ‘find another’. It was a rust free 63 Bonne Conv vin stamped #s matching PHS doc’d ”Spec Police” packaged 4 speed with 8 lugs you could drive to California from my place in Texas tomorrow. $8500 ? I’d buy 5 of them for that if they existed :)
    It did sell and went to a good home. Stay tuned.

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man

      Good for you!

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    • Avatar photo Randy

      The have it at gas monkey garage for sale now. Looks like Richard is gonna lose money on it

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