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Topless Pony: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

It might have taken Chevrolet three years to build a true Mustang competitor, but when the Camaro was released in 1967 it gave Ford’s Pony car a run for its money. If you were cheering for the Camaro, then you will love this V8 powered 1967 Camaro Convertible. This original California car can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $14,005.

The seller claims this car has been garaged most of its life and that they are the second owner. They also claims that everything still works and that most of the car is still original. The paint looks to be original, but is faded from a short stay outside.

The inside of this Pony looks fantastic in this bright red and should really pop when the top is down. The seller has already replaced the white convertible top, the carpets, the window felt, and the door panels. The only thing it really needs is someone to enjoy it.

This car might not have the sought after RS or SS package, but it does have the 327 cui V8 and a 3 speed manual gearbox. The 327 only produces about 275 hp, but this topless Pony car should be a blast to drive with the top down, even in its current condition.

This car should make a great starting point for a restoration or could be enjoyed just as it is. If it were your Pony car, what would you do with it? Would you leave it as is or restore it?


  1. Alex

    Just get a new paint job the same color and get some rims that’s it, the whole car is fantastic as it is right now.

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  2. Dom

    Wouldn’t do a thing. I love Camaros. My dad has a ’72 with no RS, SS, or split bumper. Not even the rear spoiler. It’s purely awesome. (but it is too bad it doesn’t have the original 307.)

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  3. SatanClaus69

    Fresh Viper Red paint, new rubber and run it.

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  5. Mike

    Leave it alone, maybe color sand and buff the paint thats it…

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  6. Dave

    All I’d do is new paint on the body, and rims. And change the tires with some new red walls.

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  7. Dollar Bill

    I’d freshen up the paint job, install 17″ Rallye wheels and then drop in a 383 stroker motor with a 6 speed manual. Four wheel disc brakes, better suspension package and Flowmasters! That would wake up things a bit.

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  8. Malcolm

    Just drive it as it is! Maybe take the silencers off and have just straight through exhaust, but that’s it!

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  9. Jitters

    I might paint it and replace the tires, but I think the dog dishes are fantastic since it’s not one of the RS/SS versions. In fact, I want that car *now*.

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  10. Steve

    Buy it, leave it alone and enjoy it. There is always time to restore it later. Intact & original is pretty rate I expect…

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  11. Steve

    * rare …

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  12. Wil

    I’d run it as is for a while; when painting time comes go with black. Black w/ a red interior just looks so fine…..

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  13. Wil

    ….and eventually drop in a 5-speed.

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  14. Catfishphil

    Enjoy it as is!

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  15. karo

    It appears to have a rare, California-only air pump system. I would try to buff the original paint out and leave it as is. Maybe some full-wheel covers, but those little dog dishes are cool, too.

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  16. karo

    Actually, that 327 is a base, 2-barrel version and is rated at 210 horsepower. But you could heat it up a bit with a different intake and still keep it mostly stock.

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  17. Scott

    Don’t touch it! Drive and enjoy. As they say, it’s only original once. Even a same color respray would be a shame.

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  18. craig

    why is there spray can red paint on the tire, wheel cut-out and assorted other places? Weird

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  19. Anonymous

    Leave it as is, perfect example of what you could get without the RS/SS package. I am sure that 327 is no slouch with that 3 spd and i like that the car is mostly original including the paint.

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  20. Lemble

    Just drive the old girl just as she is ! this car is to clean to repaint now . Not perfect but good enough.

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  21. Jitters

    *edit on my earlier comment: I should have emphasized “might” when mentioning the paint. I can’t tell what those blotches are by the driver’s door in those photos. If it’s just a bad camera or weird lighting, I’d buff her and drive her as-is for ages.

    Funny that the browser tab next to this one has me researching metal buildings so I can finally build the fantasy car collection garage. Age and having grown children has its advantages!

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  22. Scott Avnaim

    Drive it as is. A mostly original like this doesn’t need to be messed with.

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  23. Pete

    I had a blue 67 rag top when I was in high school. It had the straight 6 with the powerglide transmission. It wasn’t fast but it was still a fun ride!

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  24. Rick C

    Maybe clear coat and then put the top down, throw a couple of boards in the back seat and head for the waves.

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  25. mikey

    Old Camaros are tiny and cheap…………
    that is why they were cheap.

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  26. karl

    I’d leavethat bad boy just as it is and drive it until the wheels fell off. I’m a Ford man, but I feel about this car the way Churchill felt about Rommel–the admirable enemy that you’d like to have on your side.

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  27. PatrickM

    I’d paint it, check suspemsion, etc. But, could the owner please use a real camera? Cell phones don’t do it justice. Please show your product.

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