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Tornado Damaged Charger R/T

1968 Challenger RT

What a shame! This 1968 Dodge Charger had been owned by the same person since 1972 and is claimed to have been in perfect condition until it was damaged by a tornado in 1990. The original 440 is still in place and the seller claims that the doors shut tight. It might be fixable, but apparently the the State wouldn’t issue the owner a salvage title because they didn’t repair the damage after it happened. So, hopefully this one isn’t lost in a black hole and just destined to become a parts car. Take a look at the eBay auction here and let us know what you think. Thanks goes to Edd J. for the tip!

Dusty Interior

The car may have been in good shape back in 1990 and it may have been stored in a shed since then, but the dust and moisture have still been able to work their magic.

440 V8

The seller claims that the engine is original apart from the obvious additions – valve covers, intake, carb, etc. They don’t mention if it’s seized up or not though.

Tornado Damage

Even if the doors shut tight as claimed, this Charger is going to require some serious straightening. Then, even if you get it fixed, there’s the problem with the title. Perhaps there is a way to get a new title without it being branded, but that’s something that the next owner will have the privilege of figuring out…


  1. Mark S

    Bye a reman roof weld it in, take the vin out of a rust bucket have it inspected and finish your resto

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  2. Frankie Paige

    Yeah, it’s sad that it was damaged, the owner didn’t repair it, probably got the insurance payoff, so, for how much they want for it is crazy. Plus it’s sat out rusting…..

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Daisy, duck!

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  4. piper62j

    OMG!!!! $12,000 for a parts car????? Well, I’ll bet there’s someone out there drooling over this puppy. According to Marc Worman on Graveyard Carz,, these older MoPars are increasing in value.. Not my flavor, but like they say “there’s an ass for every seat”… IMHO

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  5. rjc

    Chop the top off and make a convertible. Rag top general lee.

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    • rusty

      seems a worthy candidate..no one wants to chop a good car but i reckon there would be enough interested people for a well done convertible. Restorable as is but not a bad convertible candidate as a quick picture of before will stop those deploring a car cut down..

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  6. Steve

    440-4 R/T drivers are around $30k, restored &50k and up. And umm, changing the VIN might be a bad idea unless you’re OK with that that whole Federal felony thing.

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  7. unclehotrod13

    Anything can be fixed… all it takes is time and money.. and a little more money..worst cars were restored.. theyre are people out there who would make it great..

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  8. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I think I would do some research before bidding. There has to be a better reason why there is no title at all.

    That said, some states don’t require a title on vehicle of this vintage. Ga., for instance, only requires a title on 86 and newer. Maine and I think RI, only on vehicles 10 years old or newer.

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    • The Walrus

      Not only that, but most states didn’t begin titling cars until the early to mid ’70’s. So even in states that don’t have time limits on titles (ie 10 or 15 years), most would not title a vehicle this old. Only a few states (PA, NY, etc) actually retrospectively titled cars that weren’t titled when new. Meaning, if they enacted titling to cars in 1973, they required all cars from previous years to be titled on their next registration cycle. Most states, when they enacted titling said, effectively ‘from this date forward cars are titled’. I live in VT (which is also a 10 year title state), and this would have never needed a title, even from 1974 (first year of titles) until the we became a 10 year title state in the early 00’s.

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    • moosie Craig

      New York too

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  9. Charles H.

    I’m sure Mark Worman of Graveyard Carz could fix it! I’ve seen him fix some in a lot worse shape than this one.

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  10. doug

    I don’t know about other states, but in Oregon a Notarized Bill of sale a copy of the ebay listing and a trip to the DMV for a VIN inspection will get you a title no problem. That roof is totally fixable as well. Sheesh, piece of cake for a really nice project. I guess its a good idea if something is outside your skill level or comfort zone it is better a person doesn’t take on a project, but no lack of those who could do this one no sweat. Im just continually surprised by the naysayers. At the end of the day its one sweet ride and definitely an investment worthy car. Hope it goes to a good home!

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    • Dave Wright


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