8,000 Mile Pontiac Firebird Formula Survivor

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While it’s impressive that this 1976 Pontiac Firebird Formula has 7,947 original miles, what’s more shocking is that it was traded by its first owner on a new, late-model Toyota. That’s according to the seller, who says the Firebird has had just two owners before they (the third owners) listed it here on eBay, and each one has worked hard to keep this well-preserved specimen as original as possible. The bids are over $20K at the moment with the reserve unmet.

The Firebird retains its original Firethorn finish, and the seller notes that other than washing the car, no major detailing has been performed. In addition, the original graphics remain attached and in excellent condition. All glass remains original to the car, and the seller notes the various mouldings and attachment parts like the rear spoiler show no issues, either.

The interior is nothing short of stunning, and perhaps the best evidence that the reported mileage is accurate. The seats look like new and an honest-to-God manual transmission is a welcome bonus for shift-it-yourself fanatics, especially considering how many Firebirds and Trans Ams came with the slushbox. The dash pad, carpet, and console all appear to be excellent.

The stock 400 motor is numbers-matching and largely unaltered from stock. Curiously, a previous owner did remove the heater core and disconnect the heater controls, presumably just before it went into storage. While no one will drive a time-capsule example like this in crummy weather and be in need of heat, it would still be better if these parts were re-installed before delivery for an otherwise off-the-showroom-floor vehicle. Still, it’s a minor quibble about an otherwise pristine example.

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  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Genuinely amazing.

    This car belongs in a museum. Certainly, driving it much is not the thing to do here. 43 Year Time Warp!

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    There’s no question about this either. Wonder what the story was, probably the nicest driving car Pontiac put out, and not being driven? It’s oddly optioned too, with the poverty caps, no A/C, probably just a few boxes on the order sheet from being a TransAm. Cars like this, they can ask whatever they want, somebody gonna go for it, especially if they were too young to enjoy it the 1st time around. That alone is worth a lot of money for some and that’s ok. It really was one of the coolest US cars made.

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  3. flmikey

    The invoice is a great read…the person who ordered this car knew exactly what they wanted…400, posi, 4 speed, dogdish hubs…it was a wonderful time when you could order a car and have it build the way you wanted…

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  4. Little_Cars Alexander

    Drive it like you stole it, brother! Then, sell it for a profit again when you reach something like 15k miles! I’m sure the poverty hubcaps would grow old after a while, as if you’re telling the world “yeah this thing was a cherry picked custom order by the original owner.” Just, WOW. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a solid color combo and vinyl graphics that I liked on a 2nd generation Firebird on the market. Normally see black seats and door panels with some contrasting dash pad, carpeting, or even the console.

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  5. Steve

    For me the dogdish hubcaps make the car.

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  6. Keith

    Blue paint overspray on the exhaust manifolds (see EBay pics).

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    • DVSCapri

      Keith, I can only assume (I can’t get the pics to paste here) that you are talking about 2 (at least) pictures where the engine paint has a “burned” or “heated” look near the heads… that is in fact the head. Pontiac cylinder heads have part of the exhaust completely visible – they are nothing like a “chevy” head – the exhaust manifold bolts up from the bottom & not the side like a Chevy would.

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  7. Supreme overlord of belly button lint


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  8. Ted

    This is better than a Maxim centrefold. My sweet you know what I want this car….I have a lead on a 455HO/M22 that has been asleep covered in a garage stand since 1971 that would slide right into this…….if only my Ducati had sold this past month………….don’t you hate it when you find something you really want/need but the full garage and not enough change in the sofa cushions derail the purchase plans?

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  9. Vin_in_NJ

    Poverty caps, No A/C, AM radio, crank windows, heater removed and a 4-speed. Were those 8,000 miles driven a quarter of a mile at a time?

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    Why is the passenger kick panel not black? – looks chalky / faded. hmmh
    I know of a ’74 bird with 230k miles & original shiny paint(with some spiderweb cracks & of course scratches,etc.) but the black carpet AND the kick panels still look new & solid black & not faded, tho the white interior trim is yellowing in places. Car WAS driven mostly at nite, cruisin b4 mobile phones came out & people still hung out outside. & the heater core on THAT car is original, does not leak & heater works fine! hmmh.
    Could you actually get lettering like that on tires back then, or did somebody
    custom fade the white lettering?

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    • Gary

      Joe I think that is a reflection of the interior lights under the dash. The person taking the pictures probably had the door open.

      I have white lettered tires on my Corvette and they are staining like these so I use a lot of Bleach- Wite. Can you imagine what whitewalls would look like if they were this old?

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  11. Al

    Reminds me of my ’75 Formula 400 back in ’79. Had put in a Ram Air IV eng from a friend that totaled his ’69 Judge along w/ the M22. Bought the combo for $600 back then! The eng was a fresh performance rebuild with less than 4k miles if even he had that. The dyno sheet from it was 426hp/420ft/lbs before it went into mine. Had a 3.73 posi which was great all around.

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  12. Comet

    Nice Firebird, but why would anyone remove (bypass, or whatever) the heater core on an otherwise untouched 8000 mile car?

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    • Oingo

      To stop it from corroding and leaking while it’s in storage

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  13. Rosco

    Faded / chalky interior sail panels and sagging headliner? Rocker panels and chrome sill plates look too perfect for a car with even those miles. Corrosion underneath and on chrome exhaust tips seems excessive for those miles as well.

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  14. Paul

    This car looks to be extremely original….headliner glue Dries out with age, it’s easy to avoid scuffing sill plates by just picking you feet up like someone that cares about a car would do! Exhaust tip are exactly how they should look for the age. I am completely convinced that this car is what seller is saying it is!!
    One of the absolute best original cars I have seen on barn finds!

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    • Little_Cars Alexander

      My father’s practically new 76 Firebird in just 4 or 5 years had a headliner that started drooping onto his bald head while driving. When I took over the car and tried to use adhesives to reattach it I had no success. Then I simply pulled off the vinyl revealing gray, dried foam and swirl marks of factory adhesive that had stopped gripping. A 76 with two miles or 200k miles on the odometer will still have things that happen to all of them in time…this is one of those things.

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    • rosco

      Sorry, exhaust tips would not have that kind of corrosion on a car with those miles. Shouldn’t they be polished as “someone that cares about a car would do”? Dried headliner glue and chalky rear sail panels are from sun / heat damage and look like a 100k mile car.

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  15. Will

    That’s not Pontiac blue engine paint

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  16. rosco

    There is a lot of wear on passenger front carpet for such low miles and there has definitely been some repaint on exterior.

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  17. Michael Ciccotelli

    Had a 71 formula turbo 400 great car original 8 track

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  18. daleone3

    Quick update. I bought this car and there is quite a story behind it. Won’t bore anyone with details but the mileage is original. Seller provided paperwork to show progression of miles. The one panel that is faded is probably due to direct sun during storage but rest of car is as ordered

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