Trading Post Find: Rich’s Ranchero


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From Gerry – We stopped at the Trading Post to get some raspberry cider, and there sticking out beyond the wagon, was a large white nose. I had forgotten that Ford ever made these XXL-size Rancheros. This one appears to be pretty complete and not a total wreck (but note the damage behind the LF wheel). The white paint was applied recently and liberally, so I don’t know what lurks beneath.  I would talk to Rich…




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  1. Mark E

    When Ford killed the Torino the LTD II became the mid-sized car and, by default, the Ranchero. I always thought the truck bed looked weird tacked onto the back but then a good friend had an LTD II at the time.

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  2. jaygryph

    My 78 Mercury Cougar’s front end will mount onto that. They make for an interesting phantom product I think, looks like a Lincoln pickup truck. Debating if when I re-do my mad max style car if I bolt the mercury nose to the pickup or another 4door sedan or wagon. At least the pickup would be useful for hauling things around.

    Those cars are actually very nice driving road cars. They get pooped on for being late 70’s barges, but they drive very smooth for what they are. I put man a mile on my 78, and regret letting it get so dilapidated it’s now parked in the weeds. I’d happily own another one, but 4500 seems high to me. There are still clean examples of those around and for cheap as they are not in high demand.

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  3. JW

    Never was a fan of the early 70’s Ranchero, they just grew too big IMO, now the El Camino looked a lot better in the early 70’s.

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  4. Charles H.

    Basically Ford just changed the name from Torino to LTD II, still really the same car!

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  5. Texas Tea

    Ugly to the bone……………….

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    Man, this is one generic Ranchero.(from what we see) I’ve seen some pretty fancy Ranchero’s, as I believe, you could get everything Ford had in these. I too, liked the early Falcon ones, and these got too big. These are pretty rare, as regular pickups in this time were getting fancy, as well, ( and 4 wheel drive was gaining steam) and most went with the pickup.

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  7. Mark S

    This is a good entry level platform for some one starting out in the old car hobby parts are easy to get and these are easy to work on. Fords are not my favourite auto maker, but this Ranchero would have that crown durability so you could use it like light truck. As for the damage it looks to me like someone tried to go over a curb stone.

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  8. Rick

    Had a ’78 Ranchero GT 351 for several years, put one of the gem top metal cab high canopies on it, anyhow thing was really good in the snow, didn’t need studs or chains, seem totally counter-intuitive. Anyhow really liked that car, drove like a Lincoln. The featured car today, I notice that the hood doesn’t fit either.

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  9. stillrunners

    My 1979 GT was built in May of 1979 – the last year….yep….wasn’t really looking – but – the 1 owner really checked off allot of boxes…’s on Craigslist in Dallas….think the $3500 is fair….

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